17th Asian Physics Olympiad held scale new heights in Hong Kong

March, May 2 electric approximately 200 high school students from 26 countries and regions gathered in Hong Kong to participate in the 2nd 17th Asian Physics Olympiad。
3rd, 5th, respectively, these students will participate in theoretical and practical examination of the competition。
This is the first organized by the Hong Kong Asian Physics Olympiad, it is the largest previous。 At the Asian Physics Olympiad organized by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, participating students from the Mainland, Hong Kong and India ,, ,, Malaysia and other 26 countries and regions, they will accept the physics puzzle challenge。 At the Asian Physics Olympiad of questions drawn up by researchers at the University of Hong Kong Science and Technology。
From the mainland sent eight participating students, all high school students。
Zhang Tiancheng from Wuhan, said after the preliminaries, semi-finals, finals and other rounds of selection, himself and seven others obtained the qualification。 8 players do not have to take the exam this year, Peking University or Tsinghua walked directly。
As the host, Hong Kong has sent two teams participating。 Among them, a man named Xie Zhuoxuan boy only 14 years old, a child may Ming Jiaomai girls only 16 years old。 Neotenous them, a little shy。 Was reading the fifth grade school children Michael said, his physical performance is better, so the teacher is selected, and then after training, assessment, and ultimately selected the Hong Kong team。
2, 2009, the 17th Asian Physics Olympiad held an opening ceremony。
After the opening ceremony at the Asian Physics Olympiad Committee Chairman Wang Guoyi he said that two years ago to begin preparations for the match。
We hope that through the game, the participating students to have a deeper on the latest developments in physics and broader understanding。
Asian Physics Olympiad for high school students in Asia and set an annual international physics competitions, the International Physics Olympiad to be modeled, designed to take forward the physics education of young people, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in Asia physicists, nurture and inspire in physics teenagers have excellent potential。
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