Butterfly flower

Every day, millet have to go to the slopes.There full of butterfly flower.Shy and quiet millet in love with it like herself gentle flowers.Here, just feel free millet happy.  For several weekends, students will come to this constitution sketch.Straight nose, clear and bold face, beige casual jacket clean and clear.Millet has never seen his eyes, because he always loved sketching head down.Millet think it must be a deep bright eyes, he watched the man was a golden sun plated layer profile, millet and my heart full of sweet.At this time, the Constitution also found millet born just been watching her, so she nodded toward.They have known.  Students know that the Constitution is the Academy of Art graduate.His paintings are fresh and natural, pure and filled with warm.But his character sketch is always the same woman, mused, smile, side of.It was his first girlfriend, college students, graduate students went to France, the two also broke up.Also on this hillside, leaving their best memories.  Millet looked distressed constitutional born thin face, brush the tears to flow down.She said to him, I’d do you draw the heroine, I’ll make you happy.Constitution raw eyes lit up, this gentle and quiet girl made him feel so close.  Millet more than once begged students to their constitution painting, vague constitutional born first, then replied that the man accustomed to painting.Millet wanton tears, just sighed promised constitutional Health.However, no matter how life trying constitution, as long as the slopes in this piece, he drew a bad millet, brush in our hands, unable to write.  Millet cried, constitutional survivors in memory of former girlfriend, so you can not focus, or else how anywhere else he can be handy painting very good?Health Constitution only helpless and horrified to explain, but he can not explain such a strange phenomenon, saying that there is an invisible force caught his hand, who believe it?  Until that girl back, about constitutional raw tea.Millet refused to go along, but behind them.She catches the eye is the woman weeping into the arms of constitutional life, the Constitution also cry Health.Millet grief harder and harder, and turned to leave.Constitution immediately after birth found that chase, only heard a sound emergency brake, the Constitution born of the body is falling apart..  Millet never know, life is sad constitution because the girl has a terminal illness, dying.He also promised to marry the girl and millet as soon as possible, take good care of millet lifetime.On constitutional born overnight grave covered with flowers butterflies, flowers and butterflies on a hillside suddenly withered into a wasteland.  In ancient Greek mythology, the Zeus fell in love with Ira Kos princess Io, Hera was known.To avoid persecution Io Hera, Zeus changed her into a white bull, then, Io whine cry all day.Zeus worried about her crying blind, the future recovery of people behind the fly in the ointment, it ordered the earth to grow for the cattle in terms of nice and delicious butterfly flower, as long as Io tired of crying, looking down to see her grimace butterfly flower, he could not help live laugh, beautiful butterfly flower will bring unlimited comfort Io.  Since then, butterfly flower became a symbol of comfort, it can soothe lost lover’s heart.