Butterfly Dream vaguely

Who opened hazy slender fingers, the wind sent through the intimacy of a green shadow, light bathed the mountains back, just waiting for the pink shore Stir the water drawn from Swallow brushed, soft ride in face bridges to the brink of flowers, Cui Wei who has a green smile, so light, trembling left lying in the grass dreams, thrown around the corner the night of the spring wire like a fishing boat across the river flows splashing the ebb and flow of the picturesque scenery can be somewhat similar to the total bud glittering in the distance a vast wilderness, the possibility of time to obtain a return spring bearing receiver with a love of dreams just as my fate in silence if it followed through to me a little time, give me a pair of wings I can fly to the snow-capped mountains of courage and eyes, are Meng Yu Xin sent to the southern ancient getting the ferry, a few paper umbrellas, a Bing Xin Hua has been marching twilight years gone only that the millennium moss still has not been Magnificence washed out early sprouting of spring rain Border Town township humming Wyse songs, wandering footsteps returned often unwarranted passing the bridge of the year to visit that year lost butterfly dream