Survey: Hong Kong's overall employee pay raise next year, or up to 4% in order to retain talent

  Data map。 China news agency reporters Zheng Zuo and Sheng She BEIJING, Dec. 14 Xinhua, "Ta Kung Pao" report, the future of global economic uncertainty, the company is expected to have the manpower Hong Kong next year steady job market, employers surveyed plan to increase staffing 17% to the most positive hiring sentiment services。 The survey also expects Hong Kong's total employees next year pay rise of up to 2-4%, dividends up to an average of 1-3 months。
  Manpower's global survey conducted earlier, understanding the hiring sentiment in the coming year, of which 728 employers surveyed in Hong Kong。 Overall, 17% of respondents said it expects Hong Kong employers in the next three months will be to recruit more staff and intends to cut staff only 4% of employers。   The survey classified into six industry sectors: services, mining and construction, finance, insurance and real estate, transportation and public affairs industry, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing sector, the service sector, mining and construction hiring sentiment the most exuberant, the lowest manufacturing。   Senior vice president of Manpower Greater China Xu Yushan explained that next year all enterprises to implement digital, so, demand for technology services, greatly promote the hiring sentiment related services。 On the other hand, the future of economic uncertainty, companies need to make for the future, such as the assessment of accounting, risk management, etc., are also intended to further enhance the service industry jobs。
  As for hiring sentiment mining and construction industry, due to industry professionals already in short supply, coupled with Hong Kong's future will be all kinds of infrastructure and superstructure projects launched, so that the construction industry hiring sentiment remains high。
Finance, insurance and real estate, transportation and public affairs industry, wholesale and retail trade this three industries due to the daily operational needs, so hiring sentiment remained stable。   The survey, manufacturing hiring sentiment worst, the uncertain economic outlook, leading to all kinds of products, new orders fell to the mainland the largest decrease in the amount of overall output, so the weak confidence in the manufacturing sector recruitment。   As to raise the case of workers are most concerned about, Xu Yushan said the overall pay increase next year of about 2-4% dividend average 1-3 months, but made good prospects for individual industries such as construction and information technology industry, plus the former pay up to 4-8%, which is 6% to 8%。 Even though economic uncertainty, due to the short supply, employers are still willing to pay in order to attract new entrants and retain talent。   Xu Yushan added that although Hong Kong steady job market, but in the global economic uncertainty, the employee is expected to moderate the overall pay rise。 In addition between individual industries such as the construction industry and the IT industry, salary increases of up to 4-8%, other industries pay rise of about 2-4%。 If the business dividends, estimated to be between 1-3 monthly average of about。 Editor: Shao Yuxiang。