Butterfly Dream a thousand mountains, ice crystal lotus

A bamboo flute blowing shells buckle Zither away mountains and water, thousands of miles wide of clouds moonlight glass, rub off Yuk Han Xiang butterfly dream Yiyi your smile, it is just a pure and noble lotus Dimei quiet, they bleed open this time of clear shadow then winter, there is a surplus with white snow drift, fall into your gentle palm twilight darkens, only your facial features graceful flowery watery wait quietly at your fingertips to bridge the night of the story, in your incense Looking back in suddenly thrust away, the dream becomes very soft very light and you Munson warble, like a white flower window of a parked, sing drunk plum branches of the language to know before you fly edge of the deep edge of the shallow life but is a flourishing flashy pyrotechnics even miss the moment between Lloret de Mar will also fragrant glance that swept over a thousand mountains, after all, in the twilight snow so you dance, youth-depth season Tasui diamonds in the rough that startled the time of the achievements of a thin pen Qin cold ice crystal lotus legend follow your exquisite and elegant finish I saw you fall from the sky, spin the floating silently, batik is also a world of pure and crystal clear, if available, please promise I endorse the depths of the Red sincere wishes extension under your care of a Allure Eyebrow buckle your smile away the purple Ning Ning Fang Chen Since then, rain and snow started falling, Years went by you, is still top of the iceberg of the lotus flower Su Yue Ying empty, a dream, the Millennium