Butterfly change of heart

He and she is a childhood sweetheart, primary schools, secondary schools, universities spent in the same school after graduation, two people come together to create a coastal city dream.They were the two companies found a job, start up with passion and hard work.  However, she suddenly sick, weak body up quickly.Slowly, she began to swoon.  Diseases come as a surprise, because two people just to work, have no savings, and both sides support two families who have exhausted all university.  Her more serious illness.Can borrow borrowed, her illness finally results – congenital heart disease.  The only cure for this disease is to change the heart, for the heart, the donor is not so difficult to find that the cost would need 300,000 yuan.Alive and eager to make her face astronomical dropped to the ice.  Ten days later, at his suggestion, she came home from the care of her mother, then to his mother suddenly disappeared, and she did not say goodbye, just leaving a fairy-tale letter: “That day, I had a dream, a fairy say, if I had only three years to become a butterfly, I will always fly around on your side.”Looking at the letter, her tears fell down, she did not believe him because of her illness can not be cured and escape.She called to his unit, his colleagues told her that he had resigned, and do not know where he was.She called to his home, his parents actually do not know where he went, she knew that he was deliberately avoided their own, want to leave her ah.  In the first 28 days after he walked out, she suddenly received an anonymous $ 300,000 donation.Because of this anonymous act, she was up media attention.  Soon, donor found.The operation was very successful.  But whenever I think about him, her heart still often hurts.  She knew it was another disease, take time to heal.She quickly let themselves be a suitor, she thought, the best way to bury a relationship is to enter another love.  A year later in the summer, she put on a wedding dress.After the wedding ceremony, she and groom surrounded by relatives and friends to the park video.In front of a flower bed, she happily nestled in the groom’s chest, his smile dazzling.Suddenly, a large black butterfly flew from her ear, her heart suddenly a little pain.  Some things not to say forget you can forget, she remembered him.He promised her to love her life, no matter what changes occur, he promised him to personally put on her wedding dress, regardless of wealth and poverty.But now.She was a little hate themselves, hate their heart should have missed a negative person, you should not miss hated man other than her husband.She began to start to concentrate on wife.  After a summer of three years, she and her husband led year-old daughter out of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, a man greeted her stiff Zhengzhu – he actually.  His white hair a lot, a lot of people are haggard, lost a lot, she was overwhelmed, he smiled, the first to speak: “This is your daughter right?So cute.”She just mechanically promised.That evening, heart crest and once past him, tears fall on the pillow.  Another three years passed, and one day, she was a news in the newspaper shocked.That probably means the news: Seven years ago, a young man working for a securities company local to the south, after two weeks of work, the young man used his position, misappropriation of customer value 30 million shares after the surrender sale.When surrender has been converted into cash payment was $ 300,000 left, young explanation is gambled away.Three years ago, after the young man ahead of his release, he started a small business owner.Three years later, the business is growing in the fire, he then stolen his $ 300,000 reimburse the securities companies that have been working.She saw the, stunned, she knew, he runs a company, she knew, the year that 30 million anonymous donation must be him.Man tears out of the eyes, her mind only one sentence: I’m sorry, can go to the end in this life is impossible, then the next life, I must you become just another butterfly.