After a dream come true

His name is Luc Besson, the French.    That year parents took him to Morocco on vacation to a tractor after dinner on the open desert, there is a white linen with floral turned again pulled up, with support something like two tree trunks in the desert.Suddenly, the white sheets actually had a silhouette with music, he flies down the bunch has a lot in the past Mitsumochi dancing and found them from the tractor in a mysterious instrument.    That projectors, my mother said: we are looking at a movie.    He quieted down, looked up to see the movie, it is a comedy, but he did not think how funny.See half of the time, there are only Luotuo Gang clever pass, because the sheets blocking its path, it seems to be going to bed sheets ripped off.So many people ran to catch a camel, this time he smiled, for him, this comedy under the screen more cola.    He later said it was his first time to see three-dimensional movies.In fact, that is his first movie: The first time, I realized that the movie is so interesting things.    That year, he was 9 years old.    Adolescence, head full of strange fantasy that he is simply suffering, he would write it down and put those words themselves as screenplay.Most of those who are reading the script first bird black trash can, but that occurred in that era, “The Fifth Element” is 16 years old written onto the film to be in his 40 years old screen, $ 200 million global box office.    20 years old, he has written 30 plays.Because imagination is too developed, but also because nothing.His French spelling is not very good, so he did not dare to play out those posters, people who make future surprises whimsy thus become the secret of his youth.But he also has specific age in a sly, go first class French girl accomplishments helped him correct the error and print the script because he discovered she was a little like me.But in fact she was a little ugly, he does not want to be with her, but someone must correct his mistake many years later, he commented: You see, the artist’s life so.    At 20 years old, he went to apply for a film school.First off the interview, the examiner let him say his favorite director, he said a few names, can not wait finished, it was stopped, the other told him not fit here.And 15 years later, has been renowned the world over, he was asked to teach this film school, he said that I teach something you do not fit.Yes, the director is also a little vengeful.    He did not intend to forgive them.20 years old, he was so young, he was covered in full so incredible power, he just determined his life’s dream is a movie, but they say he does not fit.    Since this is not suitable for young people fought in the Hollywood film industry, from the bottom of the unskilled laborer to start, four years later he set up his own film company Crown Prince Pictures.After the “blue sea Love” “Nikita,” “The killer is not too cold,” “The Fifth Element” He shot nine films, classics department, one of the world’s most cattle director.    In December 2006, his tenth film released in France, and 48-year-old announced he was at this time: After that, he will give up the movie, engaged in charity, to help young people have a dream.    For people who dream of a gasoline equivalent of a car.No country in the world, under any regime, no one can stop you to dream, this is an incredible force.Even if you are locked up in his cell in a small, we can not do anything, but no one can stop you to dream.Yes, who can stop, but he also has to help young people have a dream to realize a dream, because once they are his own.    The nature of the film does not do is dream?48-year-old Luc Besson at the time of his dream come true, to make more young people to dream, this is his understanding of the film’s most devout, but he dreams of the most profound insights.