After a blind date

Part VIII after a blind date in 2010, returned to his hometown through a variety of relationships and institutions seeking to edit a job, twists and turns is five years.Five years is a very long time concept five years many things happened, five years, I know a bunch of people can talk can drink together, understanding some of the rhetoric of people, met some say hello to meet people, to know some will not be met greet people, to know some people love to join in the fun of these people, some I like, some I was sick, so I have some frustration, there let me grow up, these days there is a growing frustrated, I felt like I was a “man”, and I want to do my own thing, I will try every means to try, I chose the post friends, some things just told them, some only eat rice with them, only drink some wine with them, but fortunately they have, I made a boy grow into a man’s road, companionship, there are incentives, determination.I want my own growth as a man with a plan, have to play people, people pay attention, there are friends who have a loved one have with people.This year, I moved from the countryside to urban settlement, I am married, I have a wife, I have children, I have a house, I have a small pile of friends, I have a job, I have my own small family of , I have trouble, I have pressure, I have difficulties, I have hope, I have to invest, and I have failed, I have a fixed salary, I have been invited, I have been making things difficult, and I have a new friend, and I can not remember old friends, I have a lot of students do not touch, and I have fond memories of people and events had forgotten, I have debt, I have tears, I have insomnia, and the others should not have had, and the recall of memories and should not have memories of it, that should not be forgotten and forget all forget.After five years until I resigned.That year, I’m thirty.I went to the institution of the first day of duty, first met was a tall girl, without wearing high heels than I have, long hair, long face, two large front teeth, Laughter.The second is to see sat painted red, dense and thick red lipstick on woman’s desk, knock the seeds, leg up on the other leg, talking and laughing.The third person is a soft-spoken girl talk, and then later come in a black kid finished newspapers.The office of the class men basically in attendance.After the young man did not talk to me, just love complaining thick red lips woman asked me what to do, explained what he wanted, it is to wait.I looked at this little house, four tables, two desks, two computer desks, two computers, a printer, a bookcase, a sofa, two ceiling flashlight, as well as central air-conditioning vent, wall a thick discharge a few sleepy newspaper.This newspaper office belonging to the city municipal building, the first floor, this room is the new unit, part of City Cultural Bureau and radio and television subsidiary of the.Municipal Building located at the newspaper, radio and television bureau in the city and on another side street, thirty-four kilometers apart, seemingly do not belong there.The newspaper was losing money to make a living, I heard that there are several issues of printing costs are not paid, because the bureau refused to grant the newspaper advertising revenue very little, I felt lessen the prospects bleared.The main content of the newspaper, including political news, newsletter, special thematic artwork, prose poetry, real estate information, transfer the sale, advertising screen.Front page content is basically a municipal government work conference speech of their leaders, it must be the beginning of so and so who delivered an important speech at the meeting on what, so and so and so who stressed.Edit their speeches, she felt as if from far into the career, with the mayor linked the party secretary, detached, and I want to read several times, profound analysis of the content of the speech of the leader, the reason for profound analysis, because leadership I looked like a classical speech in general, do not understand the word-by-word for word, for people who never in contact with the leadership of speech, it really does not know what he is talking about.Then I discouraged, leadership speech will always be a few words, always meeting, always research study, as if on writing also need a template, as long as the names changed, place and time changed to a junior high school student when a reporter can edit the.Prose poetry is always a leader of the Literary Federation articles, poetry always had to have a sigh of elongated sound “ah” word.Property information is always a certain area a few rooms of several halls, interested, price negotiable, will never tell you about what the price of rental housing for sale will always be at home with children because no one Kandian, reluctantly transfer.Did you see the newspaper is a fool?I think in the end there is no one looking at the newspapers of?Office tall girl big front teeth are always busy with something, thick red lips woman always complaining in blind, I always come to this new proofreading typos later in the document editing and typesetting others, see if there is wrong words and punctuation.When the cold weather, central air conditioning municipal building a unified, open, black leather sofa quality is not bad, it will feel like to sit lie down to sleep in.In a place with the leadership of the office is a good, central air conditioning works well, soft people want to sleep on the sofa, there are no independent office punch, which is nice work.A weekly newspaper issued, so the weekly Tuesday Wednesday Thursday was doing nothing, just free-range dogs and cats, Internet, reading books, reading the newspaper, drinking tea, toilet, thick red lips woman was complaining all day blind tall girl still looks always look busy Friday when the big back head giving her old man editor will come to the office somehow dispensable and say summarize some plans, inexplicable hair a pass fire, said some of the comrades no enthusiasm comments, criticism and self-criticism considered.Next, the content of the next issue of the newspaper came, the recent transfer of leadership speech from TV stations, real estate agent asked do you still want to continue to publish the transfer of information, Internet collecting about the current season of life of small coup, open the mailbox publishing poetry and prose by leaders Saturday or Sunday stay up until one o’clock, after proofreading finalized, send print shop printing, big back head to make a male editor rent one by one to take us back, the last stop of their own home.Later two weeks instead of one week a few months later, because the bureau is no longer allocated funds, printing printing costs do not know is not filled up, from the newspaper closed down.Subsequently, all the newspaper staff took no effective TV channels, officially opened by the revision, since then, I became a television workers, until his resignation.Throughout the year, turns the change of seasons, to go again, come and go, come and go year after year.I feel that my days are coming to an end, to go home to go to work every day, two first-line, from time to time pass lottery shop, daydreaming, talking about dreams, I sometimes think, of those dreams where I go, go all the time the. I was on a crowded street, looked selling breakfast aunt always busy, looking at the shops nearby to change a another one, selling audio equipment into a snack food, barber shop turned into a photo studio, a mobile phone shop change became a selling braised pork, the big supermarkets are still the crossroads, the intersection is often blocked, commercial Street intersection next to the supermarket, the fire is still there to sell clip jelly, department stores but also across the intersection and then renovated Merchants foreign capital, next to the old stadium is still only open a small door, the old comrades still playing croquet, croquet field of small door, the old man is still selling old books, a group of young people is still strange hair into thirty-five Juezhaopigu sitting on the runway fence group of mobile phone seems to play a big girl small daughter, took to the semi-circle along the runway fence, regardless of seasons on the runway sunrise and sunset someone will embark around and around, the young mothers with prams, young people falling in love, female group of a group of girlfriends who swore each other their man or boyfriend, fence outside smoking a cigarette volumes young man is aiming Targets on the ball, the club ramming direction of skating is a small courtyard, the summer will be transformed into a children’s pool, the door will always sound spread to the small courtyard outside, a small yard is uneven basketball court, it uneven, not only because the basketball court is not a rubber cement, but authentic land, five minutes but dust filled the stadium to watch the people no less.From the East Gate, from the north gate, I think the passion of young people here, young people’s entertainment is here, where casual elderly, the elderly mouth chores is here, here I can think of everything, but tell me what to do with it?I’m not here and the guys played basketball, did not pound over the pool, not sitting on the fence by others as a sucker, then ran onto the runway but added several times, with headphones, sweating glasses pushed up a push, Beyond the bridge fell, upward push,.Sometimes noon drunk, alone, went to a corner of the stadium, then spit in a clean concrete floor of a faint and sit for a while, sometimes sit for one afternoon not to go to work anyway also nobody, anyway, or will spit.Sometimes threw the north gate went to the old stadium, I will be particularly careful crossing the street to reach the theater opposite, Jiujin not been, the first thing is to reach across to the nearest public toilet in urine a bubble, after the bladder is no longer oppressed, I will go all the way along the moat to see stagnant water and green, hand touched the head of the weeping willow, make a belch, then go.Along the way, I could see the tall wall, strapped to the wall above the grid, from afar like a fence at the end of the war when the towers built building, standing on the third floor of the same height of the towers, I think around certain visible, especially a gun turret inside the prison guards look at me, I would dismiss a ticket, and then imagine that he had made what was kept in the prison called the third place in this province , before long, I will learn to escape the drama in the plot, under mysteriously circumstances, away, from anonymity, wandering.Later I thought, this is not realistic, then ran, I would want my wife.In that case, a long time, my wife took the children ran with others, others and beat my child, what should I do where to find them.Or they come down in my life, my heart will break.About the same time sober, and then looked up to see the towers, a good hate this place, to call a colleague to ask in the afternoon there is no leadership Chagang, that there is no, then turn into a supermarket to buy the family’s bread, vegetables ,pork.Come back home.Say, home is docked in the harbor, the harbor has to eat, drink, and a bed to sleep, watch TV, balcony sunbathing!Before moving into this house, my wife and I rented a unit in the district of her shantytown, when I go to work in television, she made pre-job training in a coal mine work.To an earlier time that knew her, I was the second year of early winter in television work, she works in a branch of the country’s major coal mine.At that time, I like cold weather, around the neck on a black and white scarf round after round, when the wind came, and will not face reduced to a collar yard clothes to avoid cold outside wearing a tight black leather leather, wearing a dark colored jeans coupled with brown casual shoes, but all the coat sleeve on the 168 figure, but also does not reveal how handsome look.The first time I saw her was in the city’s bustling crossroads, far came Zhaqi head of hair bundle tightly tall, thin face, big eyes, big nose, big earrings hang a left and right on the ear, feeling out her ears can withstand much weight, but this looks a whole lot of mature people, a long section of brown leather, neck deep color silk scarf, black leggings, not high heels , the whole person looks, lanky, thin air, shrewd.Winter day time is very short, the evening peak commute, always packed a narrow county road at every turn, whether it is a car, or people on both sides of shops, road or lights, but there are not a few customers, anxious wait for commuting clerk looked blankly people coming and going out of the window, thoughtfully, as if hope.She walked side by side and two blocks into a popular hot pot super good shop, shop proprietress loud call, pick up seats four seats against the wall motioned us to sit down.Typically, before eating hot pot to wait for some time, waiting for the clerk to prepare dishes and bottom of the pot.Under another general, is the first blind date when both parties sit together, some are relatively stiff, or have some reservations, in any case, still must keep smiling, occasionally glanced at the other one, look at each other’s looks , expression, feeling each other’s attitude, reckoned each other in mind.Listen to people say, can not see the woman staring at a never-ending, or else, will look very uncomfortable, so, you have to hand side to find some things to do.I asked her what is in front of a drink, after which the clerk to call on a big bottle of Coke, hands busy to help her open the plastic wrap wrapped cutlery, this time, I feel the dinner when a bunch of people per person with such a complex package of benefits, for example, there will be a set of cutlery trays, dishes, chopsticks, bowl, a small cup, plus a wine glass.All dishes filled the entire front of us, basically there is no place to put the two arms can.But at this moment, in order to get rid of embarrassment or do not know how to say, when opening remarks, tableware is the best off, open the cutlery, of course, is to help her open, looked so polite, then use hands busy when the mind is also to start busy, but also look busy.For example, some people will no words to find the words, “Now the trouble is that people eat, eat a meal to take so many dishes, I like simple, a bowl, a pair of chopsticks, a cup, out of the way, which eat the drink, unlike in big occasions, drink plenty of water to drink cups, drinking cups have a drink, Sheng Tang Yousheng soup bowls, etc., do not eat a meal break, you think it is a good point points clear, or simply point is good?”.Then, this topic began, no matter how the other answer, come along on the trip, said she likes simple, then we simply follow this road, straining to praise the benefits of simple, if she says it clear point we say hard to distinguish the point of rules, in short, can not do sit, have to find the words to talk, but the words, not just talk, talk much, they will think you are chatter, there are bragging suspects, fewer words, the other side may feel that your heart is hidden in it, to say do not say, always cautious, unreal.So, have a good grasp of just the right sense of proportion, unhurried do not worry, do not grab the best if not interrupted.The best first impression.This one is a Griddle shop, that is to say, after the customer door, waiting for chatting, drinking tea, served in the pot to do is direct the lavish meals, the kind of fried rice noodles, mixed with each inside the most common kinds of condiments such as anise, bay leaves and other obvious exposure in the middle of the dry pork, opened the lid, add the meat condiments an aroma immediately satisfy the appetite.After mutual humility, slowly began to eat up, if none, I will boast this delicious meal, what color it, taste it, seasoning with friends, meat sliced shapes and sizes you, casually boast, boast after a good meal, this mood came, and then came down to business, to carefully observe each other, big eyes or small eyes, a nice smile, or calm when more liked, is back laughing or blocked off the back of the mouth giggles.When a person they least expect it, she is the truest representation, women are careless man, gentle or subtle Ya girl, a little more or less can guess, like you think she lives in the future, Cuiping is lurking in the drama, or your idea of Audrey Hepburn.Although the first meeting can not know everything about a person, but how many people are not running and nurtured it in life marriage among, for example, temper, character, emotion and even whole soul.Whether from Cuiping grow as Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn or to convert from Cuiping?No one can give decisive answers.Or as long as Audrey Hepburn heart Cuiping, or as long as Audrey Hepburn Cuiping heart, in fact, we know, and how many women can always be in our hearts Audrey Hepburn it, I believe there, in a large number of criteria among us, can be good in a hundred years of marriage which, and how many can come into Audrey Hepburn won this great word “wife” mean?Obviously, the woman sitting opposite me laugh, clearly not Audrey Hepburn, nor is it Cuiping, but soon after, she became my wife.That year I was 26 years old, she was 29 years old.That day, December 19 marriage license, if you must add a good meaning words in this special day, I understood as 1219, to love, to long.We vow together, to understand each other, forgiving each other, standing on each other’s point of view to consider the issue, to be good to each other’s parents, let them wronged.After a very long day, I thought my love from other people will not bit by bit and day care about.I was walking down the street passing the beautiful woman without her, I go to work, always feel that the next phone call from her, I took her back home to see my parents’ faces, even the little old yard Greyhound are tempted with their tails wagging, and I turn on her feet around and around, small Greyhound knows that she is our family people.That winter countryside taste exceptionally small courtyard, facing the entrance of the corner planted with a tung, leaves already falling, some afternoon sun warmth, light passes through the gap tung tree branch sprinkled lazy courtyard, we cling to each other sitting under the eaves, the sun just shines on our body, deep warmth, some good warm romantic, small Greyhound on tethered nearby Tung’s, lying on the floor, motionless.We looked at it, it looked at us and said we were to discuss, we just looked at it, look at it to see how long we were, who should not wait any longer laugh, whoever lost, I said well.We are so small and relatively Greyhound head head.So we looked at a small greyhound, eyes wide goes round a good round, not even swing the tail, staring, staring at the sun for a gap from a tung tree branches, shone on our faces, and finally forbearance could not looked at the sun, was born to laugh in spite of himself, I look at her, she looked at me, we take a look at the dog, the dog wagged his tail, tongue hanging out, squatting motioned to us, we know it is not a win, but we lost, we lost in the warmth of the screen, lost in the happiness of our hearts, we lose the older’s love.Then later, I heard my mom, my mom asked my dad, how daughter, my dad said, seeking only to speak to eat, did not dare to look carefully, my mom, you see that point Offer!!!Small little guest house, so my dad would not how to entertain guests.Up to now I have not had accompanied his father to learn how to entertain guests, I was wondering if I’d drive a truck if the father insisted up to now, the family might be a little richer, more full gas field will be more, I should be a little more confident, not know then what is the reason, after my father came home, and have not been away, crops to hoe than twenty years, twenty years really long enough to change a person’s life, at least from the young man became no longer the ambition of the old man, my father a bad temper, very stubborn, I do not know work, since I entered into when the bear family responsibilities, I can come to understand what makes most of the time my father became incomprehensible.After people at a young age, there are full of energy, vibrant, high-spirited, but suddenly one day made a decision to no longer have the courage to go forward in spite of everything, I still remember, many years ago Dad said I had not been for you, I can go outside some battles, at least not like those years of hard toil!During these years later, I was thinking, if not go outside to some battles, at least bold vision and courage in exchange for long-term peace and happiness with Kulei short time, it is also possible, better than the hard life better.So think about these, always difficult to sleep in the dead of night, always thinking, what can I do to change the status quo, even though a few years later resigned from the television, the father of these words is the most important factor affecting my.So, with a girlfriend, even if later married, a father, and the idea of changing the status quo of the family, has been lingering in my mind, it was said to be married thirty years of age, married after the first career, although I do not agree, this is not a family and career before and after the order, but lived to this day to live married, the industry did not stand.They say people there, after living year after year, always do a few major events, for example, get married, have children, have a house to go home, but in general, as also the lack of financial sources , to the big, permanent career!Feng Tang said, Tianyi mid-life day before, on the birthday cake has no idea how to insert a candle, you can always feel their young.If I say I am not young, I want to call this guy an estimated loading force, hypocritical, quickly roll too far.However, he should not know it, he’ll know what I heard about it?This guy Air are flying three million of kilometers!Since her return home met with parents, this relationship will basically set down, but I can not remember, this is a marriage license before or after, anyway, very quickly, that year on December 19 that day, she is my people!Before her own benefit mine collapse, she has always insisted on the bus ride back to the city in the afternoon after work, not bright morning sky, even the breakfast did not have the time to buy in advance standing in an intersection waiting for a shuttle bus, sit by the I waved to the window seat, but also very fast, an hour, the dawn of time, also arrived and wash your face, lie down for half an hour dormitory units squint for a while, downstairs begins to boil, the work time almost there.Is a unit dormitory has heating, air-conditioned room has a single, free electricity, water utilities, public bath house, public toilets, weekend, I went to see her.Went to her work place to take a bus for an hour through the town of North Liang, Zhang was Township, Chang Che-hung God Hou town to reach the town, the town is God Hou Jun Porcelain Capital, rich chinaware.Walking down the street, full of soot in addition to outside, that is, the streets of the bottles, they said called works of art.I do not know.There is a port town of St. Paul, says God Hou town, around the word is not read pattern, meaning there chinaware meaning.St. Paul get off the bus after arriving at the place after about one kilometer.Under normal circumstances, this place will be a lot of people get off, go down from the car, after car ass Dangqi dust dissipated, it is clear to see that this is a three-way intersection, turn right into the town center, turn left is mountains highway, bypassing the mountain road to the west to enter the town, this place is considered the east, turn left at the fork in the road have to cross a small old stone bridge over a stone bridge and then turn left onto the foot of a mountain along 200 meters, there is a large coal field, enough stock on tons of coal next to the field along the long, steep ramp up with the company’s name written on the door of a large, south-facing door, enter the door is a steep and long hill, mine Well, naturally wants to have more mountain.In the middle of the left side of the steep slopes of a few buildings at the hostel in the upstairs, full of dilapidated buildings close to the production safety wall charts, railing’d just varnished, walked between the end of the second, her room.He opened the curtain, the door squeak open look, more than ten square hut, everything, two bunk beds combined, laying down luggage, bunk bed rest, television, refrigerator, heating, air conditioning, wardrobe, electric stove , all kinds of pots and pans Youyanjiangcu, this is the life of all the.Say, quite simple, she said, a person’s time, all the eating and sleeping a lot, in addition to food is a hassle to do every day outside, others are more simple, after work, the whole little world changed was much easier, girlfriends would come Xialiao late, a playing cards, eating snacks, women chatting variety of topics, sometimes, I heard screaming downstairs shouting her name, I know I have to go out of the consumer , will come back big pocket a small pocket of the pendulum all over the room, his mouth saying the money ran out, next time do not spend money, but, as long as the downstairs screaming shouting on the way, holding the purse carries the package to the door only to hear “bang” is heard, the entire floor is trembling, Made in, the people have no shadow, and then come back, or large pocket small pocket, the way his mouth muttering next time do not spending money the.Consider also, there are a few young people will withstand the desire to spend money on it, especially in the play to lure girlfriends, but also always plausibly, embarrassed to refuse, Mabu Kai face and the like, in general All the reasons are not really reasons, but is not strong enough only their own self-control.People like fun, like having a partner, whether husband and wife, or girlfriends, are better than one time home to the energy consumption in the house, when many people time off so fast, a person’s time, all the time how too seems slow.Where is the time to go?In fact, when I was younger the time is spent on shopping, chatting, eating, drinking, etc. hodgepodge of trivial things.If you ask them, your ideal where to go, the general answer is, the day was busy making money, not paying the money tweed, where there are over it.So, all the good wishes of many years ago have thought with age one after another failed to achieve, only when drinking Xialiao sigh old, old.To grab a single number of employees in the crowd really want to hit shit job.Two people had to live one, she said, do not know why another person has not come for two years, the company will not be fired because of internal human action, do a procedure, please eat a meal, to the point advantage, a year or so do not come to work, not to mention, things are easy to handle.So, the house, she will completely belong to one person, so I can at the weekend, had no qualms to enjoy two of the world with her, or else, even a place to live are not, her work, I would hide in the woods cool, and if she was to go to work, I sat beside her straight Leng Leng, I fear, are uncomfortable.Have their own room, things would be much easier, she was busy, I was alone in a small room, watch TV, spend time looking for a snack, time to eat, to see what the house there, I’ll try do some, not very tasty tasty is another matter, but the whole person to work again, it is not the same, entered the room to see the rice well, naturally good meal Mengkua, do not cook is not a problem , there is no heart problems, feelings of many nearby natural.I have almost no cooking experience, even if the rice is done blind yourself wondering, she naturally than I do good.I do not like to eat meat, she is favored to eat meat, because childhood love to eat meat, her father was a butcher, the annual Spring Festival, will bring all parts of the pig meat from her father where I still have points What is unclear is the tenderloin, forelegs or hind leg, anyway, is it meat.We can see from the cook, her diligent heart with, soon to do, eat, naturally imaginable.But, when vegetable knife cut down toward me I always think of her wrong.Cut potato chips, her practice is left arch up, according potatoes, down-left direction right hand with a knife cutting finger left hand down, I think the cut finger cut down direction, would not cut down the more closer to the finger head, more dangerous, if in the opposite direction to the blade skimming out a little, cut down a little further deviate from the left hand fingers will be a little safer.This, she insisted she was right, and never change, has not changed, and sometimes I wonder, is it me wrong?不会.I do things that may not pay attention to perfect, or make do with love, almost like.Perhaps the reason the work, since from the newspaper to television work, and just do things a bit, and perhaps the whole environment thing, the material needs of television filming clips, but few clips on twelve twenty-three irrelevant, so often almost put the video synthesis is finished, no one can see it, no one pay attention to these.I gradually began to realize that I felt things getting worse.Other things will make do, I feel the whole human consciousness and ideas are changing a little bit.Sometimes he forced his perfect point requirements to better and can do better, not impossible, but do not mind, I do see themselves, no power, because the salary is too small, too difficult to raise, almost close colleagues are holding such a heart, so then, more and more feel that I am not fit here, thought slowly began to drop anchor.Together with her in the day, started to feel that she is very focused on the perfect thing to do, “because people see,” she always said.When her work, I saw very little, in this small room, for example, washing clothes to put out a lot of red pots, unwashed clothes in a basin, washed again and placed in a basin with water rinse off in a basin, rinse a pot over there a second time with water, and drying in a pot, the whole dozen small square room where not even swing a cat.Really trouble.Not more than perfect basin, must be thrown in the water for years seven or eight times, to ensure that the detergent foam can not see, I will not say, three times is enough, dried in the sun, there are washing powder fragrance of it, she say, wash, we must clean.Sometimes downstairs to open the concrete floor, put a few pots of red, there is a long pipe pulled out of the water room on the first floor, which is the root of water stood here all year round, easy to use.A large amount of water, a large basin of water for a few seconds will be filled, so slowly people here are not so cherish water resources, wash clothes several times, just rinse it in clean water, on the exchange of water, do not fear no water, sometimes a few women together, wash clothes, children clamored to play in the water around, talking and laughing, a taste of life.Sometimes, I will help her put several large pan and a pile of clothes moved downstairs, ran into the water room to the master switch is open, then unscrew the head pipe which, to a large bowl turn on the water, there are several small daughter cried all the way, “Yo, very diligent ah!”I just smiled, sometimes back to a humble, thinking, this looks really ugly bitch, but added no small mouth.She said to several common names of people, so far I did not remember me, and now, even the looks are also forgotten, and went on the road, who knows who is who it?Now people are probably so be it, and so after a considerable period of time in their busy days, I am afraid that once familiar faces can not remember, just remember that once had an experience in a place , seen in some time, it!So, I think these people probably are not in my life the most important person in it, to hurry, hurry to go, otherwise, I will not do not remember!Not because she knew through, including people in my own life come and go, perhaps inadvertently occur again, maybe this life will not reproduce, so they can not remember unknowingly come, However, Ye Hao, just remember new smile, no longer remember the old people cry, after all, life has to go forward, we will meet more and more new people will forget more and more old people, but some stories remember slightly, so these people before we would move out old things, as a summary of lessons learned and new stories, often the case, people are so!A man in a small room bored, I will come out to stroll, walk around in them such a big mine.In this building dormitory were two sides of the road, as are tall and steep and long, no piece of the west dormitory living area, night time, a woman will be led kids in here and play in the summer wind, but roads overgrown with weeds everywhere, have to wear long sleeves, bring water repellent, children’s play sound instantly feel that life is also very good, there are children around and turn, a lot of worry, they do a lot of happiness.Little daughter were yelling while children pay attention to safety, while the mouth of the man himself talking all the right or wrong side Ziyaliezui talking and laughing, really a group of duplicity, easily changeable creatures.When it comes to these topics, I will gently moved a certain distance of the place, but not without trouble does not participate in, stay out, let them criticize it, I guess sooner or later she will say that I am in front of them all the good and bad of it , to listen less and less to listen to it, anyway, can not escape.Turn right down into the steep slope facing the front door, look down the front door from time to time someone is carrying large bags of shopping from the outside back, janitor security will warm greeting, to the point of view, one side is the row of several dormitory buildings, while a few small shops, shops selling things it touches much, but alcohol and tobacco, to fill his belly sausage instant noodles night only, there is the children’s favorite hot strip lollipop and the like, a small window, a bit messy, casually piled can see that they are divided over the class.The top of the ramp is a wall, before the recall is a slogan, and later for doing a great picture of mountains, lofty mood, a lot of levels to rise.The left wall to open a small door, small door shuttle through the narrow mountain road up the mountain is, there is a mountain restaurant dinner can run more than occasionally with her and her colleagues visited several times.Of course, the restaurant is run by the mine acquaintance leadership.On the right wall is a large dining hall on the mine, a lot of points cafeteria window, breakfast lunch dinner has to be swiped, the price is not expensive down, single miners used to come, the couple occasionally lazy workers do not cook to buy to take home.She and I do not want to cook time will come, simple meals, improvise a meal, continue to nest in a small room, which is also fairly leisurely two of the world.Occasionally, she would call me and get to know their colleagues a dinner.”Coal miners, nothing needs to get some wine after dinner drink, which is not unusual,” they said.Everyone is very enthusiastic, very polite.Section chief surnamed Zhou, 50 years old of hard hair parted on the side of the little black face smiling tiger, his idiom, always laughing, always hold a good mood, laughing people unnatural, uncomfortable, preferring to stay away the feeling, I felt the respect that every time I can not drink wine when he never diva, does not matter the state is still in a good mood, there will certainly be satisfied with the finish a little later, but at least face off go, my heart for this man the very least not malicious, just do not want it with those.I guess he’s these moves, perhaps because I’m not their system, so that he was not to say, nothing more?Perhaps he was bigger than I was twenty years old, has experienced a lot of chest do not care about Ayutthaya?Maybe?Just for me but not a fellow traveler, I do not want to close friends, non-phase plan.Having said that, not ill, there is a busy colleagues will help with eating meals together, have called on a cocktail drink, terrific, mine the deepest impression on people, this is probably the!With them, what they want to hear how the system are some, but it is sure to drink wine, I will not do drinker, alcohol allergy, it is in terms of a cup of beer or a bottle or bottles after my face the color change is the best witness, the whole face just cast a touch of pink skin care products, ataxia, stutter, laugh and laugh, face stiff.But for them, still did not drink happy.A long time, after coal miners know how drinker, will show restraint and will not last always a shame I.Most contact with them is Jiuzhuo, in addition to eating and drinking, or eating and drinking, but I always feel that I can not integrate into their happiness, “话不投机半句多” I say it’s probably.But because of her face, do not say that would not say, that does not bicker bickering that do not adhere to not adhere to, as well.So, then naturally much less.Or simply do not say.Work among different systems, different ambience, the way people communicate, habits, prescriptive rules are different, but all things in the world, remain the same, just do not belong here, not used to their routine only, No wonder, then!Drinking wine from the mountain restaurants, threw down the steep and rugged trail through the small door next to the huge mountains map, or can not be taken lightly, although light emitted lights can also see the road, just tall steep ramps or big to be extra careful, accidentally foot ankle, and even the hands of people packed the leftovers will roll with it, as may bad, the pain did not say, it is that they fear here baseless rumor, propagation speed is quite fast, I can not afford to lose this person.While tugging back and forth to each other saying no one seriously drunk drunk then, but could see, all very happy.Finally the back are back, and she helped me threw on the floor, back to the hut of their own.At this time the cabin, I can fully feel exceptionally relaxed.So quiet, the winter cold on the way back from free open house Heating, really happy.In the summer covered with sweat drunk, back to free air conditioning a small house, and instantly return to paradise, like ice cream in the fridge, took out a cucumber or bite, and instantly the Shuangwai.In total this time, she could hear a deep nagging: You can not drink do not drink, but to give people face, can not be left in the glass of wine, they drank, did you have to follow.Otherwise people will think you do not give people face, there is leadership, you have to give me face not.Otherwise I gnaw at the unit in the future also mix it?These few simple words, I can understand, she said, can not drink do not drink, I thought, I can not drink, then drink it, drink it seems impossible ah, wine is crazy, drink first after opening again refused to even think about, so do not drink a start, but first met when I say not to drink, she said, is meant to be mean to the point of face, this face does not matter to the future of those who drink after drink no, do not get drunk not, so the sentence can not drink do not drink, I always felt she was easier said than done, in many people who do not drink occasions broken quit, can not drink, do not drink multipoint can not drink less, given that they drink less, it seems, can drink more, so this sentence is purely fart.Face it touches, but drink up less than ecstatic to be drunk state who will not let you.”Goblet of wine is not left, they drank, did you have to follow.”.For the rules of wine on the table, I know little about wine left and not left it depends on the circumstances, all the while shamelessly, to left or to the left a little, meaning that one can drink endless division multiple mouth slowly drink , if for a little face, a glass of wine you’ll feel choked in the trachea or lungs, died suddenly on the spot, it would be worth when the.Others drank, why did I have to follow screaming “dry!”?I drank the wine on the table to die, I want to do this so-called face?shit.If some people do not understand me, just to blindly dry!dry!dry!This friend that I would rather not pay, I understand, and this can go too far, it goes without saying that the relationship will be close to a lot, I do not understand is, why should it?I am an honest man, inevitably offend people, however, temper up, how can I control got it?So, a woman, then, to be well thought out before you answer, refute, otherwise, ran into a stubble of his wife, then I am afraid that sleep is a sleep.Another dinner, that do not have a picture of.Make a phone call around, people in attendance.More than a dozen small square room, one can open square table together, and put five or six dishes to the five or six people, a group of women several drama, but also mixed individual male audience.This is a group of her girlfriends.These people, Oh, these women, there are a wide variety sawed, tall, tall low, big eyes, small eyes, big ass, small ass, if I have to say one thing in common, then it It is twitter, laughing and joking.Also, not a good crop, a woman has a small mind, there is a woman’s narrow-minded, there is a woman charade.I was taught.A cucumber salad, a smart little woman, a tomato scrambled eggs, a big woman with big eyeball, a fish-flavored pork, a small eyes big ass woman, a braised pork, a tall thin woman with long eyes, a burning yuba, a love hypocritical leaders daughter, and my wife.There is not a stand nor sit fan of small holes punched a man, that is me.The face of a group of women, I do not know what to put ourselves in position, I felt uncomfortable.Cucumber salad small woman is a smart woman, but better than all of these, you say a word, she immediately guessed what the next sentence you probably say, or say, say it is a problem, whether she is in or on the spot after the end of the corresponding tricks always come up, she would stubbornly remember this thing, out of the door, she would immediately proceed to the next step how to go, but always maintained a leakage in two large front teeth hearty wearing bloodshot laugh.Scrambled eggs with tomatoes big eyeball a woman, tall and very sturdy, but little ass, so the overall look is not very annoying, than on the street but full of big fat ass woman spittle of the stars is so shunned, and If ass is too large, such as a butt to sit dead cat, it was awesome, it is not a woman too sturdy table to come up with something worthwhile, so this little big ass woman fairly gentle, say big ass able to have children, which may have the best evidence.This gave birth to a few small daughter, except the big man little ass woman gave birth to two sons, in my opinion, big ass son these words can really make a change, after all, there is no scientific basis, it is probably the ancient the midwife gossip love it.Flavored pork small eyes big ass woman, a small daughter is really the type of twitter, though careless, twitter, but still gives easy access to a good impression, not people see that kind of reach out of reach, it touches my heart good, or else it will not be at a certain time later years because of stress and depression it, how bad guy depression might do, should fail to get the kind of heartless her, her little girl it very funny, so she called me wife, aunt, she’d address him by name.The small eyes big ass small daughter in the middle they have spread the words of a good segment, quarrel with her mother, the first sentence is, “Mom, if I said something wrong, let you say I’m sorry,” then twitter days to turn over the.Pork fine woman eyes Not twitter contrast, not a lot of smiles in contrast, tend to make people feel a little serious, a little proud, may not be accurate, a little serious?maybe.Love hypocritical daughter could not do burn yuba, I just did not recognize this burning yuba is not her doing, seemingly not, I think she does not seem to origin with cooking, estimates do not love to cook, I do not wondering rice material, perhaps alone, perhaps these hypocritical that she has nothing to do, but it can be seen that lazy point is to really, uh, really!The rest is my wife, and described her big ass big eyeball, but this big ass in this upcoming seven-year itch of marriage, or give me another big fat girl, it sounds awkward yet , how it is not a big fat guy?However, my big fat girl was certainly clever, small eyes with me, with my wife Jin smart, why small eyes but with me it?I think, with my daughter, and I probably was more pro-right.I always think so.In the first year, and I know she’s, how we travel between her coal mines in the county and we rented cabins.Hut is mine unified construction of shanty towns, all Ershiyiting small apartment, 65 or 75 square family of three just right.The house was rented just in case there is something guests, rent a two-bedroom, the result is to move out of the house, another empty house has been empty, it seems excessive considering the.House rental on the sixth floor, the top level, there is no elevator, so the stairs into a routine, but then I do in a game before climbing game preparation has been great purpose.That period of time, on the sixth floor with stairs are all trot, back and forth up and down can not remember how many times a day, and never feel tired, but that did not even finish the race on rank, not to mention high bonus, so then I feel more and more upset and saw the stairs and my heart block fast enough, especially in the summer, take a walk in the district are covered in sweat, but do not want to run up the stairs, really can not stand hot, take on went on the roof mat, the mat also give way for a day of sun roof, lay up back are baked panic, but fortunately some cool breeze blowing, upturned face not looking at a few bright stars, listen downstairs running wild child, touched her belly, gently talk to the children will be born, and I listened, the dead of night, mosquitoes slowly began to rise, she impatiently muttering together, “When are submitted to a new house ah?”Ruthless dead damn mosquitoes.Submitted before the new house, we have been rented in the house, because it is a unified unit of shanty towns, so there will be a lot of my colleagues live in this area, the car after work every day after work, my colleagues are coming towards the little big man ass girlfriends also lived in this district, so, in the days of her pregnancy, which girlfriends became a frequent visitor to stopping.Sometimes I would accompany her, carrying a pregnant girlfriends home to Cengfan, her eldest son prowling also very busy.Or is this the sixth floor of the elevator is not the biggest problem, carrying pregnant went up two or three times to rest, tired,.Fortunately, the point is that children born before the two world belongs to us, of course, the two men in the world have quiet time, there are bored, quarrel, when there’s nothing to say when angry.Several years later, now that I think are more dispensable reason, or for no reason do not know how it would be noise from the planes angry, perhaps like the drama inside said, causing physiological and psychological changes in women during pregnancy and the mood swings it.The two of us are big temper, I’m the puzzle, she who is a dead end, so when fight, I have always avoid quarreling, and she is just the opposite, have to pursue a right and wrong, I think hide are let off, I ran to the balcony, she catch the balcony, I went to the roof, carrying her belly catch up with the roof, whether it is my right and wrong, I always apologize, I apologize and she did not willing, eager to admit that I, not sincere, I almost go crazy.I only remember the good times noisy, noisy to walk downstairs from the stairs, and climbed the stairs quarreling, quarreling from the house roof and then into the house from the roof down quarreling, she locked the door, I will sleeping living room, a woman untouchables, more untouchables wife.Girlfriends quarrel after her best friend, combined with her girlfriends can not wait, two people with the power to put pressure on me, so I totally surrender.Girlfriends for them is the best confidant, the most terrible of her girlfriends always feel that she said is right, then turned about face meal bombardment, I have to be honest smiling ” Yes Yes Yes’.Girlfriends, I understand the secret boudoir, and girlfriends do not know the source of the word and the source, who invented?With girlfriends word to describe the relationship between then do not say a woman and a woman, it is very appropriate, especially young married woman in the feelings of the sensitive period.Sad man was not so lucky woman, no girlfriends, buddies finally the courage to make a phone call, man is still busy, or else the wife tube, so sad wandering alone in the street, smoke a smoke, then take a one, walked the streets late at night, and see not shut the shop and food stalls, to the bowl of cheap surface to a bottle of beer, alone, sad, silent tears.Watching the street passers sloppy and large trucks roaring past, I think they’re all busy doing what?The most central of these hard men, while still busy late at night in the city.Eat two face, drink a big mouth, I looked up all around, ask the boss, “so late, go home.”.The boss smiled and said, “on the back, on the back.”.I gently talk to the boss, “Why are you so spell ah”.He said that is not considered to fight it, but habitual insomnia, go home every day, then go home again, nothing new, no life, this life probably think of it this way, since nothing, simply find something something to do, all this age, and not a young man full of energy, day by day have to supplement the family income it “.Spoke without a trace of cynicism in a calm, ordinary people, can everything in life unpleasant to say so easy, I’m afraid I should not do it.This is no big deal in life, eating and sleeping every day mundane and ultimately, I believe that everyone wants to keep a clean heart, but life is not a person too, is a patchwork of two people to each other and partner, day or less who have too, but life is too long, a person will always think of another person, because she has not less or he, she or he less, less of a companion, this day there is no smell of.When his wife pregnant, a little fat, but good, look better get fat, the skin is more smooth and mellow some.Wife with her mother.Her mother with her grandmother, especially the eyes of crow’s feet, quite deep gully quite thick, so many mature wife looks, the two of us stand together some say a big difference in age.Wife three years older than me, she looks mature side, I look partial tender, so some people say we seem to come together over six years difference.The old saying, with his father daughter, son with her mother, may at their home, her grandmother passed the deep wrinkles her mother, her mother and then this gene deep crow’s feet pass her, so from generation to generation.I think, to come together so that we age does not look more different, in short, like her chubby face, does not look like her skinny tall, possibly together a long time, too familiar, but that being fat ratio just knew her to look better, fat face smooth and rounded up when it seems to me more natural.In fact, I most want to change, not that she’s changing face, if she was not so strong and not so stubborn, I think she will be more good wife is a very, very good refers to, is generous, under the kitchen, do things rigorous.