After 90 girl’s Statement: I am with “Uncle” happy life

Linan Sheng girlfriends at the forefront of the 1990s, graduated from a university, now is not too much in a foreign trade company to do sales work.She really is an extremely beautiful, but long, quite good-looking.A few years down the school, talked several times in love small, but all because she felt the man is not mature enough, not stable, lack of care and a series of problems which have ended.On the surface, Li Nan in demand for lovers of pricey, but in fact this is just to test the waters of affection only.For psychological conflicts, Li Nan did not find a really suitable for their other half among those who loved the boys, which made her very sorrow.Seeing the sisters are often put on weight around in front of her remarkable arrayed own happiness, and she was always alone.No one is not love, but having gone through shifting alliances and no longer dare to easily try a new love.While the guys who try to love she has become in the past, but every relationship is done under the meticulous care of her.Others say her emotional life flooding, but, who knows she lost due to sinking and riddled with heart?  Oral Li Nan: I believe that, before the age of 20 as long as their own happiness lock, as evidenced by the success already laid the happiness of this life.In the eyes of my happiness is to have at least a strong-minded than my husband, I found everything before I consider good for all.I’m not a very devoted woman, so he at least give me an innocent girl right.I’m happy to be a housewife, every day I make hot meals at home waiting for him to come back with me and eat.Of course, I also know and understand from my age and also the man is not up to such a request like this, so I do not care if he was married.As long as I have when dealing with his feelings is clean, without any concerns, I can accept.  I was with him at a job fair understanding, because he was the company’s personnel department there is some situation, so by himself with sounding to recruit.I recruited because too many people, they were put down in the final.It was getting dark, but still very hot.Many companies are recruiting on behalf of one after another began to pack awning.I saw him look 30 years old, a very Postscript overalls he seemed extraordinarily spirit.1 meter 80 tall in the sun and let him pull away than others to be part of it so Near.His busy and look of sweat, so I wanted to help him tempting to have an impulse.I swear I do not deliberately go near him, but out of human instinct.But the strange thing is that so much of the job fair, so many people busy, but I only wanted to help his personal idea.It makes me a very long time after the fact in retrospect feel a little funny.He has a good first impression on me, which is probably not seen a candidate will take the initiative to help make things difficult for them a special recruitment on behalf of it.Then things will come out ahead, he politely presented his business card, so I have to be interested in his company to try.I smiled and said yes, then simply do a bit of self-introduction and then leave.  Days later, I did not take the initiative to contact him.But to inform him of the first time after I got the foreign trade companies pass.I am surprised and impressed that he was able to hear the phone out of my voice, and quickly say my name.He sent a blessing to me, and taught me some simple entry essentials.And later added a QQ each other mutual.Over time, we began to ask their personal questions of each other.He told me that he was 32 years old, married at the age of 26, but because of personality clashes after they ended up only half a year of marriage.His ex-wife at home very rich, with home tens of millions of company assets.She is very capable, and therefore rarely Gu.Love when he hesitated whether to appropriate parties, but has begun to take into account is established from the University of feelings, so reluctant to let go, so the two people in the reluctance of many people surrounded the marriage hall.However, although already formed into a home, but did not feel the presence of the family.In addition to dragging tired feet a day to go home and fell down asleep, but basically did not live a normal communication and exchange.In this marriage as two people were detained two people is a spiritual time, drafted a divorce agreement tacit.  I believe I have the feeling, though he is thirty years of age, but a man who is always concerned about the needs.So, I use my time to accompany his talk as much as possible.Occasionally get together and come out to see the movie or drink coffee.I will ask about the job is the interaction with colleagues or need to pay attention to things, he would patiently explain to me.With him, I felt like a child to be protected, as long as I have any trouble finding him, he will be the first time for me to share.Our feelings perhaps in these tiny changes in and continues to deepen, are inseparable from each other until later becomes.He said he needed my cheerful and vitality, I said I needed him at ease and stability.So love begins by depicting.My friends say, our feelings because of the age gap will not sue each other one day and eventually.But he and I never did think so too, because there are barriers, it is the best complementary food stalls.He has been a create a romantic age, but I was all the time for him to surprise.I have no experience to deal with people and things in the community, he has a wealth of experience for me to solve problems.  Because of my age is still small, it is in no hurry to talk of marriage.He knows me, he said he would wait for me, even until the gray-haired, as long as I do not hold anything against him.I will still be his first and last of a choice.Then I cried and said: You old man, now also say such disgusting words come.He hugged me said softly: It’s all you taught me.Haha.Now we are going to be married in five years, it can be considered on their own and an account of his.After all, in his words, his face does not make me wait too long, it will be too much.Fortunately, I and his family did not object to our contacts, and perhaps this is why we believe that power can go all the way right.  The arrival of every relationship is God’s blessing to give both sides, because it would be too exhausting to care about him (her).However, even in the age of ignorant not let their love life overabundance.Sometimes happiness is to rely on luck, good luck will be like Li Nan, like a pain to find themselves, understand their uncle-class people to come along, bad luck coupled with the bad state of mind who it is inevitable because of the feelings of defeat and much suffering and mental stress refused to love.  Operating a relationship is like running a business, in which each employee has his unique performance.Therefore, in the use of must thoroughly understand whether he has the ability to be able to manage your request, if you use the wrong, then there will be less effective results.Feeling is the same, many people on a large age gap tradition are taboo issue, in so far is still not a very good conclusion.However, it is no wonder, each person’s point of view, resulting in comments is not the same issue.But I have the impression that there are so classic quotations for reference: Age does not matter, height is not a distance.In simple terms that is, age there is no reason to kill off a growing love.As long as love is real, as long as the fate strong, as long as love one another, uncle and a small woman’s life can still gusto.  But, anyway.A woman can not lose because of the family’s desire for work.A sense of professionalism is not strong, but they can have the ability to spend your own money tied a woman can be a good man’s heart.Auntie You do not need to cause day and every night, but definitely not for money anytime, anywhere with their men.If so, over time, men also have tired of this woman, and thus appear emotional crack and so on.So, the young woman must follow uncle lives for a living and learn a skill, find a job idle.Salary is not more or less, as long as the main barrier in the first place while the family, problems at work is to establish a common language with him.