After 90 filial gratitude also understand

In his 14 years old, his father’s life was finally exhausted, a dying: then again stupid epilepsy is your biological mother!Since then, let the poor and weak boy burdened with the solemn commitment, with both epilepsy silly mother, he embarked on the difficult road of the school, and has kept it secret Foreign.  His father died leaving one afternoon insane mother in April 2002, the Tao Star after school came home and found his mother Wang Liangjia lying on the ground, foaming at the mouth, having seizures.He scared to call out loudly, while forced to pull the mother’s hand, but his effort is too small, how could not drag my mother.Early Tao Rong father hurried home to his wife to a nearby hospital, diagnosed the mother is suffering from a rare abnormal epileptic.General epileptic patients, restore memory after waking up, and Wang Liangjia from loss of memory, as a mentally handicapped child.The only treatment for this disease is to monitor the patient for 24 hours, at the onset of the disease in time for her medication to alleviate the condition, or at any time due to cerebral hemorrhage and death.  Early honest Tao Rong did not abandon his wife, during the day to the cafeteria cook, looked after her close at hand, let her sleep at night beside himself, lest appear the slightest mishap.Wang Liangjia beginning of loss of memory, yet Tao Rong early as strangers, over time, to the beginning of Tao Rong and is very dependent on, one will not see him on Wawataijiao.In order to earn money to cure his wife and two children for reading, Tao Rong early every day except prepare meals for more than six hundred and fifty students and teachers of the school, also opened a new pond near the school rented 5 acres of paddy cultivation.In these two years, beginning just after the 40-year-old Tao Rong on white head, a camel back.  Tao Star distressed father and sister, they strenuously not only learning, but also eager to take care of his mother, rushing to cook, to minimize the burden of his father.Watching this pair of sensible children, early Tao Rong heart is warm, comforting.  But the double whammy.One day, when Tao Rong is the beginning of a busy cafeteria, suddenly felt two years after the stomach pain, sweating, it was not breathing vomiting blood, collapsed at the kitchen stove.Tao Rong early to go to the hospital after being diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer, can only hold three or four months of.When he learned of their condition, few tears this man cried and said: I go, I was confused how to do sick wife?There are my two children, they are still studying ah.After listening to other people in the ward are falling tears of sympathy.  At that time, Tao in reading senior level, in two months to take the exam, and read the first two days at Tao Star.Taking into account the two children’s future, Tao Rong early to say whatever they refused to be hospitalized, only to buy some painkillers, returned home.He repressed his greatest pain, secretly struggle with the disease, hoping God to let him live these days, at least let him see his daughter receiving the acceptance letter that day.  Two months later, Tao Ping took part in the college entrance examination, to the undergraduate admission line, while Tao Star attended primary and secondary schools in Hunan Province PC Design Competition, won the second prize.That period of time, both at home all day in a good mood, do not know their father’s life has to be exhausted.One day, when siblings came home from the county seat, found his mother ran around the bed, his mouth kept barking, and his father desperately struggling on the bed, blood pouring breathing, siblings scare He spent, and quickly pushed his father to the hospital.  After the rescue, the beginning of Tao Rong temporarily out of danger.Until then, pottery star and sister did not know his father had cancer, only days remaining in days.After listening to the doctors, the siblings broke down and wept.  A few days later, Tao Rong early wake up in a coma, felt himself dying, unable to pull the star Tao hand off, he said: Tao Star Dad go, but I could not bear to you and your sister, ah, more worried about your stupid mom!I was gone, your sister is not sure the university, can only hope lies in your body up.Sister always marry you in the future, if admitted to the university, married a daughter, do not despise your mother, she then re-deaf dumb and then re-epilepsy stupid, but also your biological mother.She was alive, you want her to have something to eat, dead, and you put her buried with me.While you are older still small, but you are a man, the father of these words can be considered deathbed confessed to you, you do not let my father down ah Tao Star although young, but also understand the components of these words, sobbed answer: Dad, your disease will be good, you will not die early Tao Rong last breath away.Tao Tao Star calm crying abnormal sad, Wang Liangjia did not see her husband, son and daughter also followed crying.  After the madness of the mother to go to school with his father’s death, the family is in debt $ 20,000 flat Tao sister decided not to go to college, looking for classmates and friends borrowed a thousand dollars, we went to the field to learn computer programming.To let my sister be able to stay in school computer technology in the city, Tao Star took over the task to take care of mother.  Tao Star A few months before junior high school.Every day, he got up before dawn, well after breakfast, serve dinner mother wash clothes, and then rush to go to school, after school also trot home.During the day, the mother like running around, but never knew to come back, so after Tao Star school often go to her first.One afternoon after school, my mother had disappeared, pottery star looking for more than one hour, it was getting dark when we come to find her father’s graveyard.  After the night, Tao Star mother often settled in to sleep, in order to open the books.Mother Love sympathetic incidence in the dead of night, Tao Star has shared a bed with her whenever she onset seizures, he was awakened from his sleep and then quickly get up to his mother could be given medicines.In the classroom, pottery star often distracted, worried mother incidence of falls.One afternoon, attending classes, he suddenly shouted a neighbor to go home, said his mother has become ill.Pottery and other stars to get home to see his mother fell unconscious in the stairwell, scraped his scalp, blood all over the floor, carrying a mother desperately scared he ran to the hospital.However, he was a 15-year-old boy, fell several times on the way, he used his soft body, lay upon the mother does not fall to the ground, then he fell and badly battered.  Mother in stable condition, will be used against her chin Tao Star’s head to show reliance on his son, which is the Tao Star feel most comfort and happiness.But in her confusion, confusion will Wawataijiao testily, grab a meal Cookin Tao Star.Each time, Tao Star desperately clinging to his mother and let her play.One day at noon, the mother suddenly cranky again, she grabbed a kitchen knife on the chopping block is cut off to Zecai Tao Star.Knifed in his right arm pottery star, blood spewing out, his face was pale pain.Tao Star clutching his wound, and cried: Mom, why do you want to cut me?I am your son ah!I is not bad for you?I apologize now to talk to Daddy!Tao mother a star when it comes to my father, immediately throw away the knife, looked at his bleeding wound, also held out a hand for him wiping her tears, his mouth issued uh!Ah!The voice went on with head on arms Tao Star.After beating his mother, Tao Star called, Dad, this move seems ridiculous, mother immediately quiet down no longer beat him, to be like a pool of mud lying on the ground.  While dedicated to the care of his mother, but did not pull down the homework Tao Star.In 2005, he was admitted to the Yueyang County third high school.Three is located in Yueyang County town wall, away from his home town to open relatively far, which makes pottery star feel embarrassed.Own home to three of the study, the mother of a man lost at home, how can he be assured it?After much thought he, and with the consent of her sister, decided to take his mother to go to high school!  In September, Tao Star with borrowed from relatives nineteen hundred yuan, to the school report.After a semester of tuition to pay, he rented a sixty dollars in humble houses near the school.Mother seemed curious about this strange place, hand patting the bed hard, red pottery star squealed.Tao Star to help mother wash my feet, put her to bed, knowing that she can not hear, or the big whispered: Mom, since we live in here.You Biexian simple here, and do not like that running around at home, please?Mother smiled Sidongfeidong.Tao Star still and mother sleeping in one bed, to let her move at night to her feet in her arms.  Tao Xing hastily running between the school and the residence every day.Just come here, because of the unfamiliar, Tao Star worried mother depressed, and run no trace, on the use of time after school helped her mother to visit neighbors one by one, and commissioned them in their own class, help take care of his mother.Every one, Tao always star to this great people bow: My mother is deaf, mentally ill, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, you do not hold anything against my mother, if she did bad things , you tell me, I’ll give you an apology!Tao Star filial piety and his knowledge of polite move to neighbors moved them to the mother and son sent briquettes, vegetable, also point to send bursts of meat, fish to improve the lives of their mother.  After this private house lived for nearly a month, mainly due to family emergency room, can not rent a house, pottery star not find the right house.Just when he felt desperate, neighbors extend a helping hand to Tao Star, they free up a room, to Tao Star mother and son live free, which makes a desperate feel warm Tao Star.  Because deaf mentally retarded, every mother back from the outside, who is always dirty, some of the stupid kid could get her laughing, and to throw dirt on her.Tao Star quietly brought back to the mother, patiently for her to change clothes, bathe.Later, Tao Star initiative and those naughty children to make friends, to see his children epilepsy stupid mother fed, hair, did not mind, but also in unconsciously modeled his appearance, his mother changed Friendly get together.And after this town are not familiar with their mother who, at the beginning of Tao Xing also with a strange look, look askance at his mother, and later learned that his mother’s filial piety of madness, are beginning to respect them for all, take the initiative to they invited to the house, they also stay for dinner.  Filial gratitude Dongting Lake, right and proper care of her mother in order to save money to buy medicine for his mother, the monthly cost of living Tao Star control in less than $ 150 but made a delicious whole left his mother, while he will attend a lecture chilli sauce and radish, cabbage, let his mother do not know, do not know the full meal, so he could only quantitative cooked meal, just two bowls per person.Long-term malnutrition, the ceramic body as thin as a bamboo pole star.  In the summer, Tao Star gecko to inquire into the soil sedative mother’s illness, he went to a nearby hill to catch the hundreds of gecko earth, mother Aoyao.Once, Tao was a star acutus bites, thanks to a kind of snake doctors to save him, otherwise his life will be lost in the mountains.Mother completely unaware of this, but also touched the wound Hehedexiao his right arm, although the star did not want the mother Tao perceive his pain, but he would rather his mother paralyzed in bed, but can speak to express, so at least he can feel the language the warmth, the mother can feel the thoughts and deplored the sinking of the heart.  We arrived in September 2006, has been on the TAO Star High School, my sister Tao Ping also participate in computer training, he is only one thousand yuan of money Dongnuexijie.Tao Xing very worry, this is not enough money to pay tuition, but also the mother to buy medicine, as well as the cost of living.In desperation, he had to go to class at home, said his own family difficulties, can request deferment about tuition, but he did not say his thing with his mother to go to school.Tao Xing very sympathetic teacher to help him submitted an application to the school tuition deferment, Tao Star was able to schedule enrollment.  A few months later, Tao Star could not pay any money to buy medicine for his mother, but once the drug stopped, the mother’s illness will attack at any time.Among the anxious, he settled in at night after the mother to sleep, quietly went on the road and the streets picking up litter bins, bottles, save up and make money to buy medicine for the mother.  Tao Star afraid of trouble mother, afraid of his mother to cook.That day, the mother suddenly Wa Wade shouted for cooking, pottery star not let her rage, scratch and fight, and Tao Star pushed to the ground, Tao Star managed to calm down the mother.The next day at noon, Tao Star came back from school, a door to a deep sense of smell pills only to discover, I saw the mother afford to sit on the cold floor, to see the stars on the pottery cover the face, it seemed to fear appearance.Tao Star quickly lift up the mother, then he went into the kitchen and saw the burned rice cooker broken, which is full of black rice, apparently did not turn on the water when cooking.Bird watching burning broken pot, pottery star heart a sour, tears fell down.Back to see his mother wronged frightened look, he quickly wiped his tears, smiled and said to his mother: Mom, I know you understand me, want to help me, but you do not cook, you see the pot burned out we get something cooking?Mother could not hear what Tao Xing said, but apparently not so original fear, and also took the bird to burn broken rice cooker hard to look.  Although Tao Star taken care of the mother, but the mother is still often lost.One day, heavy rain, Tao Star came home from school, did not see his mother, ask neighbors, say there is no visible trace of the mother.Tao Star anxious to find the streets, they still did not find the mother.Where does he go mother?Although the umbrella, can be large because the rain, his body was still wet, so much rain in the mother ran out, and if it were an accident, how he can do ah?Tao Star anxious tears started to flow out.As he did not know how to do when someone came to tell him that in place 10 km away saw a middle-aged woman running around.Tao Star time to think, ride a bike and ran, and so arrived at Wing Bay, he almost collapsed.In a pool of water’s edge next to the road, he found his mother lying on the ground.I saw her soaked to the skin, curled up body, the body kept twitching, Qiruoyousi.What better way to think of pottery star, he took off his coat tightly wrap the mother, then helped her bike in the rain he just pushed her back step by step.  In February this year, Tao Ping graduated from computer training, she said Tao Star: Now it’s my turn to take care of my mother, and you have a good go to school.But Tao Xing said nothing promised, he said: Sister, I’m used to, so if one day leave her mother, but I could feel empty,.And her mother have become accustomed to my care, as long as I held her, her temper on many mild.Tao Ping listened to his brother, then can not help but burst into tears.  Not many days after her sister left, my mother got lost again.That day, when Tao Star Exhausted mother to come back again, happens to be home from work, school teacher saw the Communist Youth League secretary Liao.When she learned the secret Tao Star mothers with sick silly studying hard, his eyes moist Liao teacher: My child, you much trouble.Why do not you tell the teacher it?The next day, the teacher Liao Tao Star of the situation to make the school a reflect, immediately aroused great attention of school leaders, school leaders, teacher with a gift to Tao Star home to visit, they were touched by the scene before.  School leaders met to study, decided to waive all tuition and fees for non-payment of the Tao Star, and widely publicize his deeds at school.Tao Xing with madness mother about school campus after the public, particularly strong response from teachers and students, at the same time they expressed admiration for Tao Star, have him donations.Students face of scalding truth, decline from Xing Tao, he knew most of the students home, poverty, added: child never too ugly mother.There is Mom, I can feel at ease reading a book, his son to take care of his mother, it is only right and proper!  The story quickly spread out and from the campus, and then in Yueyang City has aroused strong shock, the general public was deeply moved Tao Star of filial piety, have him a helping hand to alleviate the economic difficulties being mother and son.  One day, pottery star cooking in the kitchen, his mother suddenly grabbed his waist from behind, put my face in his shoulder smile.Tao Star turned around and saw his mother holding his hand an apple, to Walawala he cried, gesturing as if to say: this apple is good-hearted people gave her, but she could not bear to eat, to he left to eat.Tao Star put down the spatula, gently hugged his mother: I understand what you mean, you eat, you eat, I’m glad more than anything.Mother seems to understand his words, put his face in the cheek, then bite himself an apple, apple again handed Tao Star mouth, not let him bite also.Tao Walleye his mouth, tears laughing, never laughed so comfortable like at the moment.