After 85 Cock Si Tang Jun, Ma two years of entering into the circle of friends

When you are still brush Ma’s circle of friends, Dongguan, a guy born in 1987, from scratch, spent two years successfully broke into the circle of friends Ma, even with Ma, Shi Yuzhu, Liu these big brothers played together with a partner company opened.Sounds terrible, right?Spend two to take a net worth of military hero named Don Shi Yuzhu three hours of this article, was born in Sichuan in 1987, playing small parents to work in Dongguan, he was the thousands of children left behind in one, from the age of 12, he would have a Taking the train to and from Sichuan Province and Dongguan, which virtually exercise his independence.Great business acumen, he is in college by doing Driving agent, what the agent phone cards to earn 40 million.University will end when he went into Dongguan, a lending company sales, he quickly figure out the doorway, just two or three months to earn 50 million, then went out to start his own consulting firm Credit.June 2012, when the rise of P2P network lending platform, Tang Jun, see the market potential, but also to go kill founded the group net loans.As you know, fast-growing Internet companies in order to expand awareness is very important.The end of 2012, quality rice network time celebrity auction held, Shi Yuzhu three hours to come up with out chatting.Was just a nobody Tang Jun, cruel spent 2.13 million yuan to shoot down.This is equivalent to two percent of his entire net worth.At that time, many people laughed at him on glue.It now appears that, under the Tang Jun, a wonderful chess.After met with Shi Yuzhu, Tangjun Shun Lee entered the circle of friends of Shi Yuzhu.After meeting with Shi Yuzhu Tang Jun, a good impression on this young man, referring to Tang Jun, a lot of people.Tang Junshan on occasion, been recognized by the business community after big brother, he is directly linked to the Internet out of Shi Yuzhu, Jason Jiang and other large commercial coffee head, to group net loans rally.With the improvement of group net credit profile, turnover of 3.1 billion two-year break, ranks among the country’s sixth.Ma and open joint stock company in mid-June this year, the group launched a housing loan-net baby project, investors invested a minimum of $ 1000, will be able to participate in crowdfunding, worth tens of millions yuan to buy villas.Cock wire caused a moment of hot pursuit and.Two months later, the project is directly entered the country with the highest prices Beijing, Beijing set up a group net loan-room baby Technology Co., Ltd..Do not look at the company’s shareholders do not know, a look surprised!High red ice sheet is one of the shareholders Director of the State Information Center, the vice president of Alibaba Group.Another shareholder Jiang Weiqiang was founder Jason Jiang of Focus Media’s father.In addition to corporate shareholders group net lending, Beijing gifted as rice Network Technology Co., Ltd. was among them, the investor is the company behind Ma, Liu and Shi Yuzhu, etc., covering a large number of big brother-level characters!How big the circle to mix business, it is important to mix circle.Last but not meat and wine fair-weather friends scattered field.Mixed circle first look at an object, to be brave to seize circle head, leader; followed depends on timing, not it pours, we should seize the opportunity to demonstrate courage, people appreciate you, promising you.Of course, their training is also very important to give yourself charging, or more than three miss each other, but also have the opportunity to catch.What is to mix circle?Two words: conversion!Do not mix circle to circle and mix, mix the circle is to integrate resources into business value.Not convert, you Baihun.To be mixed circle, but also maintains a circle.How to Maintain circle?Society must benefit tied!Tang Jun, such as the open joint stock company is a good way, we are all shareholders, benefit sharing, risk sharing.With shareholders, have to meet regularly to discuss the company’s affairs, will secure your circles.Those will only send messages to the festival, too low!Finally I would like to share an idea.Two years ago, a lot of people brush with Ma, Shi Yuzhu stories; two years later, they are still doing the same thing.And Ma, Shi Yuzhu these chiefs, with their still do not have a dime.But Tang Jun, Shi Yuzhu this two years ago, even into the main door are difficult to Dongguan little people, not only with the bigwigs mingled face cooked, but also to start a business together.Why?Talk, hard work Societe Generale!