After 28 years of love letters to decipher

He was admitted to hospital, suffering from lung cancer.    Almost every day she would see him, talk with him, because not much time, so despite being smaller than the joy of flying debris, for him, others are years or even decades of concentrated.    He is studying archeology.He was so love the profession, a vision of life there are so many.He often told her in the interesting archaeological knowledge, such as in the Mawangdui silk manuscripts, engraved on Shek Kwu Qin Dynasty of engravings on drum.He said that those ancient text really nice, so he has been studying those ancient writing illegible, such as Oracle, Seal Xiaozhuan.    That day, he suddenly said: We play the game.You a poem or a word, and then I write it down with Seal.Look I was not totally mastered the wording.She simply laughed him out of question to see if he kept on holding a small wolf hair, abnormal seriously write one word in various poses on throwing rice paper, although she was a can not read, but still very cheerful and said: write nice!    After that, he often called her out of question.Every time I see his hand and pen cents slowly marching in the paper, she could not bear attention, that Ben left, turn right lines as if the person’s heart tightener.    Autumn has come, the road on both sides of the tree, white petals falling one after another with the wind, she walked sadly, as if through a street in down with Lei Yu.He is no longer of this world.She left him throwing her that 45 memo in a small wooden box in pear, buried in the deepest memory.    Later, she married, a girl, a flash 28 years later.Sometimes she would suddenly startled hair for a while.However, many things are wiped out over time.    That day, her daughter with her boyfriend to come home, I do not know how to turn up the pear wooden box.In law school graduate boy, who opened some yellow paper, they cried: true romance, a love letter written by Seal ah!She surprised a moment, rushed over to let the boy read to her.    You are still a child and as lovely!I wanted to tell you, I’m so fond of you, but I’m doing now, you say that these are more than irresponsible ah!Fortunately, these same pictures word you do not understand, so I was in front of your face you ‘say’ listening to the contents of the last piece of paper, a 28-year rain fell across time and space down.She is not even felt in the deepest love around!She even ignored his most profound piece of paper to write oath!Because of love and selfless, he chose silence, not something that just started in a hurry to Mourn the Death, she quietly enjoyed decades of life.    Tears in their eyes, she saw that he was gently told her that year, what is cultural: because his own deeply and calmly buried, so precious.