African refugee camps girl’s smile

Hug with a smile never goes out of hope.    Since July this year, parts of eastern Africa, suffered nearly 60 years, the most severe drought, millions of people whose lives have been affected, registering an increasing number of refugees registered in some places impending famine.Scarce rainfall, soaring food prices, local including Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, etc., are facing severe food shortages, the United Nations has put these places as crisis and emergency state level.    When browsing the news online, see some pictures.Many people are ragged sleeves, pale and thin, some of the younger children, but also because of lack of nutrition, is simply a skinny, hungry to seem too weak to cry is gone, people looked very worried.    There is a picture, suddenly attracted my attention: a group of Ethiopian refugees, territorial waters in the queue, everyone hand carry a big plastic pots are depressed look.Team, there was about fifteen or sixteen girls, wearing an old floral dress, purple head scarf, she has been dilapidated, but the face of the reporter’s camera, she straightened, one hand on the water, on the one hand and tap the scarf, his face wearing a very bright smile, trying to show the beauty of their own.    This sweet smile, such as bubbling springs, instant touched me.Perhaps this smile does not change anything, but can not solve the urgent needs of the refugees, however, she represents at least a hope, a longing, people feel a kind of uplifting.Expect more people to lend a helping hand, so that the disaster quickly in the past.    Anyway, I want to applaud the camps girl’s smile, it was yearning for a better life, it will never go out of hope.