“African Diary” excerpt

1.To continue marching to the highlands, far to see Africa’s second highest peak, Mount Kenya.Immediate landscape has become a magnificent prairie.Soon, we arrived at the Austrian-Pei Jieta protected areas.Check the door and around the grid, determined to make unimpeded wildlife, poachers can be shut out, this time, I really felt I was living in Africa.Accompanied by friends warned me not to leave the car, because it is the kingdom lion.A look back, there are coyotes family came in a hurry, soon, on the invisible.Beautiful African grassland panoramic view.2.He turned a corner and found appeared in front of a gray elephant, then the second head, third head, the fourth head!Slowly we rolled into the middle of elephants, a total of 20 bull elephants group.It is noon, they stood shade of a tree, the branches habitually roll over and see if there is something not eat.Can see that these elephants look after each other in each other, is a very close family.I can not believe she was sitting in a convertible car, living among wild elephants!Elephants gently slapping his ears, nose probe, like a periscope, as gas is ejected from time to time.However, they recognize David (local guide) car, understand his scent and his gentle voice calling for our presence, he said there is no pressure elephants.Two years ago, poachers have killed an elephant mother, because the elephants are matriarchal society, then, the family of another one female elephant at a very young age, to take responsibility as lead, which is looking to lead the Elephants food, water, away from danger, etc., prematurely picking up these responsibilities, she looks a bit depressed.At first I feel that there is an elephant feeling a bit exaggerated, but as I observe the more elephants, the more you know, the more aware of the elephants there are many places and we humans like the length of life, adolescence, family life and feelings.David is my interpretation of these, I saw a few elephants are not far from the exchange.Elephant’s life, this topic was a bit heavy, too many elephants died in the gun poachers, but elephants still so trusting, into their acceptance of human life.3.By rubbing two sticks, Sang Balu people with a traditional bonfire lit a fire by rubbing sticks way.The head of the vast sky, ears ringing African soldiers singing, people suddenly had the feeling through time and space.At this time, a soldier’s cell phone rang in his pocket, this brought me back to modern life.Leave, I felt a little tired.This week’s course, in such an afternoon, ending in a warm firelight.Slightly sad, if we for such a ceremony, Sang Balu lifestyle of indigenous peoples are not protected, then they might suffer a similar fate and elephants could disappear forever on earth.4.We then visited the station on the ground to protect the organization Save the Elephants.He kicked the door is a bad elephant pickups, like monuments like poking out.This fully shows that, if the dislike elephants, what would be the consequences.Pickup whole are crushed, crumpled finally, is two male elephants kicking.Fives.Came to the orphanage for baby elephants, the loss of his family to their hearts caused tremendous trauma.Therefore, nurses must accompany them to sleep together.When nurses from behind a blanket feeding baby elephant, elephant imitate mom breast-feeding, as the womb for the baby elephant shade of feeling.Elephant can not get care from a nurse there, and the other elephant orphanage can quickly accept them, protect them, as we see the same wild elephants.The youngest of the little guy, not my knees high.She wore head gently at me as if I used this method and exchange, but also in how to try their strength.When I gave her bottle feeding, the baby elephant drank while.