Manila, Philippines, a building caught fire 5 dead and 20 wounded about 300 people were evacuated

  BEIJING, March 19, according to foreign media reports, 18 am local time, Manila, Philippines, a collection of hotel and casino occurs as one of the integrated facility fire, killing about 20 people were injured, five people were killed and one employee in critical state。
According to reports, the deceased were casino employees, approximately 300 customers and staff safe evacuation。   It is reported that firefighters were extinguishing work more than 24 hours。
According to rescue workers said the scene of the fire billowing smoke covered the whole 22-storey high building in Manila Pavilion Hotel, hindering firefighters to control the fire。 According to the hotel and fire officials said at a news conference, about 300 customers and staff safe evacuation。   Manila Development Authority Acting Director Garcia said, we hope that no one was left in the room。
All part of the firefighters have not been able to rescue building。 It reported that some of the firefighters after smoke inhalation, were treated。
  Metro Manila fire chief, said Silvano, smoke too much, when the visibility is zero, firefighter breathing difficulties。 Even outside the building, visibility is almost zero, causing great difficulties to the rescue work。   It is reported that the Manila Pavilion Hotel is a high-rise building, with more than 300 rooms。