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Cao Zhengsen have a happy family, Zhao Yuelan virtuous wife, his son Cao Xiaolun be obedient, good grades and, arguably, Caozheng Sen should be satisfied, however, he did have a lover named Hu Yanyan out!In this regard, Cao Zhengsen often feel guilty.Although he is very clear that you love is Zhaoyue Lan, Hu Yanyan just a little embellishment of his life, however, he could not restrain himself always carrying his wife went to Hu Yanyan.  This day in the evening, after Cao Zhengsen from work, playing his wife’s cell phone, said the company lied to overtime, late to go back.Hang up the phone, Caozheng Sen got into his car, went straight to the residence of Hu Yanyan.Hu Yanyan in the seaside suburb rented a house, there is very remote, is a suitable place betrayal.  Cao Zhengsen get off, see Hu Yanyan house lights on, I thought Hu Yanyan is definitely wearing sexy lingerie, seductive perfume rubbed in waiting for him.  Came to the door, Caozheng Sen took out the key, ready to open the door, accidentally discovered the locks had been broken is broken, a little push, the door slowly opened.Caozheng Sen seems a premonition that something bad happened.Sure enough, entered the room, he froze, the house is a mess, like someone in a fight over here, like, on the floor there was dry blood.His voice trembling, Hu Yanyan Lianjiao a few times, nobody can promise.  Cao Zhengsen quickly turn open the bedroom, the bathroom door, did not see Hu Yanyan.Closet stood some expensive jewelry and money they are gone.Cao Zhengsen suddenly realized what was happening there is definitely room thief thought no one would come in breaking, you can come in after they saw Hu Yanyan, then kill her.  Hu Yanyan’s body it?  The sea, it must be thrown into the sea.Caozheng Sen grabbed the door handle, opened the door and want to go out, but suddenly saw hanging on the handle of a red bracelet.Cao Zhengsen head hum is heard, as if suddenly the whole person, like an electric shock, the body shake a few times, almost fell to the ground.This bracelet he is too familiar, this is the tenth anniversary of marriage, he gave his wife of Zhao Yuelan.Zhao Yuelan bracelet, how it will be here?Is Zhao Yuelan discovered that he and Hu Yanyan thing, kill Hu Yanyan?  Caozheng Sen grabbed the bracelet, rushed to the house, went to the beach.He wanted to shout the name of Hu Yanyan, who fear of being heard, only spied along the coast, on the beach, he found Hu Yanyan’s shoe and a hairpin.  Caozheng Sen kept telling myself to calm down since things have happened, must find ways to cope.He repeatedly recall and guess the whole process of the case: Zhaoyue Lan Hu Yanyan quietly pry open the door, went in to kill her, and then the bodies thrown into the sea.Hu Yanyan of jewelry that can be why it disappeared?Zhao Yuelan not a greedy person, which is, Cao Zhengsen very determined, certainly want to give the police cause misunderstanding Zhao Yuelan burglary.Because Zhao Yuelan too alarmed that his own bracelet cards are not aware of at the door handle.  Think of these later, Cao Zhengsen quickly ran into the room again, wipe with a cloth on the door you just leave fingerprints, and then the bracelet in his pocket, got into the car to pull away.  Caozheng Sen walked into the house and found the TV was on, but Zhao Yuelan fell asleep on the sofa.Cao Zhengsen suddenly moved up, no matter how late he came back, Zhao Yuelan will be waiting for him on the couch.Caozheng Sen once again strengthened his idea: forget what happened tonight, forget Hu Yanyan this woman, from now on, put their heart and soul into this love at home.  The next afternoon, a local evening newspaper in the community edition, reported a breaking news robber broke into the women’s singles of the western suburbs of the seaside residence of a man named Hu Yanyan, the woman now whereabouts unknown, the police are now trying to track down the.  In the evening, as usual, Zhao Yuelan preparing dinner in the kitchen, Cao Xiaolun reading in his bedroom.At this time, Cao Zhengsen holding a piece of the bracelet, went into the kitchen, grabbed Zhao Yuelan waist, said: Moon Orchid, you see, you should not be so careless.Watching Caozheng Sen raised bracelet, Zhao Yuelan startled expression, shouted: Oh, my bracelet!Masamori, where you find?I thought I lost it.Caozheng Sen said with a smile: In bed.Certainly when you sleep last night accidentally get down.Zhao Yuelan secretly sigh of relief, relief appearance, said happily: This morning I discovered it was gone, but I can not tell you now find, great, then I never lost it.  As the days passed, things are moving in the direction of the development efforts Caozheng Sen: the police never found the perpetrators of the killing of Hu Yanyan, Zhao Yuelan also smiling all day, but sometimes Caozheng Sen will feel a bit strange, is killed after Zhao Yuelan Hu Yanyan, and did not feel a little guilty and it scared?  A week later, the accident happened.This day is the day of the college entrance examination Cao Xiaolun.In the evening, Cao Zhengsen and Zhao Yuelan prepare a sumptuous dinner, waiting for the triumphant return of son.Dinner had just finished a telephone bell suddenly sounded.Caozheng Sen picked up the receiver, suddenly aghast.Zhao Yuelan puzzled and asked what had happened, Caozheng Sen murmured: son failed the college entrance examination, committed suicide!  He busy rushed to the hospital, saw the pale Cao Xiaolun.Tape wrapped around his wrist, weakly lying in bed, standing next to his teacher and classmates.Students told Cao Zhengsen couple, this afternoon in the examination room, all the candidates are to concentrate on the answer, a sudden thump loud noise, everyone turned over and saw Cao Xiaolun from the table and collapsed to the ground.The examiner asked how quickly propped Cao Xiaolun, Cao Xiaolun shook his head and said he’s fine, then he said to the bathroom, examiner helped him go, then waiting for him outside, can wait a long time have not seen Cao Xiaolun out, go after the examiner, surprised to see Cao Xiaolun has attempted a!  The doctor told Cao Zhengsen couple, Cao Xiaolun may be too much pressure before the college entrance examination will be so.Zhao Yuelan sobbed: child, how you silly ah, pass the test this year, next year can then test ah.  Cao Xiaolun did not say anything, just stare at the ceiling.Cao Xiaolun discharged after several days have been awakened by nightmares at night, screams of terror issue.Cao Xiaolun after being awakened always sweating, pale complexion like paper.Has not failed to see his son from the entrance out of the shadow, the couple worried Cao Zhengsen.This day in the evening, on the way back from work, Cao Zhengsen think this weekend should take him to see a psychiatrist, and then, the phone rang.Cao Zhengsen access to one, suddenly like a rude awakening, because this phone call turned out to be Hu Yanyan.Hu Yanyan not dead!