Aesthetic colorful chapter in life

Preamble Xie Chen before retirement, systematized and compiled this “aesthetic colorful chapter in life,” a book.Each one paper presentations and pictures, are reflected in what he saw, thoughts, actions, book review to the real, real, sincere.It has witnessed a thirty-six years old teacher from teaching the mentality of.Ordinary, simple, yet valuable.  The book is divided into seven chapters: one, love, dedication, two, scholarship, training, three, education reform, scientific research, four topics, explore, five, learning, communication, six, blog, Zatan, seven, creative, tasting.He participated in most of the text for all kinds of prize-winning papers, case research, some of it is his speeches, briefing material and quality courses reviews, digression, amateur art creation, etc..Seven aspects but also symbolizes the nature of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple seven colors.The reason why the rainbow colorful, dazzling, experienced a storm because of erosion and baptism.Xie such natural phenomena of the universe and the individual’s metaphor of life just the right way, can be described as imaginative, far-reaching conception.  Nanchang twenty-eight as a provincial demonstration schools quality education, there are a large number of high ethics, high quality, technical precision of a good teacher.They work quietly at their respective positions, dedication, painstaking scholarship, elaborate education.We thank the teacher tried to launch this book, to let the old educators and heritage is preserved with the effort cemented experience and results.At the same time encourage school teachers like to thank the teachers, as usual learn, often reflect heavy accumulation, ground pen to paper, a more intense form of teaching and research academic atmosphere.  Zhou Qing (Nanchang twenty-eighth Secondary School Principals) Preamble (b) Xie Chen erudition I already know, and my friend for decades, although little chat with academic talk, but his knowledge he amount of reading, his scholarship, his life criteria I know.”The product is not a matter of the spirit, but the spirit is the highest product of matter.” (Engels), Xie Chen Kai who teach spiritual guidelines, training of social protection is absolutely meritorious talents.In twenty-eight adjacent Xie Chen and I work in the old South Division work, often to Xie Jia Zuozuo.Xie teacher in the middle school fine arts teaching is really a set of dozens of years of teaching work, review and summarize the teaching materials and teaching experience considerable scale, and participated in many activities, rave reviews.Xie Chen, a husband, housekeeping, housework get played; a father, encouraging parent, child greatly Offer.  Normal work to me, thank a teacher, and I was often on the fine arts academic issues to discuss, so we are also synchronized forward in the creative arts!Xie today that the opportunity to own an excellent material for decades the art of teaching high school hesitate to bring out, and compiled into a book, art workers we think is a great thing!Teachers teaching experience of the older generation to flourish, so that the young teacher there are things to be learned in the art of teaching the new era!Only in this way, we will be teaching art have better prospects.  - Luan cloth (Luan cloth male 1956.3 was born in Jiangxi Normal University Academy of Fine Arts, Master Instructor, China Artists Association, Jiangxi Artists Association executive director, deputy director of Jiangxi Oil Painting Art Committee, China Oil Painting Society group members) Preamble (c) the day after Guyu, I received Xie Chen phone to let me write a few words to his forthcoming.Many times because I was invited to go to his school teachers and students through the selection of works of art, there have been a pleasant experience exchanges, so he immediately agreed.  The next day, such as about travel.A face to face, Xie Chen took out his manuscript, solemnly handed over.To my surprise the manuscript, its smooth writing, the detailed content, the case of the ordinary, so inspiring.A full 36 years, a dedication, the sense of teacher image contrast, Xie Chen Xinsheng suddenly I respect, and I was looking up at him in the spiritual level.  Xie Chen sensitive to the line, Ne in words, hard working, on the twenty-eight art teachers in ordinary jobs do not jump bad, do not spit bad, serious and responsible in class, several decades of dedicated work with, he organized a student works in various art exhibitions in the breaststroke, he also has a number of works to participate in provincial art exhibition and awards.Today, he again participate in provincial competitions winning papers, case, research, speeches, briefing material and quality courses reviews, digression, Bo and his passenger, artwork, crafts Kam together as a set.This is today’s high school aesthetic innovation is undoubtedly an asset.This diligent in thinking, desk lamp, good combing scholarship and cultural awareness, in the moment of primary and secondary school art teacher is uncommon.  Comments came from the overall pattern of art education, primary and secondary school art teacher aesthetic education of students is very important, a teacher, just like a little screw on the construction of a building, but it is essential, because it related to the foundation, and the foundation of the quality of the pros and cons of each component determines the quality of construction of a building, from this perspective that Xie Chen this excellent work attitude is precious.  With the development of primary and secondary art education hardware and software will get broader support and social care, group after group of young teachers will gradually join the meantime, and when they read this book Xie Chen, certain which will lead to deep thinking on the value of life, to obtain useful knowledge and revelation, so that art education as a rainbow after the rain, aesthetic education of students, improve their own, in a very interesting aesthetic process, gain wisdom and aesthetic pleasure, enrich their emotion, spend their brilliant life.  I think this is Xie Chen’s wish, but I hope he’s school, I sincerely for his book, this man, like the point of a school!  Bear blue evening of May 1, 2015 to the Vice-President, vice president, deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Chinese Painting Artists Association Arts Council Lange Children living in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province Artists Association?postscript?It took tremendous efforts, “aesthetic life, colorful chapter,” a book finally meet you.The cause of the formation of this collection was actually from my chat with Professor Yang once mentioned I will retire, my teacher workshops should also have a review and summarize, to come up with a collection of his own decades art education career, to do a review and reporting, Vice president Yang aquatic am glad that my proposal, he said: as the majority of schools do need to continue to introduce young teachers and veteran teachers of good experience, a good way to promote their better and faster development growth.In addition the school also needs to leave behind a valuable spiritual heritage.When it comes to the presentation of this collection, at first I wanted to magazine “three” after the emergence of the form of supplement that is wrong, in the form of publications is difficult to complete in-depth show the whole picture of life.It was presented with the finalization of the operation in book form.Zhou Qing principals and other leadership team members approval of this proposition.I’m just an ordinary teacher, work just as there has been a small school so the attention and love, I am very grateful and thankful psyche.At the same time feel walking on thin ice, a lot of pressure for fear that this collection taste is too low, it will live up to everyone’s expectations and leadership.  In the process of planning and organizing materials, just feel that their way of life is negligible.From the teacher’s point of view, that is not my theory education intensive masters of accessible, nor the ordinary tear-jerking deeds.From the painter’s point of view, I am not as great painters have sufficient technical strength and life-sized works published his book.However, it would seem a little light stick at both ends, at best, a bit like Nanchang commonly known as the “snake oil” to the more appropriate.  Fortunately, my friends, colleagues, and leadership, as well as small partners are very enthusiastic to me a book.Artists Association vice chairman and secretary-general of Jiangxi Province Li Hui inscription congratulations.Old school, a famous Chinese painter Peng open days for the book to paint, and the inscription: “higher level”.Nanchang Painting Academy Green Bear preface to this book.This book inscription there Huchun Guo, Lei Ping, Linhan Liang, Xiong Zhangrui, horse forward, etc..The book also cites previous students collected more than a dozen pieces of calligraphy works, this book add color to many.In this together thanks.  In Nanchang No.28 Middle, I stay for 36 years, he just did not move over the place, which may be related to their own good and quiet character, I give people in front of the old and new colleagues feel elusive, reticent, poor communication, seemed a bit eccentric.However, precisely because of this lonely part, it is the nature of the achievements I am pretty satisfied with life today.Not long ago, I saw a very incisive, then the micro-Bo “success comes from loneliness, rather than gregarious,” because of loneliness will bring thinking, inspiration and action, lonely man, calm, to stay in school, reading to do Reflections on life.Only really enjoyed lonely people can exchange for future prosperity and close.  Riyuerusuo, Nanchang No.28 Middle is a melting pot.I am here to get a forged, has been baptized, the harvest of successful life.I deeply loved her, I really want to leave this school, leaving everyone in daily life.Seeing the twenty-eight this prestigious day transit into the next semester will be dressed settled in the new campus.No.28 Middle Education was established and in normal operation.It is foreseeable, Nanchang No.28 Middle talented people will be, more prosperous.  Xie Chen