10 kinds of women’s status in marriage, you are kind?

10 kinds of women’s status in marriage, you are kind?Before reading this article, you first click on the title of this article below in blue to learn to do a clever woman and then click on attention, and click the top public number, so that you can continue to receive a free article.Every day Share.Totally free subscription, please rest assured attention 1, Mrs. Queen is the head of this type, is a true feminist.Regardless of the size of things by themselves, and men at home, there is no right to speak of, not even free, everything had agreed to do by his wife.This is a typical female Weak Men type of family relationship, generally due to very useless man, or a man so in love with his wife, too arrogant sake of form.2, nurse-based economic status of women is not independent, or the status of both men and women too poor, or too cowardly female in character, and in a weak position at home, they formed a long-term habit of turn the other cheek, and put It had become the family’s nanny.Such a wife, to serve on the laws, the next to raise children, but also to her husband obedience.It is purely selfless type, no female self.This type of wife, in fact, also includes those full-time wife.Full-time wife appear to be pampered, in fact, nothing more than a senior nurse with a master status.3, is the home of Mrs. Butler-type finance ministers to co-ordinate arrangements for the family payments.As a staff accountant cashier unit, on a budget, but it is generally true of the players live.Because it is the housekeeper, she still gives her husband the right to call the shots, and put out his own opinion to.Such act decisively Mrs. mostly competent, but because of the status of the butler, the whole family’s eating and sleeping are responsible, so be sure to avoid the type of nagging old woman.4, partner type can also be called a type of cooperation, the relationship between husband and wife as partners, their economic confrontation, the implementation of the property notarization, you are you, I am me, it points clearly, household spending implement AA system.Parenting support for the elderly needed funds, all the way to implement their commitment to the.This type of marital relationship, and more from in remarried families, but much room for future development.5, multi-lover to husband and wife to live, of course, including deputy legal protection from the fact that marriage is really lover.Husband and wife to live, work due to objective factors, house, remarried, resulting in difficulty two people together, so this lady in the legal protection of marriage, occupied the position of housewife, and her husband’s relationship is essentially like a lover , together from many.The cover of stealing his wife’s lover type, no matter from which perspective, are the correct words ring true, I am afraid that can only be known as mistress of title.If you want to become authentic wife, also we need to continue efforts.6, left behind his wife of such type, status in the family is still the housewife, but in essence it is the same as vases furnishings.Because her husband is either across the ocean, either on the outside and has built a new nest.Due to the property, children, and other honorary title, can not be separated from divorce, separation or divorce conditions are not ripe, and therefore saved a family in name only.7, contract type a marriage certificate, but signed a permanent or short-term contracts.He had married married not out of sexual gratification, but because of some kind in order to achieve their purpose.This marriage with a lot of utilitarian, so the relationship between husband and wife, just to fulfill a legal obligation on.This family is very unstable, nor peace, day or flies like a pool of stagnant water, either a little noisy every day, kicked three hundred sixty-nine.Once the time is ripe, very easy to tear up the contract.8, attachment type that Mrs. either economically or emotionally, have a strong dependence.The man as his lifelong patron, the man is a true pillar of the family.Once the men left the shelter, and that they know what to do.If it is to rely on the economic performance of female survival is poor, life is difficult to take care of themselves; and if it is to rely on emotion, so women are mostly spoiled, of course, including lazy women.9, the relationship between husband and wife and confidant of such type is very close.Minds between husband and wife act in harmony.Women are not only able to understand her husband, but also a timely manner all ready for her husband, and whether in business or in life, is a good assistant of husband.And her husband keep in good faith between friends, love between family members, like a lover’s passion, romance substantial and family life.10 mixed together, this type of family-type wife relationship with her husband, both mother and child, another brother and sister, and even a variety of ingredients like father and daughter.It is a real flesh and blood, harmony.In such families, women are very gentle, but also good at thinking, harmonious and stable family-run can.Xiao Bian guess you might also like the following featured article: “This eight kinds of fruit do not eat at night!And then also like dieting!(You must know!) “▼ Press the Fanger Wei code to identify concerns in the micro letter backstage reply 7 View article