i want to hold your hand

Time passed quickly, and in a twinkling of an eye the carefree little boy who likes to look at the blue sky turned into a young man with a spirit hanging around and not knowing where to float, something was always stirring in his heart..     Dream, I want to hold your hand so that I can follow you to wander the world.     Dream, where you drift, I will turn into the seed of dandelion with the wind followed by your wandering footsteps.     Wandering, let your own words fall on this ordinary land, in every article, telling about my wandering life, in every font, full of my heavy footsteps.     Walking, searching for the beat of life, becomes more brisk because of chasing dreams. Looking at the smoke in the distance, I don’t know where I will drift today, where I will run away, where I will keep searching for dreams and looking for the direction of wandering.     Once fantasized, sitting on the castle, watching the white moonlight, listening to the nightingale singing, doing what she wanted to do and leading a quiet life, but this is just a fantasy, a dream, a dream that is not realistic. But I have been trying hard to find, to find, to find the place where I can put down my dream, to pursue the unknown road and to find spiritual sustenance..     Wandering, wandering, wandering in the vast grassland, looking at the running antelope, looking at the nearby mountains, the beautiful scenery intoxicated me and made me infatuated, so that I had to move out a small space to remember. Leaving here, I like to freeze the past scenery in my mind, leaving only the fragrance of talking about memories..     Walking, I do not know when the distant sunset will disappear from my eyes. Looking at the beautiful scenery, I took a carefree step forward. The distant sunset guided me forward, guiding me in the direction of my progress. The distant dream did not know where to float. I followed the wandering dream with the direction guided by the sunset and led me into the unknown road.. Wandering, walking through all parts of the world, leaving footprints I talk about, or deep or shallow sadness. The beautiful past was fixed in mind, placed in the past scenery, passed silently, leaving only the fixed picture.     I want to hold your hand so that you can take me to the streets.     Drifting, drifting direction makes me lose myself and don’t know where to go.     Pursuing, pursuing the unrealistic dream I had, the wind lifted up my hope, took away my thoughts and let me keep pursuing it.     I would like to put my dream in the most hidden space of my heart, place it in the beautiful upper water, and go wandering in the world with my bag on my back..