A number of banks closed a number of fast payment channel P2P platform affected

  Pleasant loans and micro-credit networks were also recently announced that the purchase or recharge operations by the Agricultural Bank of payment adjustments affect the business, the Agricultural Bank closed quickly pay channel, will not be paid by the Agricultural Bank of shortcuts。   For the move, the Agricultural Bank of China customer service, told reporters that the central bank should be required, together with China UnionPay payment channel specification consolidation of third-party platforms, it may affect the payment transaction Some merchants, mall, platforms, websites, applications, specifically for which industries and units, it is not clear。   Customer service also said that the above is only temporarily closed, but the specific opening time is unclear。
  Reporters noted that in December 2017, the central bank issued "on regulating pay innovative business notice" (Yin Fa [2017] No. 281)。 The central bank No. 281 documentation requirements, strengthen payment service interface management system, including increasing transaction monitoring efforts to ensure access to payment services system interface unit for the scope and purpose of the agreement, and to take effective measures to prevent the system interface is used for payment services illegal use。   Under tighter supervision, there are two banks recently because of violations by the central bank payment and settlement business out of one hundred million yuan ticket。
  Illegal withholding part of the platform will be packed into quick payment It is understood that, as early as in 2016, net loan platform between banks and there have been similar cases。
In early 2016, including China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank platform, including a number of "risk investigation" as an excuse to close the P2P interface to third-party payment。
Market analysts said at the time, to rent è treasure checked as the representative of the risk of P2P upgrade, causing regulators to rectify the Internet led financial chaos, while banks are required to or conscious or P2P policy has been adjusted。
  After the interval when banks for several months before being returned to the platform trading interfaces。
At the same time, the bank will not only P2P recharge quota cut, also lowered the bank's quick payment limit。   There are net loan industry depository system employees, noted that the standardized payment channels, or in favor of net loan industry to further regulate。 "Underlying channel paid net loan industry, many actually withholding, withholding would have been against utilities such as payment, but was abuse, high risk。 "Similarly, another net loan depository system service platform executives also said that withholding packaged into practice quickly pay does exist。   The payments industry practitioners also said that fast-free payment including payment of dense, dense and free pay is, say withholding。