How far is the network from real life

Today, it is National Day, because the company can only take one day off. After leaving work at ten o’clock last night, I made more than 40 kilometers to get home so that I could write a small article on the Internet.. My wife’s company had stayed up all night in order to take a day off, but she didn’t come home when I got home..   After work, you walk into the house and lock yourself in the house. If you like, you can live like this: hand over clothes to the laundry, hand over dinner to the take-out department, hand over housework to the hourly workers, and hand over the children to the nursing home … Ah, then, you can easily take a bath and sit in front of the computer and start your day’s online life.!     You can purchase daily necessities online. Then, you start chatting online. Or take a look at the online TV series. You can also find a few people online to fight against landlords. Looking for three or four friends to play mahjong; Or find a chess fan to play chess. Your life can be very simple. You can go to the space to eat all kinds of vegetables, raise the cute chicks and ducklings, and at midnight, you can also go to other people’s garden to secretly eat vegetables. When you want to stimulate, go play a gun battle and go to the game space to kill several enemies! This is the network life, many people are here in the past most of the time. A person, enjoying the happiness of a group, cannot leave home, but his thoughts can be derailed freely.!     Work during the day can make you feel very tired. If you are a white-collar worker, you may have to sit in the office all day long, even dare not say a word at the meeting.! If you are an employee, a strict workshop management system will make you the same as a machine. Don’t joke, even if you look in all directions, you will be recorded by video.! These are our modern life! In other words, our life has entered the Internet age, so you have also been programmed! So I think, in the end, how far is life on the Internet from real life?     I didn’t have a network when I was born in the late 1960s. Therefore, my childhood was not brought up on the network. I want to tell you how people lived at that time.! When we were young, we would sneak into other people’s vegetable gardens and steal sweet potatoes in the production team’s fields, but of course it wasn’t a big steal. We just saw it on the way to school and grabbed one and a half of them without extra trouble.! On one occasion, my hand was stretched out from the crevice of the stone and finally I couldn’t get it out for a long time, and then I cried.. Another time I stole grapefruit from someone else’s house and climbed up the wall erected by the stone bar because my eyes were fixed on grapefruit, my hands were stretched out, my feet were empty and people fell off!     Women get up early in the morning. They have to make breakfast. Before cooking, they have to do two things, one is to go to the well to pick up water, the other is to take the big black pan to the big sanitary ware and scrape off the ash on it with a hoe before going home to cook! The edge of the well is lively, the daughter-in-law girls often laugh incessantly, the big soil hygiene is also lively, and the squeaking sound of scraping the pot makes people feel very sweet! All over the place are crows and dog barks, birds and flowers, and the old uncle’s voice of killing pigs often barks before three or four o’clock.!     The men who want to go to work all get up for dinner, and the children who want to go to school also get up early, squeaking and croaking under the tree at the corner of the house to read books.! In the rush to harvest seeds, one side was the roar of threshing machines and the other side was the slogan of people struggling. On one side was the call to pick millet and dung, and on the other side was the laughing and swearing of girls and boys. On the one hand, there was the angry rebuke of shouting at the oxen, and on the other hand, there was the singing voice broadcast in the village.! This is a happy team. They worked together in a division of labor and cooperation. Although they were poor at the time, they were simple and hard at work, but they were very happy.!     At noon, men who don’t want to sleep will gather three to five to play cards and play mahjong, but they won’t bet on money, because everyone has no money. The bet is to stick a note on their face or the loser will drill the table and see a big man with a note on his face and a cat sticking his waist under the table. All the people above will laugh. At that time, they will be called poor and happy.! While women will carry a load of clothes to the river to wash, a group of big girls and daughters-in-law will be on the edge of the river while washing, talking about men’s whispers, talking about parents Zhang and Li, laughing and splashing water with their hands when they are happy.. Such a life is natural and simple!     It’s all right in the evening. A few friends often get together, play a few cards and drink a little wine, go to the east door and enter Xijiaxiang, or the troops are playing movies. One person is holding a small bench to watch it for an hour or two, and then come back talking while walking. Life is like this. There is not much pressure, but there is too much leisure.. In the end of the year, one person gets 12 kilos of oil and more than 100 kilos of millet.. Raising a pig, a dog, a cat that catches mice, chickens that lay eggs, ducks that yell, and rabbits that eat grass. It takes a whole year for a pig to kill a hundred catties, but the meat is sweet and green. The same is true of chickens and ducks, which have few eggs but are nutritious. Such foods are natural and original, and have no hormones and are not contaminated.!     We were dressed in homespun shirts, eating raw sweet potatoes, chewing raw wheat, carrying a small military schoolbag, a rusty knife in an iron pencil case, a soybean – sized eraser, and a few nail-like pencils. The schoolbag was not heavy, but we studied very hard. There are no shoes at the feet, but the pace is very happy!     Today, it’s National Day again, because the company can only take one day off. After leaving work at ten o’clock last night, I made more than 40 kilometers to get home, just to write a small article on the Internet.. My wife’s company stayed up all night in order to take a day off. She didn’t come home when I got home. This night, I was alone in front of the computer all night and didn’t even close my eyes until the next morning at 6: 00 am.! In the evening, my wife wanted me to accompany her on a trip to the street. I pushed her because I wanted to catch a draft. She went bitterly to herself. After she left, I felt uncomfortable and sorry for her, and inexplicable pain hit me hard.! Is this the modern life we want? If in the past, I thought we could go out and have a good walk together, even if we didn’t buy anything, just look at it!     But not today, because only rest days are my personal working hours, and in normal times, I have completely sold myself to the company.. So sometimes I often think that people living in the Internet age are tired or not? Happy is not happy? How far away are they from real life?[ Responsibility Editor: Yi Er ]