Happiness on the Corner

I feel very happy recently. Really. No cheating.   A few days ago, I found that the Gaishui rice in Shaxian snacks is delicious and I feel very happy.   Yesterday, Lao Wu invited him to dinner. He ate very full and delicious, and felt very happy..   Listen to Guo said today that you don’t have to climb Xiangshan this week. I feel very happy.   Last night’s fundraiser was very successful and felt very happy.   I saw a handsome boy on the road. It was a coincidence that the handsome boy gave me a look and felt very happy..   As the Mid – Autumn Festival drew near, xu teacher sent a text message saying that the Mid – Autumn Festival sent ten yuan, feeling very happy..   I’m going to eat egg yolk moon cakes in a few days. I feel very happy just thinking about it.   . Ah, what is happiness? Happiness is actually the trivial things in life. Warm. Comfortable.   Call mom, listen to her blabbering words, listen quietly, then nod and smile as if she were in front of me at the moment, then add quickly: ok! The in the mind will be very warm.   The third sister came back from yoga practice, and the second sister came back soon, Lao Tzu didn’t know what to look at there, laughed from time to time, and chewed at things.. I feel at ease. I feel at ease here. I am a insecure person, no matter where I am, I feel empty and scared even if my parents are around me, but I am at ease here at 712..   After watching Dostoevsky’s participation in the crime and punishment bill for a while, I felt a little strange. I don’t know what’s going on. Now I look at anything and I want to be connected with the law.. Perhaps it may be the reason for studying law.   The life of a person is just a few decades. Happiness or misfortune is just his own subjective feeling.. People who think they are happy will feel very happy even if things go wrong in adversity. On the contrary, if a person always feels unhappy, he will feel in hell even if he lives a paradise – like life..   Whether you want to live in heaven or hell depends on your wishes.   I envy and admire those who clearly live very hard but feel very happy. Such people, like those who kowtow, may have dirty hands and clothes, but their hearts are cleaner than anyone else’s. Those people also, maybe they live at the bottom of the society, they don’t have delicious food, but they are happier than the task force. That’s because they have a very happy heart.   I also want to have that kind of heart.   Now try your best to start …… Happiness is not far from me. I look forward to meeting it around the corner..   Happiness on the Corner.