Gather together

After 30 years away from his alma mater, the old classmates met in March 2013, the happy season of spring and blooming flowers, and the expectation of 30 years finally converged into today’s laughter and laughter, which became a resonant emotion surge.     After 30 years of passing water, let’s always cherish the ambition of serving the country. Thirty years of vicissitudes of life have added a few silks of splendor to us. We were young and vigorous in those days, and now we are middle – aged, with temples stained with frost.. In the past 30 years, we have experienced too much hardships in starting a business, too much rain and snow, and we have reaped fruits and created brilliant achievements.. In the past 30 years, we have walked together with the times. We have witnessed the development of the country and the change of the society together. We bravely responded to all the ups and downs of life, sang songs all the way, remembered our duties and served the country..     After 30 years of teacher-student relationship, let’s always be grateful. Thirty years ago, the teacher did not know how much effort was expended in the face of our students who were few and far between.. Every time we have problems in life, there will always be teachers asking questions and asking questions, every time we have problems in study, there will always be teachers answering questions and answering questions, and every time we wander at the crossroads of life, there will always be teachers’ guidance and guidance.. Teacher, you are our paving stone, you are our navigation light, and you are our booster. In the past 30 years, every achievement we have made has been devoted to your selfless efforts. Your teacher will never forget it and it will be difficult to repay it..     After 30 years of care, let’s often think about the friendship between our classmates. Although living conditions were difficult 30 years ago, all memories are still so good. Despite material poverty, our spiritual world is rich and full. We look forward to the future and have dreams in our hearts. Let’s never forget the music of youth on campus.. After leaving school, we all ran our own things, and even haven’t been masked for 30 years. Today, we finally fulfilled the dream of many people for many years. Although we can’t name each other, we still vaguely remember what we looked like at that time. From everyone’s expressions, I saw a caring heart that has passed through 30 years, with deep love and lasting friendship..     Thirty years of rain and wind have made us remember the beauty of life. In the past 30 years, we have done our duty of being a son and a woman and filial piety, and our children have also learned something or started a family and established a career, and we have also done our duty of being a father and a mother.. After sending away the morning of life and the midday sun, we ushered in the afternoon sun. It’s time for us to hurt ourselves, live happily and work happily..     Time can take away youth, but it can’t take away the deep friendship between classmates, how many times we have been dreaming and how many times we have been longing, let’s put aside the noise of the world, put down all the troubles, go to the corridor of the past, listen to the familiar voice, look at the long-lost face and rediscover the beautiful memory..