Fate ( the other two )

Life is so short that we are eager to release our dreams when we are young. Unconsciously, in the drifting sound of time, we are looking for our own best years. I don’t know how many years later, at the moment when you suddenly look back, do you still remember my vaguely beautiful appearance and whether you still moved by the lush years.   The fate is as light as the wind, and I always yearn for each other as if I were a drowning man desperately grasping the straw in a dream.. However, after all, I still can’t catch it, just like tears in my dream.   Tears are meaningless cries and all beings are equal. Because the desire is too much and the search is too far away, fate is even lighter. The dead are like this, the river flows eastward, as if the scenery is beautiful, everlasting and peaceful, but it is so hurried that I am caught off guard.. Close at hand, and quietly passed away.    [ time ][ original ]jiangdong, waves washed out. The dead, like husband, don’t give up day and night. Time, like running water, drips silently forward, irretrievably in the rising and falling of the sun and in the splendor and gloom of the stars..   The greatest power in the world is the power of time, because he is irresistible, because he will never return, no matter how brilliant and beautiful a person is at one time, he will eventually grow old in time and settle in the dust of history.. Even though the’ spring breeze glows over horseshoe disease’, it will eventually become loess. No matter how rich a person once was, he will eventually disappear in time and melt into nature, and his money will eventually be owned by others..   As if people were born here and died there, they interpreted a dream in the transformation of time. The prosperity and decline of the past are the changes of the sea and the fields in time.. Creation makes man, and man is the most elven species in the world. He can feel the changes of the four seasons and the alternation of the sun and the moon. However, ordinary people cannot appreciate the ” gradual” of time.. Gradually, it was an imperceptible change. Unconsciously, the figure of a child was gone. Unconsciously, the world began to become more complicated. Unconsciously, frost and snow were added to the temples, and the former passion faded. Unconsciously, the old dragon clock shrank into wood carvings in the warm corner of the winter until this moment, when it was suddenly awakened that he was really old.! Looking back on the past, one’s life – youth, youth, middle age and old age – is like a flash in the eye.. Very close – as if in yesterday; Far away – that was clearly many years ago. Sigh in memory: Alas, life is really short!   In fact, people’s life is very long. We just numbed the changes of time in the gradual progress of time. By the time we discovered it, it was already many years later.. As if our changes were completed in a flash, that’s why we have the feeling of ” between the fingers and the waves”.   Jiangdong, the waves washed out. I woke up early in the afternoon without giving up the night and day.. The solar term has arrived in late autumn, and the day is very short. When I got up, the afternoon sun lazily dropped into the courtyard of the patio, and the white walls around me reflected the yellow sun, giving me a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.. On weekdays, when I am free, I have no intention of feeling the beauty of this godsend life until I find it after work – this short break, but I am not allowed to enjoy it more and more deeply..   About half an hour later, I have gone to my workplace. After a short break, we started our own work. At this time, the sunset has been hidden under the earth, but the curtain of the night has not completely hidden the vacant world. Before long, the night became heavy without interest, and the high-pressure lights in the freight yard shone with a bright yellow and red color, shining every inch of my work.. These bright lights in full bloom will shine all night and will accompany me faithfully tonight.   The long night was full of peace and noise, as if in a lonely dreamland, but the roar of the surrounding machines clearly demonstrated the extraordinary excitement. The bustle annihilated the silence and also annihilated everyone. I occasionally looked up and looked around. Everyone was doing his own work and no one was paying attention to others. The atmosphere at night easily made people ” indifferent” and in this ” indifferent” inertia, I suddenly felt the insignificance of people – how insignificant people were in the endless nights around me..   A thousand years ago, a guest of letters visited Red Cliff and sighed ” One Chestnut in the Sea”, and tonight’s night was also a source of such feeling, as if the ancients had gone after a thousand years of reincarnation, leaving only such a sentence and such a state of mind to give the latter taste when the long night is over and when the black wings of the long night fade away their great curtains, the light of the new day will soon shine on the earth.. In other people’s dreams, I worked all night. I learned in the dawn that life is not easy. When I think back to me at this moment several years later, I should thank tonight, because it gives me a deeper understanding of the meaning of ” life is not easy”. These four words alone give me more reason and understanding to respect and tolerate others.!   The morning breeze blew away the dawn, and the feeling of numbness that hung over the night suddenly vanished, like the longing to wear that will come out of the East China Sea in the day, although I don’t know what I want at the moment.. Just when I had this mood at the moment, I inadvertently looked up and it flew into my sight. It hovered in the air gliding, but never flew out of my horizon. Finally, it stopped on a steel shelf not far from me. This is an eagle, an eagle I don’t know where it came from.   The place where I work is near the sea to the east, with jagged logs and spreading thousands of grass on the shore. Pine trees are in the majority, pine leaves are like needles and pine branches are like covers. It is very suitable for the reproduction of small animals. Perhaps it is the reason for this. This eagle flew here to look for them..   There are thousands of classes in the world that live forever and are busy because of their lives, just like me and like this eagle. I work tonight to live, and eagles leave their nests to feed for a living. The eagle in memory is low on the hill, and the legend says that the eagle is nestled in the cliff..I looked to the south, it was a dense village, and in the distance was a misty mountain. Although the mountain was not very high, I thought the eagle’s nest should be somewhere secluded there.? In the secret place, there is the eagle’s concern. My eyes flitted past the village where morning smoke curled up, and through the thin foggy Mianshan, I seemed to see a nest hanging on the cliff, two pairs of inexperienced and sleeping eyes in the nest, and I seemed to see a pair of gentle wings firmly guarding the eagle’s hope..   For the eagle in my horizon, it doesn’t know where the food it is looking for is hiding at the moment, however, it suddenly flies away, toward the depths of the forest, disappears, disappears in the line of sight I watched, and I know it has gone to the place where it is looking for hope..   The first ray of sunshine on the new day cast itself on the earth, and I stood in the sunrise. Suddenly, I felt like I was standing in hope. Although everything was hard to predict in the future, as long as I pursued it, as long as I did not give up, like the eagle that had just left me, hope would be closer and closer to me until one day, I could reach it.