Early autumn

On the sunny day of early autumn, the sun is warm, the wind is cool, the wicker is graceful, the autumn insects deep in the grass chirp and sing in the afternoon, and the plump caterpillars crawl anxiously on the ground looking for a way out. The garden has long been uninhabited and overgrown with weeds, and the flowers originally planted have been submerged. The first two days suddenly saw a small yellow flower in the garden and white butterflies dancing among the flowers. It turned out to be a cauliflower, just blooming in this season. Is poured out a new idea.     Sometimes when I rest at home, I will voluntarily weed in the garden, with all kinds of grass juice on my hands. There is a small piece of green grass in the garden, but a lot of dog’s tail grass will grow in the garden one summer. When weeding, sometimes I will roll to the leaves of the grass, and the grass juice with slightly bitter palms will be mixed with light vanilla flavor..     The early autumn afternoon wind is also cool, although the sun is still a little warm. This kind of weather is the most pleasant, isn’t it. Beans covered with fences, white or purple. The melon seedlings on the haystack, the big leaves standing upright, the yellow flowers facing the sun. The corn cob in the field is about to mature. The leaves of bean seedlings are yellow. Although it is still a large green area in front of me, it is no longer the lively tender green in spring, but dark green.. It was green with time settling down, green with sentimental attachment before saying goodbye to the world. After a gust of wind, some leaves that are too early to grow old will fall in rustling. Day by day, the ground rolls with the wind.     Sitting on the bench, I will quietly listen to the wind in the shade. The sun sent the shadow of the wicker down sparsely. The shadow on the ground is wobbly, just like the ripples on the surface of the water. I like to listen to the wind, the wind between flowers and plants is like a butterfly stirring its wings, it is a whisper of tenderness. The wind among the willows is as graceful as it is, and it is also rustling and soft, and the leaves rub against each other to appease each other, which is the chatting of ancient beauties.. The sound of Hongda comes from poplar forest. Poplar tall and strong body posture is not jump in its thick voice shouts. Even if a small gust of wind passes through, it also stirs up waves of echoes. If there is a strong wind, it will be rough. The wind is either gentle or surging, or whispering through the heart, or purging the feelings of love and hate between the breasts.. wanton and simple, will eventually calm down. If you lie on the sunny grass, you are a small member of all things in nature, and you are the same walker, walker and reader. Maybe I will never understand the mystery of nature and the meaning of life, but it is a great happiness to feel the wind with my body and mind at this moment..     The blue sky, white clouds and sunshine in early autumn . Ah, not only my love, but also the love of swallows, sparrows and all the unknown birds.. It is the love of bees and butterflies. They danced so joyfully and sang happy songs. Even if the cold is about to strike, they also know their respective destinations. As long as the sunshine is sunny and warm during the day, it will still be a good day.     I don’t know when the haze will come, but it will leave after all. Just like the summer and winter of the season, the weather is sunny and rainy. Some people say that the sufferings and difficulties of the world, the disputes and troubles, are only a practice in this life. Someone once encouraged me to convert to religion and find spiritual support. And I always stay away from religion. Whether it’s the creation of God or the gift of nature, enjoy all kinds of scenery, listen to all kinds of beautiful sounds, taste or coarse or delicate food … Ah, enjoy it and suffer it inevitably.. People are nothing more than perceptual or rational feelings and thinking. It is like a high sky in autumn, which can hold bright sunlight and heavy rain and strong winds.. Try to be a person with a broad mind.     I would like to be calm in this world’s practice.