When I came out of my mother’s house, it was getting dark, but my son Zhe offered to go to his classmate Qijia with the following sentence: Mom, you don’t want to go, go home by yourself.     Because of this month’s exam, my son did not do well in the exam. To be exact, he didn’t want to answer the exam. The teacher in charge called me several times and said that the child’s adolescence was a rebellious period and he should watch carefully.. No, I will go with you too, I answered without thinking.     What are you going to do, mom? I’ll go home after a while.     My mother will go with you, and I will chat with Qi’s mother, which will not affect your playing with your classmates..     When my son saw that he couldn’t get past me, he could only agree that I should go to his classmate Qijia together..     Qi is a resident of the school. His mother worked in the Arrongqi Hotel because he did not do well in the monthly exam. Her mother also gave up working and went back to the small room where she used to accompany her.. Qi casually threw potatoes outside the cellar, and I told his mother about the children’s schooling. We parents really have nothing to do with our children.     Coming out of Qi’s house, his son and Qi said to me, ” Mom, let’s go south. It’s at least 80 meters from the south to the big puddle. How can we get there and wade in the water?”? I asked him both back.     Then listen to you and go north. The two teenagers, who are a big head taller than me, smiled at each other. I was carrying a handy bag of potatoes, and it was even harder to walk.     But I took a few steps, why didn’t they move? A look back, ok, two boys, go south, turned out to be trying to get rid of me, but it’s not so good. I quickly turned around and headed south, shouting as I walked: Are you two playing with me in the opposite direction? Smelly boy, also cheat me.     Mom, I didn’t lie to you. I talked to Qixiang alone. You can go by yourself. Mom won’t listen. I’m behind you and keep a certain distance. Besides, Mom’s ear is near – sighted. She hasn’t brought a mirror yet and can’t hear anything. You two can rest assured.     I also poked fun at my son and Qi. In fact, it is also true in my heart, probably because of my desire for freedom. I like to give my son and daughter some space, and I don’t know whether to respect their privacy or indulge them..     This section of the road is not very long, it is a little more than a mile long. The cement road built the year before last was already a sandy road because of its poor quality and low cement number.. In my opinion, it is not as good as the original dirt road, because some potholes will be filled with a lot of sewage during the spring, summer and autumn of each year, causing great inconvenience to pedestrians.. The car couldn’t hit the driving door when it came, and the water overflowed the door. While thinking about it, he secretly scolded those who did the project: Spend black money, cheat people, and it would be better not to repair a good road like this? People in this world have lost their conscience?     Mom, what are you muttering about? Slow down. It’s not easy to go. I have been warned by my son who swam across the frightful’ river’ on the other side..     On this side of the bank, I carefully explored the road for fear of getting wet and soiling the high heels. Picking places that have little water and can safely walk past slowly and slowly with their feet up..     At the end of the day, the son did not know whether to wait for me to get impatient or to keep the ” certain distance” with me, and they left again.. I was angry and wanted to laugh.     But now I’ve come out, I’m strolling hard about my shoes, and the mud on my shoes has fallen off. Son and Qi still walked in front talking and laughing, keeping a distance of about 30 meters with me from beginning to end..     Didi, the phone rang. I quickly put down my handy bag and answered the phone. It was from a classmate in the county and asked me about buying a house.. I simply talked a few words, hung up the phone, looked up and disappeared my son and his classmates. I regretted not looking at where they went and chasing them quickly. The first reaction was to go quickly.     Mom, why are you walking so fast?     Suddenly, there was a cry from his son behind him. Turned around and saw that his son and his classmates had entered the supermarket. Now my son has asked me to pull down a long distance. I urgently need to find a proper reason for my mother to go to your two parents’ home to borrow books. I don’t know if I am there. Maybe it’s because I panicked my son.. My sister-in-law’s house is near where I am. I often go to her house to borrow books. For the sake of the lies I just told, I went into my sister-in-law’s house crustily and came out with two more books in my hand to participate in the bosom friend regulations..     My son smiled when he saw it: My mother loved reading books and was a tailor in her previous life.. Ha-ha. He and his classmates laughed at each other. I also smiled shyly and got red in the face..     The road ahead is much better, and my son also took over the potatoes in my hand. I am also very pleased. The son is a very tall young man, wearing a small pair of glasses, very handsome and lovely.At the age of 16, when I was in adolescence, I knew what to do with him, but the theoretical practice I saw in those books was really a piece of paper, and I still did not trust or trust more..     More than 500 meters of road, I seem to act as a spy, following two teenagers who want to leave me behind. Think about it, it’s really ridiculous, and there are many helpless. However, as far as my son and I are concerned, this distance has been maintained all the time. I just follow the distance instead of breaking it..     Between people, between parents and children, isn’t it? Trust and communication will shorten this distance, or they will only get farther and farther away from each other.