Country Park Travel Notes

With the footsteps of spring, my heart began to recover after a quiet winter, and I began to want to take a walk in the suburbs, so I went to the nearby country park to feel the breath of spring and see the budding of early spring..     Stepping into the park, it looks humble and is still under construction, with the busy figure of workers and machines. However, it just satisfied my desire to see no nature in the city, the simplest nature, in which I saw an unmodified shadow. Some wild vegetables began to emerge from the woods, one by one. From time to time, we saw 3322 vegetable diggers looking for this delicious little life among the woods..     Looking at the sprouting small bone flower, my heart slowly overflowed, my small desire was suddenly satisfied, and my small life implied what a beautiful life and hope. Clusters of grass on the ground began to stir up their heads and saw a lonely but beautiful migratory bird at the water’s edge. It looks as if they have lost their way with the birds..     Every time in nature, there is always the feeling of being integrated with nature, and I can’t even feel tired. It’s just the feeling of the pulse of nature that is connected with my own breath, as if life is also connected, and it is beginning to become full of vitality.. The most real essence of human being is also nature, and the animal that belongs to it is just like a bird jumping between branches, so it can enjoy this feeling of nature and be embraced by it, as gently as all things in nature, and all kinds of life naturally accept this embrace like a baby. What a natural and harmonious nature I have started to be poor again, and the foolish self in nature has also been embraced without exclusion, including my shortcomings, shortcomings, mistakes, etc.. Every time I came to nature, my heart was washed clean, and the affection and satisfaction that I couldn’t get rid of began to enrich into all the cells in my body, sucking enough oxygen from nature, and my eyes looked at everything that was full of life, and my heart was moistened, as if I instantly became young, and wanted to blossom like a bud and jump away like a bird..     With the gift of nature, I left the park, returned to the city, and began to realize that I wanted to live in seclusion.