Borrow money to know friends, how much sincerity is in it

I saw a story in my nephew’s space: so-and-so borrowed money for business and called one by one according to the degree of closeness and closeness of his friends, and did not borrow it until the 10th place, feeling extremely empty. At ordinary times, there are so few friends who can be trusted when things happen.. The friend who learned of the matter wanted to try his friendship and also tried to borrow money from his friend: the result was that the first five or six said they could not lend immediately, only the second two said they were ok and would try to make money.. It is certainly not the only way to test a friend’s relationship by borrowing money – but it is also an extremely important way in today’s society.. I deeply understand this.     Last year, I borrowed 300,000 yuan in a week to raise funds for buying a house and agreed to return it in three months.. Sister – in – law said there would be no problem, just asking when to ask for it, and also saying that there is a need to find another way – the same flesh and blood, which outsiders can’t compare with.. The other two friends all said a little discount, but they also mentioned it in time – it was a true friend, and they could count as much as they could at that time.. One of them also said, ” Take it and use it whenever you want. When I return it on time, he also said,” If it’s tight, give it back to others first; I’ll put it here first, and then I need to get ” —” what a good friend can do this? Moved at heart. Only one, according to the relationship I calculated in my mind before opening my mouth, was quite good. I did too much help to himself and his wife when they worked. I didn’t expect to say anything about it. He was the only one who didn’t lend me any money – of course, I left room when I opened my mouth, and it would have been enough without his money.. The experience gained from borrowing money is the same as the experience gained in life: it is not your help but your true friends, there is not much contact with each other at ordinary times, but the people who are warm in heart are the people you can trust. Some people have not learned to be grateful, and those who often depend on each other in their hearts can rely on them.. Of course, friends who communicate with each other attentively and treat each other sincerely are still true friends after all.     Compared with my friends in the story, I don’t think I have lost much.. As soon as I opened my mouth, I got support and didn’t do any more tests. It seems that my basic feeling is still right. I thought that the people who can give me money to use are not different from the actual results.. In addition to the sisters, three people were found, and two agreed and implemented, accounting for 66 %. 6 %, in the current social environment, is a high score. This number represents two facts: what my friend thinks in my heart and what I think in my friend’s heart. More than half, basically can be gratified.     However, I also feel that if I expand the scope and have more needs, it is doubtful whether I can keep such figures.. I can’t be sure that all the friends I think are really’ iron brothers’, and a friend that may be overlooked at ordinary times is the true man. I don’t think borrowing money can definitely test the distance of friends. Perhaps I don’t really know enough about the current economic situation of friends. Maybe people just need money when things happen. I know that there are not too many real good friends in a person’s life. Don’t overestimate the value of helping others in other people’s lives over the years, and don’t overestimate your position in other people’s hearts … Ah, I also wonder what I would do if someone asked me to borrow money.. I think, maybe the result is the same: there is nothing to say between relatives, which was practiced earlier when siblings needed it.. As for friends, two friends recently spoke, and one borrowed without saying anything. Another borrowed something, saying that a boss who had just met was caught looking for a woman in a hotel somewhere and asked him to help pay the fine and give the account number. He didn’t help but let me lend it.. I was confused and said you should find out the situation first. How could such a thing be possible. A few hours later, he called to say that it was no use and fell for it. His 2000 yuan hit Shui Piao. I said fortunately, if you insist on it again, I might have thought about it. It seems that some friends want to think clearly about borrowing money from each other. Maybe it is not to help him but to hurt him.. It is said that there are some exquisite things about borrowing money: those who do business can’t borrow, those who lend to others can’t borrow, and those who don’t do business can’t borrow … ah, if you can’t borrow money from friends in serious matters, you’ll really be cold in your heart.. This will surely show the true and false degree of friends, and also the living state of oneself: without a few true friends, I am not true either.. It is indeed appropriate to look at your work and life in the mirror of friends.     February 3, 2012