Interview with "Chinese Poetry Conference" general director: poetry show life story

The picture shows the "Chinese Poetry Conference" (third quarter) posters reporter learned that, "Chinese Poetry Conference" in the third quarter from the country over one hundred thousand candidates who, through layers of selection to select different ages, different industries, an hundred forty More than bit players, both of them folks, there are innocent "after 10" players, both trials and hardships express little brother, and foreigners fascinated by Chinese culture。
  The whole selection process is very intense, Yan Fang said the program group on the one hand to examine the fixed target player – Poetry reserves, the players also need to have a life and story, "We have a very mature team of experts to go around with the selection, as well as several rounds of screening, such as written tests, interviews and other networks. "。   To do so in the third quarter, Yan Fang see a significant change, that is, know this show more and more people, "unlike the first quarter, when the need to explain who we are with everyone, do anything。 This time admiring more people, more choices available also. "。
  All the way down, Yan Fang feel very memorable, she remembers when the stadium in Xi'an, players have to play, overnight train trip from Ningxia; there are players to reach agreement and daughter, even made a total gastrectomy surgery, still insist on participating ; there is a 6-year-old boy can recite nearly 700 poems, but because there is a little lacking in comprehension and expression, missed the final stage……Yan Fang also found that, compared to high school students, students participating in this year's willingness to be more intense, "because my parents also pay attention to, and now the kids should not be overlooked, particularly from childhood to accept the education of traditional culture."。
However, she also admitted that all the players on stage, knowledge is not simply to show the amount of stock, but share a deeper understanding of poetry with you。 (Finish)。