There is a word called ” inability to cope”

I can’t dominate secular words. I’m just an ordinary woman.   I can’t stand it. What can I do about it.   I listened to all your misfortunes, and my heart was in tears.   That is the pain of acupuncture, pain can’t words.   I said I gave you the life you wanted, but it was too late to realize.   Suddenly I was too tired to bear, just like this injury fell on me.   Just, I hope, you will be a good boy.   A child who lets people cherish and loathe to hurt.   In this way, even if we are alone, I will feel at ease.     The song city in the dream sang the song of triumph, luxuriant and noisy.   Reality of the hotel, secretly deep, lonely and lonely miss left, helpless to leave.   Some people say that I am a proud woman, arrogant and indifferent to everyone.   There is a word called ” inability to cope”.   I can’t stand beside you like a puppet.   I can’t help but look at your world.   I can’t express myself in words if I can’t do it.   I can’t fit into your life beyond my ability.   Different paths lead to the same goal, but it is better to become strangers.   In this way, you don’t have to worry, I don’t have to be sad.   Who said that if the only person you know is yourself, then there will be no injury.   No one was hurt, where was it.   I was so weak that time was quiet.   Who is guarding an empty city for whom.     There is no time for desperate efforts to paint the land in the empty city as a prison..   There is no courage to look back.   I wait quietly alone, but not in blossom.   It turned out that it was not us who couldn’t go back, but us.   remember to forget you.   I have no intention of intentionally. Hurt you.   remember to forget you.   Please forgive my selfishness and willfulness.   I just need to be kind and say sorry.