The short fell in line forming force inflection

Shanghai and Shenzhen yesterday by the overnight US stocks opened slightly lower finishing affect both intraday index rebounded quickly once in the iron and steel, liquor and other drive, but failed to effectively continue, investors panic prevail, cautious sentiment increased。 Hot spots are still too concentrated, the majority of sectors with varying degrees of finishing all appears, before the software, aviation, military, and other plate decreases, it has become the main force of sell。 As of the closing stock index closed at points, down points, down%, turnover of one hundred million; refers to close at deep points, down points, down%, turnover of one hundred million。
Year on year turnover between the two cities once again shrinking, investors such as the amount can not effectively follow up on the market probably will increase the risk。
From the analysis BOLL, both cities pullback yesterday, finishing in the main stock index started immediately after arrival BOLL in rail, combined with the possibility of shrinking the amount of energy continue to organize short-term increased。 GEM is also arriving in mid-BOLL rail pressure area, increase the index under pressure, lack of sustained hot market, investors around the track finishing in mid-BOLL has only just begun。
From the gap analysis, the recent Shanghai and Shenzhen appear in the final after finishing a two-gap appeared, had earlier repeatedly pointed upward gap left after the Spring Festival is a real shortage, covering the market needs to ensure a reliable basis, otherwise the strength of a rebound the stronger the greater the level of callback。 Although some recent stock index finishing but still not cover the gap, the main stock index is still expected to continue finishing down。
From the moving average analysis, stock index intraday pullback yesterday, stock index once again arrive in line support area, around the long and short sides of the line will be fierce competition broke out again。
As pointed out in the main stock index runs very complicated moving average adhesion area, once fell in line to support the market risk of a sharp increase。 Deep refers also facing a severe test, after the fall of the key moving average support, the recent attempt to continue down the possibility of increased support line, investors need to be psychologically prepared twice a step back。
At present the main stock index short-term pressure remains at 3350 peers, support at 3170,3000 points, the two cities have always stepped back again twice expectations。 After a rebound in the stock index has arrived in two waves form an inflection point, the market may run two waves back to step 2 or 3 waves down the start finish area。
Investors region vigilant to guard against deep-rate finishing outside the disk drag on A-share market fluctuated wildly。 Investors control risk is still the first place, the two cities short-term consolidation magnitude probably will increase, reducing the pursuit of larger stocks for early gains。
With short-term strategy based around the resistance and support of individual stocks and indices do buy low sell high。