Grandpa and his shoulder pole

Grandpa and his shoulder pole, Shandong Zibo, have just returned to their hometown and I can’t help thinking of grandpa and his shoulder pole again when I see the portrait of grandpa..     Grandparents and grandmothers coexisted with ten children and raised nine of them into adults. What a difficult thing it was in those war-torn times! Folks all call grandpa and grandma’ yang linggong’,’ he’ and’ she laolaojun’ when they joke. Grandpa certainly does not have the ability of’ Yang Linggong’. He is of short stature and plain appearance. He is a common farmer, and he is carrying the burden of a family’s life on his own carrying pole..     In my memory, grandpa’s carrying pole is long and heavy. I was about five or six years old when I first saw grandpa’s carrying pole. That day, we just moved to a new home and moved to a very spacious compound, a new home that parents had just built after years of painstaking efforts.. Relatives all came to congratulate them, and the family was busy and lively.. In the afternoon, grandpa also came. He picked a load of buttonwood roots. At first I thought grandpa would send us firewood and hurriedly carried the roots into the firewood heap.. Grandpa grabbed my hand, stroked my head and said gently. Boy, these roots are to be planted. We will bury them in the ground. After a while, they will germinate and grow big trees in a few years. You can play under the trees. Do you like it? I like it, I said quickly. Grandpa patted me on the back and said with mirth, ” Go and look for shovel and lutetium. Let’s plant them now.”. ‘ I jumped to find shovel and lutetium, and grandpa started digging holes. I was happy to put roots in the tree holes, and relatives came to persuade grandpa to rest in the house, but grandpa insisted on not, saying that he was not tired. Grandpa planted a load of roots, drank only a few saliva, sat for a while, said he would feed the cattle to the production team, and went back with the burden..     Grandpa has fed the production team cattle for decades with rich experience. The cattle he fed are fat and strong.. Every time I went to see him, I saw him constantly busy, sometimes carrying water and forage with a pole, sometimes drinking water to cows, or using hay cutter to forage and feed forage. I never seemed to know how tired I was..     In his later years, his grandfather was still a man who could not afford to be idle.. Four uncles contracted the orchard, and grandpa over seventy voluntarily went to the mountain to see the garden. In the autumn harvest season, he personally picked peaches and pears to sell in villages, and he gave them to eat without stint when he encountered old, weak and sick people..     Grandpa did not like alcohol and tobacco all his life, and his life was rather simple. There are no conditions for pulling up a child. But then the nine children have all mixed up in the same way, including workers, farmers, soldiers, officials and merchants.. There is no shortage of good smoke and good wine at home, but grandpa never enjoys it, which is difficult for ordinary people to understand.     Grandfather is old and full of children and grandchildren. He should have ” enjoyed a comfortable life” and no longer have to work, but he still has ” old habits” that are difficult to change and secretly finds work to do.. Finally, something unfortunate happened. One day, he secretly picked a load of dry dung and went to the mountain. He accidentally slipped under the earth weir and hurt his leg.. Since then, his health has deteriorated. A few years later, I left us forever.     When I was sitting at home and was about to finish writing this essay, I looked out of the window and saw the buttonwood trees planted by my grandfather, tall and straight, full of thick shade, my sons and nephews chasing and playing under the tree … Ah, in the glittering and translucent tears, I seemed to see my grandfather and his carrying pole again..    [ Shangdiangang Badu Central School, Boshan District, Zibo, Shandong ( 316 Wenjiang Road ) ]Postal Code: 255203 Mailbox Shangdiangang @ 126. Communications company telephone[ 13864492886 ]