Elder sister, you are quick to come back

[ Guide ]: I copied a song written to his mother by a drug-related singer in prison with a smile to join the lyrics ( part ) of the mother’s regulations. Here, I silently prayed for your peace: ” On that day, I left home and didn’t have time to tell her how scared I was, worried that she was frightened and didn’t know how to face her.”.   On May Day, my sister finally came back from far away Jilin and was able to see her again. I felt relieved..     Since she joined the direct selling industry, she has been away from home all the year round and has been running around.. When I came back this time, I saw her helping mom make dumplings in the kitchen. After the dumplings were cooked and served, the family sat together and ate them. It was really delicious..     This time back, she said she would not go away and develop in Benxi and do supermarket management business.. On a hot day in July, after renting a salesroom at Tangjialu, she installed a computer with the website of their supermarket management company online.     On the 11th, when I came home again, my mother told me a news that shocked me: my sister was missing!     Disappeared? Not doing business in supermarket management, why suddenly disappeared?     One night, half a month before the 11th festival, sister called her mother and said she had just returned from a trip to Xiuyan and bought her a piece of Xiuyu. The next day, she wanted to go home and bring it to her mother and asked her if she liked it or not..     However, on the morning of the next day, a sudden phone call broke the peaceful life of our family since then – the elder sister called her mother in a panic tone, saying, ” Mom, I can’t go back.”! I have to go now, someone is looking for me for something … ”, Mom said before she could ask where she was going, thinking she was going to go somewhere again and do her business,” Then don’t come back unless you come back. It’s just outside the sun today. Your father and I are going out to bask in the sun. ”. Elder sister said, ” then you can go out for a walk. don’t stay in the house all the time. it’s good to go out and exercise.”. ‘ in this way, until now, I have never seen the shadow of elder sister again.     The day before yesterday when I came home, my mother said that after many inquiries from my father, I finally got the preliminary news from my sister.. Originally, sister was involved in an economic case during the national day security and was being detained in a detention center on the outskirts of the city, ready to be investigated.     Elder brother twisted a broken leg injured by working for a private enterprise in the mine, and went there with dad, watching their building and the glass in the prison number room across the rigid wall courtyard and hundreds of meters, shouting loudly. elder sister finally found both of them and pounced on the window where they could be seen from a distance.. Elder sister’s clothes are covered with an orange prison uniform, separated by the glass of the detention center, separated by the distance from which normal communication is impossible, and they both gesticulate and eagerly communicate the general meaning.     Just when she was busy renting a house to install a computer in July, she called me and said let me see her and let me install a computer for her.. However, I have not been able to understand the computer of the new system for many years under the pretext of being busy at work, having many things at home, many things of my own, and I have been pushed off without going.. Only on that day, we were all at mom’s house. when she left, I asked what bus to take to get to her. she told me that I said yes, I can go when I am free.     However, when I am free, she is no longer there. There are already people going to the house and she is in the’ buko’!     My heart hurts. On the day when I lost any news of her, I made a poem that can tear my heart apart. The title of the poem is to participate in the bill that you tear open my living soul. The whole poem reads as follows: ” You must be good / don’t let / your loved ones worry about you. You must contact / keep your family / walk in the world / you are not alone / act / conform to / the traditional legal system and morality / how much I look forward to / meet / don’t let the memory / freeze on it only for your parents / old heart.”? / The whole earth is stagnant / No one answered that you are ripping my heart / you are ripping open / my living soul” elder sister, I promised to visit you there because it is a dwelling place where you will finally settle down in your own hometown after so many years of hard work.! But you didn’t wait for me to see you. The only regret I have now is that I didn’t see you in time and didn’t find and help you correct your mistakes in time.. And there are many things, not one person pointed out, another person can listen to. It’s like the bubble on your foot, it came out on its own.     The business you are engaged in always gives people a feeling of uncertainty and uncertainty, which also affects my determination to visit you. And now the price is that I haven’t seen you again for nearly half a year. Elder sister, you make my eyes and heart feel like you and want to cry secretly from time to time..     Elder sister, mom said you didn’t discuss anything with her, including your resignation, including your direct selling, including your divorce, including what you are doing now, and you didn’t discuss anything with the rest of our family.. Elder sister, your idea is so’ positive’, you have now lost a person’s basic freedom, elder sister, what you have done, because it may not be in conformity with the country’s economic policy and legal order, how can you not harm yourself??     Elder sister, you always don’t believe what mom said is right. she said, how can a woman be able to earn money again? After your divorce, you have not even owned a house under your name until now. moreover, you are with a man who has no divorce and also has a family. how can you not let mom and our family worry about you, and how can you not add to their parents’ aging white hair??     Elder sister, younger brother, I only hope that your business will come to an early conclusion, even if it is a small business, we will overcome it together with our simple and industrious hands and honesty as the heart of a magnanimous person.. Elder sister, you are quick to come back, elder sister, as long as you are good, be a law-abiding person, we will forgive you for everything!     Finally, I transcribed a song written to his mother by a drug-related singer in prison with a smile to participate in the lyrics of the mother’s regulations. Here, I silently prayed for your peace: ” On the day I left home, I didn’t have time to tell her how scared I was, worried that she was frightened and didn’t know how to face her.”. Don’t know me, how so silly, always let her very worried! ”[ Responsible Editor: Chloe[ Original ]