Buy sweet potatoes

From the early 1960s to the end of the 1970s, food became the biggest thing in our lives. At that time, every family was short of food, and the city people had to go to the black market to buy some sweet potato and other food before the end of the month. It was not remembered whether it was the end of the 1960s or some day in the early 1970s, but mother was carrying a basket and holding me in one hand, turning around in the city where we lived as if to go.. I followed my mother for a long and long walk. I didn’t know where my mother was taking me, but I felt vaguely that the more I walked, the less lively I was. The more I walked, the less busy I was in the city and the less I felt in the street. There seemed to be few pedestrians and cars on the road.. My mother took me on, and then went up to a bridge under which was a wide river. I don’t remember what color the river was.. This bridge is very long, very long. My mother and I walked for a long time before we reached the other end of the bridge.. ( When I grew up, I realized that this bridge is the Weihe River Bridge, with a total length of 2. 5 km. ) ) This end of the bridge is what people used to call the ” black market” in those days, that is, the free market for buying and selling sweet potatoes and other kinds of food..   In the black market, mother bought a basket of sweet potatoes and a whole bag of sweet potatoes.. After buying sweet potatoes, my mother took me back, remembering that my mother was carrying a basket full of sweet potatoes in one hand and sweet potatoes with bags in the other, and I couldn’t help anything behind my mother.. When I walked back from the bridge, my mother seemed very tired and tired. Every time I walked a certain distance, my mother would rest. Before I could walk back to the other end of the bridge, I was a little unable to walk. My mother stood on the bridge and started waving to stop the passing cars, stopping several cars in a row. At last, a military vehicle stopped beside me and my mother. A PLA uncle helped my mother put sweet potatoes in the car and let me and my mother sit in the front cab. My mother and I boarded the PLA car and returned to the city..   When I grew up, that is, when I was in high school, I had a holiday one day. I also rode my bike to find this memory of my childhood.. At that time, I rode my bike from the residential compound where our family lived when I was a child. I rode for about half an hour before I rode from the south bank of the bridge to the north bank of the bridge, that is, the free food market in those days, although there was no sign of ” black market”, I didn’t know that the place where my mother took me to buy sweet potatoes was at least seven or eight miles away from the family area where we lived in the city when I was a child.. At that time, the reason why they wanted to go there to buy sweet potatoes was that in the’ cut capitalist tail’ era, it was illegal and criminal to buy and sell food openly. There was no free market for food in the city, and farmers were even more afraid to sell food in the city. In order to exchange some pocket money, farmers squeezed a little food from their teeth, nervously and secretly came to this’ safe’ place to buy and sell food..   In the’ supply system’ era, our family was often unable to buy food, and the bread bags and rice jars in our family bottomed out. In order not to let our brothers and sisters starve, our mother had to go to the’ black market’ to buy some sweet potatoes and other things to subsidize the shortage of rice noodles every month and help us through the time when we were short of food and clothing.. Maybe someone will say, where did your father go? Yeah, where did dad go? Where did dad go? When I grew up, my mother and I mentioned this matter, and my mother told me that at that time, there were ” criticism marches” everywhere, old cadres were caught ” wearing high hats” and ” parades” everywhere, and some were killed alive by the red guards and rebels. dad was involved in the revolution before liberation, and some historical problems were involved and sent to ” may 7th” cadre schools dozens of kilometers away from our home by the relevant departments to participate in labor reform..   Years have passed quickly, but every time I think of this experience of childhood and the hardships my mother has paid for her children’s full meals, I still see it clearly and it is so touching that it is a mother’s selfless love..