Don’t let yourself ” catch a cold”

If reality is a benevolent person, the world may be less than half sad. It is said that reality is cruel and will hurt people to be separated. I used to giggle naively, but now I have had my own experience, only to find that I can’t even hold up this silly giggle.. In fact, is the objective world controlled by human beings at all times?? The reality is that it only takes the blame again and again and chooses to remain silent, quietly performing what it should have done.. And the person, also only played the role he should have played, sad or happy, crying or laughing, the real play is talking, and the person is just playing.     Reality is a double-faced guest. You can choose to be attentive to him or to oppose him mercilessly. Your joys and sorrows, love and hatred can’t hurt him or touch him.. Your suffering, it never feels, is what you call’ cruel’; Your joy, it also never moved, is regarded by you as ” apathy”. It’s like an invisible man shuttling between the starting point of your life and the ending point of your death all the time, accompanying you for the rest of your life..     Don’t say reality is cruel, why must it be merciful to you? Even if the real drama follows the sad line, we are also one of the’ first authors’, how kind we are if we all set this’ sin’ on reality? I’m afraid this play will always push the waves, never subside.     If there are too many words, accept them. The dream is far away, just near; When the human feelings are light, add some firewood. When the heart is cold, talk about the old dream. If the reality is too cold, remember to prepare some more ” clothes” for yourself, don’t let yourself ” catch a cold” and don’t spread ” catch a cold” to others, you will find this so-called ” compassion”.     Want to know, the world coloured glaze, dust like a dream; If you don’t hurt your heart, the years will be fine.     It is good to be kind to others when people live. Also don’t forget one important thing, be nice to yourself.