Book a simple, remote send years

In the courtyard of clear autumn, the wind blows across the short courtyard wall and spreads the sweet-scented osmanthus on the tree. The air is filled with light fragrance and the sweet-scented osmanthus is a picture of autumn. The flowers bloom at the latest and fall at the earliest, making the sweet-scented osmanthus bloom warmly and beautifully in the short flowering period.. Compared with lotus, I love her more real, full and full, with the taste of earthly fireworks..     After the Double Ninth Festival, people are as pale as chrysanthemum. Between the eyebrow eyes of autumn, the green and scattered petals of summer, together with the bits and pieces, are sandwiched in the pages of the book to keep a pool of water, wash the autumn white, see the frost on the skirt of autumn, and appreciate the beauty of autumn leaves. In fact, a steady and stable life is just a simple thing to repeat on ordinary days..     I have always believed that time can change a person’s state of mind. More and more I don’t like flowers that compete in the spring sun, but fall in love with the quietness of autumn flowers. I no longer yearn for fresh clothes and angry horses, start to yearn for simplicity, yearn for the deep courtyard, find a person to share the time, share the music of heart, distribute clothes and scanty food, have a simple life, deep old green, heavy flower shadows, blurred moonlight, and the eyebrow eye that knows each other well, looking at the east flow of spring water, autumn waters and ying ying ying ying, silence, and relaxing smile. The true meaning in this is beyond words. As time goes by, I am old in the early morning bird noise, old in the evening warm lights, old in love with each other..     Want to see the misty rain in the late spring and clear dreams in the early autumn are all beautiful. Season is a painting depicted by years. You only need to treasure it, say goodbye to summer with a free and easy gesture, turn around and meet autumn unexpectedly.. We should learn to be simple and full of life in the course of our journey by watching the tide of time and beating the years..     I’m from the wind, you’re from the moon, not all things in this world should be persistent. Bai Yueguang, who faces the moon’s lack of full moon lightly and converges to a window, is also poetic.. Years are long, and all the encounters will fall to the ground in the depths of time and become flowers. I have a heart like chrysanthemum and treat plants gently, indulging in small fireworks and flowers, and only one will not be lonely..     Like, let the time slow down occasionally, hold a cup of tea, clear light, a song in my heart, turn back and forth, find a feeling in the text, and make my heart warm.. Life is always too hasty, and there is no need to live so crowded. If you always rush about and move forward blindly, you will leave your heart desolate because of fatigue, leave some time to sort out your thoughts, to savor the deep shallowness of time, and to let your life exchange have more precipitation and ease..     The joys and sorrows of those years do not want to talk about who to listen to, but only drink with tea fragrance and then remember or forget. In the ordinary days, open a window in your heart, plant flowers and sunshine, always think about warmth, let smiling into your arms, let the years arrive safely on the other shore..     I’d rather stick to the fragrant branches than dance with the yellow leaves in the autumn wind. The plain Jane in my heart is light, light outside the honor and disgrace, light between calm and good, such as life and experience, accustomed to prosperity, far from vigorous persistence, leaving only the simplicity after Qian Fan. Such as years, Qian Fan, the rest is sparse and bright, the eye is simple. Such as flowers on the hillside, not deliberately, not affectation, just silent bloom; Such as the chrysanthemum in the mountains, regardless of looking to the left and right, only dimly fragrant with sleeves. Wash out the lead, read the plain water, be calm and happy, and be quiet. After the prosperity, it is like Jane, but in my heart, there is still the sound of flowers blooming..     I want to write a poem, send the years away, do not write love, do not write vicissitudes of life, only write, the buds of March, the joy of growing up in the sunshine. Write about the cool summer pond and the sharp part of Xiao He. Write the poetry of autumn high clouds light, frost dyed red maple, winter snow, pure without dust. When the spring breeze blows once, the lotus flowers are fragrant and the autumn waters and sky are the same color. when snow falls in winter and snow falls on the fence, there is always a faint breeze and a drizzle to moisten things in the notes of the years..     Some flowers, clearly knowing that they will spoil, are still so happy. The grass on the side of the road, though doomed to wither and yellow, is as green as ever. Why should it hurt spring and autumn? Why is it that freehand brushwork is perfect? It is good that I sang this song all the way. I cherish this love all the way. I appreciate the scenery all the way..     I walked along the vein of the growth of a leaf, from the bud of spring to the growth of summer, and walked into the brow of autumn.. I saw a Jian, leaning against the autumn waters and the sky, in the light shadow of bluestone alleys, a wild goose with a full moon and a northward return, singing a farewell song and a ballad, an empty Yuan Ye, watching in silence, the grass frosting, and also remaining stubborn. In the autumn wind, it was yellow and picturesque, only the evening color, opening quietly in the corner, and telling the time before it was old..     No matter what kind of flowers, there will always be fragrance, no matter what season, there will be sunshine. I hide myself in the autumn color and enjoy the moonlight on the fallen leaves. My heart will not be desolate, summer will be full of flowers, autumn will be bleak. Every time the season turns and turns, there will be different meanings. Why care, which flower can represent spring and which leaf will soon wither in autumn and the twining vines will float with dark fragrance. Hope is just around the corner..     I like to embroider on canvas in spring, cool and refreshing between eyebrow eyes in summer, weave silks in autumn evening, and purify my heart in winter white.. I write poetry, like to write spring breeze cutting willow, new Yan early return; Painting, custom-made mountains and rivers depend on each other, with appropriate shade. Singing, also want to be cheerful and free, lingering sound. Compose music, also want to turn melodious, mountain water. I know there is no perfection in this world, but as long as there is beauty in my heart, why should I worry about not having red leaves and green willows?? Without flowers, books can fragrance me. Why should I spend them? If you drink tea, tea is also intoxicating.     I see the sunrise from the east, I see the sunset, the young trees in front of the gate are taller, the flowers bloom and fall in season, life is just a hurry, there are many people on the road, you come, the breeze is light. You go, still water deep flow. The spring night is cold, and the clothes are added. Spring flowers and autumn moon, not clear sorrow, Huai Su is quiet, secluded and cool, planting a warm seed deep in the courtyard and with people, till next year, it will bloom with flowers..     The first collection of this article on ” Spring Warming Flowers” will be listened to. The sound regulations of flowers are being signed and sold. 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