After a busy moment, the ground was full of flowers and flowers

The 2015 National Spring Festival Celebration Ceremony was finally concluded after a burst of fierce exploding firecrackers fell silent along with the fireworks that lit up the sky.. On the 16th of the first month, on my way to work, I saw red and green firecrackers and remnants of fireworks all over the streets.. I was thinking: the cleaning workers have something to do again. He saw several workers in sanitation work clothes sweeping the scattered fireworks debris into piles on the roads under their respective jurisdiction.. When a gust of wind passed, the red paper on the small pile was blown away again. There is nothing wrong with sweeping and scraping the festival carnival again. There are many ways to celebrate the festival, and setting off fireworks and firecrackers is just one of them. When people are more and more aware that the living environment of human beings has deteriorated to a point that cannot be ignored, how many people can truly start from themselves and truly love the living environment?? How far is it from us to see the sandstorm spreading all over the world and the smog forecast every day? Don’t you have to let your body change before you take pains to find ways to manage it? I am also unable to prevent my relatives and friends from doing so: when the family enjoyed their dinner, someone wanted to buy fireworks and lots of fireworks, saying that this new year should be bright. As soon as I showed a little intention of stopping it, I was besieged and let me realize the seriousness of the situation: if the fireworks don’t go off, I will make a big mistake, and I won’t get rich this year, and everything will not go smoothly.. I hurriedly kept silent. As a result, the fireworks of 600 yuan rose in a flash, blooming in the night sky with wonderful trivia and beautifying the sky of the festival.. I know that my family has a business, and those who have a business believe in Buddha very devoutly.. Along the way, several kongming lanterns hung askew on the trees nearby, wondering whether the good wishes of those who released them had been fulfilled. I came to the unit and heard from my colleagues that last night, the police accompanied me to the middle of the night in the square because some kongming lamps had already caused a fire on the building.. The traditional festival is a precious cultural heritage left by our ancestors and should be inherited and carried forward by us. My understanding is that we are only inheriting and not carrying forward. With the development of society, everything is changing. We should inherit some good things. What is not good should be discarded, improved or renewed so as to carry forward what our ancestors left behind. With the development of society, another phenomenon is more likely to rise, that is, the feudal superstition we have criticized. If you are sincere, you may as well take a walk to each family, especially the butler and businessman, who worships deities and Buddhas in the family, and the trend is getting stronger and stronger.. The crackling firecrackers must be more lively than the New Year’s Day on the’ God of Wealth’ birthday every year.. Everyone is praying for Buddha, and everyone is asking for Buddha’s blessing. As far as the population that believes in Buddhism in China is concerned, even if the Buddha has great powers, how can he be busy?? A few days ago, I saw a link shared by friends on WeChat to the effect: Why do so many people believe in Buddhism but fail? The article is very long, but it goes straight into the hearts of the people.. The article said: Buddhist disciples are worshiping Buddha and worshiping Buddha. However, ordinary people are worshipping Buddha and seeking Buddha. They want Buddha to act according to your requirements. Of course, Buddha will not listen to you.. If you truly believe in Buddhism, you must always do good deeds and help others more. And don’t do bad things on the one hand and ask Buddha to bless you on the other. This is also the same reason we often say’ do not act on the basis of small evil, do not act on the basis of small good’.. Do good deeds, must let’ Buddha’ know? As long as we have ” Buddha” in our hearts, we have good thoughts and often do good deeds, why should we hold on to a form to show our respect for Buddha?? Like the fireworks, after the prosperity, leaving a remnant of red, leaving a cloud of smoke in the sky. Or more serious, caused a fire. If the Buddha knows, imagine how she can ” bless” you?