‘ Equality and Inequality” Miscellaneous Feelings

1, and was not in the same starting line, life is facing opportunities, career development, salary level, etc., is not equal; Even at the same starting line, they are not necessarily equal.   2. Living in the same blue sky, living in different environments is the inequality of life..   3. In dreams, people are all equal. Leaving the dream, a new inequality began again.   4. If you work in the same office, you will receive unequal tasks.. Even the same task, due to different quality and efficiency, will also create inequality.   5. The world in everyone’s eyes is not equal. The same pair of eyes look at the world at different ages and cultural levels, and the elements of inequality are even greater..   6. Regions determine the inequality of jobs and the inequality of life value..   7. Sometimes, equality means inequality, and inequality means temporary equality..   8. When equality came, inequality was secretly looking for opportunities to realize its ideals.. And vice versa..   9, 2, and 3 all value academic qualifications, which in fact has created new inequalities. Because in addition to education, there are other factors such as relationship, experience and physical condition.   In meaning, everyone’s happiness is equal. In reality, everyone’s pain is unequal.   11. Equality under the idea of coercion is a cover-up of inequality. When the time is ripe, inequality will still jump out in search of an element of equality..   12. Spiritual equality is longer and freer than material equality..   13. Self – perceived equality means equality. Self – perceived inequality means no equality.   14. In the hearts of ordinary people, equality means kindness, consideration and step – by – step. Inequality is cunning, disorder and doing whatever you want.   The bell rang again, and the world was creating equality and inequality every moment..   16. It is only natural for managers to ask for inequality. Being asked for equality by managers is what life should mean..   17. Burying inequality completely, the world will be unequal and unequal. Equality and inequality is an outstanding issue in history.   The more important equality is in your eyes, the more tired you feel. The more important inequality in your eyes, the more cool you are.   19. Some people have fought for equality for a lifetime, and as a result, they have been ignored for a lifetime. Some people do only one thing for equality, but they remember his life.   On the journey of equality, there are inevitably elements of inequality, which must not fascinate the eyes and make the world useless. True equality does not exist.   21. Equality and inequality are like two sides of a coin. When one side gains the upper hand, the other side will lose, most of the time this is the case.   22. Inequality. Knowing each other during the day. Equality, tie in the night.   23, equality, peace, peace, harmony, equality, calm; Unequal, the heart is uneven, and the mind is unequal, so it is not equal to be in Chang Ran.   24. Inequality cannot be changed. It is better to start from changing the state of mind.   I’m sorry, the user you dialed has been unequal.   26, feel equal, you said slowly; Feel unequal, you silently say.