You tap the keyboard gently with your fingers as if tapping on my forehead to wake me up from decades of hibernation. A warm Chun Qing flows through your fingertips into my cold mind and into my frozen blood.   Through the small silver screen, you gently wipe away the crepe on my canthus, just like the spring breeze blowing away the traces of winter.   Therefore, my mind is no longer silent, my blood will not freeze, and my canthus will again have a brilliant spring festival.. Yes, you have awakened my passion and my desire.   In order to wake me up, how many winters have you sent away, how many spring days have you ushered in, how many sleepless nights have you spent, how many keyboards have you broken, and how many silver screens you have worn. In this way, year after year, day after day. So loyal, so persistent!   Some people say that once in a thousand years, once in five hundred years, but I have just slept for decades, and you have woken me up in such a hurry.. Is it true that I am your past lover?   Your affectionate answer: Yes, this is fate! This is the fate! Your answer is so positive and so affectionate that my mind waves and my blood burns!   So, you want to see me, you want to see me. No longer use keyboard to tell feelings, no longer use silver screen to convey tenderness.   Across hundreds of mountains and thousands of rivers. Finally, we met at the foot of the old Great Wall! We were speechless. In spring, we stopped in our eyes, showering us with shade, and the ancient Great Wall also took on a new look, carving our meeting deeply into every blue brick.. We are looking for lost years in such an eye.   In your eyes, I read the sadness that you hated each other late, as well as the memory that you were drenched in years..   Then the passion, let the mountain dance, let the tree bend over, let the water sing. You spread the tenderness of being late all over my body, and I deeply planted the passion of being late in your chest.. This awakened youth, with a little shy panic, long and renewed desire, has a little rugged. It’s not impulse, it’s not romance, because I was your lover in the past.   When the sunset glow falls on our shoulders, the Western Heaven precipitated our meeting. What a beautiful collection this is! Meet each other for a moment, memory is forever.   A sound treasure! Say goodbye! Since then, there has been close and far-reaching concern. I will not hibernate for the rest of my life.