A home of meditation journey

Memory, in 2012.9.1 that day on, I go to a strange city, beginning a person, lonely face of a city.  Memory, Sanya is no winter, the cold like a late autumn, enough to make me tipsy.I will leave.My emotions pile up some confusion, mixed with some confusion in the so-called statement is unclear what.As the bell sounded the end of the exam, students walk Lili, leaving people no longer left the campus, after a lapse of two days, the campus more of a Hsiao cold, empty.  On the 20th morning, the sky is still bright, the air was dense with moisture molecules quarters downstairs also glowing lights dim, put me out of the shadow stretched, pulled a little longer.Gray and black suitcase pulled his right hand, feeling a little heavy, but also a bit like portrayal of thoughts.  Accompanied by shaking the Green Paper compartment, away from the start to shorten the distance, and I was not eager to go home kind of emotion, care more about this period of helpless and college memories.Looking back at the school more than four months of day and night, had a number of troubles and tangled, how much frustration and silence.These days, more and let myself used to convert original perspective, I show the cutting edge of military training and uninhibited, in the late penalty in camouflage stood at attention Junzi; my favorite new recruit the students, enrolled in the bustling crowd around the bulletin board of the quietly leave, saying “what good students to participate in” I often become wording; I remember the morning reading sessions to contradict the words of the guide member, in disapproval understanding guide members; bedroom arguing hear me or is so naive.Not as long or short a semester so I do not know the course ends.Inadvertently, passing a quiet corner, so, meet, strange own.Was suddenly discovered that the textbook was issued is so new, the college paper work have not used a few; threatened learn guitar and bought a guitar-like fixed rust-like strings; notebook game archive records the addition of a lot; go to KTV and the road becomes more and more familiar with the Internet, but only the final exam exam room remember which campus; a community where registered teacher repeatedly coming home record this lying some numbness.Care about others, their random, but in a time like this, as the memories of his own, some will feel dejected.This university life is not what you want, however, change only the throbbing of it.Confused and anxious, as if today is not only the mood, but still no effort to change.  Memories of precipitation in one day and two nights in the car, at the moment stepped off the train, has been recalled as a dusty film, a sequel next year, I think I have to shoot with a new life script and acting, I just want to let own life turned very gorgeous.