Watch China Postal Savings Bank?Listed

China Postal Savings Bank (hereinafter referred to as "the Postal Savings Bank") is China's leading large retail bank, located in the service community, services for SMEs, service "three rural" China is committed to providing the most dynamic economies in transition in customer base service。
Meanwhile, the Postal Savings Bank actively serve large customers and participate in the construction of major projects, and made important contributions to China's economic development。
Postal Savings Bank has more than 40,000 outlets, serving individual customers more than 500 million people, with excellent asset quality and significant growth potential。 Currently, the Postal Savings Bank to create a comprehensive electronic banking system, including online banking, mobile banking, self-service banking, telephone banking, TV banking, "micro-banks", etc., to form an electronic channel and physical network interconnection, the line virtual banking and online banking entities go hand in hand in the financial services landscape。
By 2015, the Postal Savings Bank introduced ten domestic and overseas strategic investors to further enhance the overall strength。
In "2016, 1000 World Banks ranking", the Postal Savings Bank's total assets ranked No. 22。

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