“Empty child” two

In early July 2012, finishing the diary with the mind text line by line evokes memories of a section of the gallery tonight to look at the paintings, those with bright pictures with the quality of the show is never cross a level, “Amidst the map” two styles of painting painting placed in front of me, I can not tell where the good can not tell where the bad, I just looked at it always feels.Do not know how to draw like a large, long-lived in Shenyang months always like to go downstairs to see the gallery, gradually acquainted with the boss, but also understand bought paintings of people really understand, but one percent of the world’s violations make their most feared words, I never thought of going to infringe on the interests of others, in fact I did not intend to do so, and I was so afraid of their own territory is violated people, but always intentionally or unintentionally gave others the opportunity.    But perhaps the so-called growth is to continue the process of positive and negative self.When he was no longer have any illusions to others and look forward to the time, that is, to the point where the fire Chunqing.To the world, I still just feel better, be it when I was a heavy blow, I found out that I think of myself as good as it is in the heart of the strike fixed impression, so I learned with sadness when no longer Lost.    Time stuck in waiting, my heart seemed even more anxious, simply cook the porridge in the pot, decided to write a novel just renamed “Humble”, so concise name it closer to the intention of the novel.Looked at his watch, the time is still this moment, I continue to wait for years are like only.    After reading the novel “Eight hundred years later,” before something really remember that?This world really exists such a finding?Last night I dreamed dreams can foresee the result of this, what explanation?    Next to a lot of people, their lives are busy traveling, have little relationship with their early morning, the sky will fall rain down, out of laundry is not put on, but watch the little rain in the side of the window while the Jazz flavor of white bread.    Listening to something, looking at some of the scenery, but it can obviously irrelevant in the heart of the several bends Shui think of you.Work tomorrow, there will not be so busy often you remember, maybe a good thing, but occasionally looked up and look your department, but also inevitably miss.I do not know it can completely thoughts without you in what place.    Life should be about to write is always a mess of things, the most real of the most cutting has insights into life can not find words, for the life I live, I can talk about big love, loneliness, happiness, death, suffering with and so on, but lies outside of their own to open the true meaning of words except.I can not tell people how much I love the gentle, how desperate my loneliness, my happiness how beautiful, how heavy my experience, how ridiculous would be the death of me, I can only put it all hidden in the heart, I the written out of something is always just a thought, even a kind of escape.I have always felt that people who believe that God has been awe in them there is always something belongs fundamental in life, not tolerating blasphemy.    For a long time working in clinical health care workers is concerned, must have had such a thought: When we see patients struggling in life and death, when, inevitably produces reverence for life; when we see the families of patients meticulous care, it is inevitable that life lovely; when we see a life from disappearing before our eyes, it suddenly sacred unconsciously produced in their own thoughts; when we see patients suffering unnecessary pain and suffering, it is inevitable for life heart mercy.    Heart is a garden, thought for the species, both flowers, weeds can.I struggled for two years just to seek life in you..When you’re in my life, in addition to excitement, there are hidden sadness, for the first time, I have the feeling that the pain of parting, I know, this is his true love    .    You go, I saw empty rooms, but still can feel your tenderness.Your shadow, your breath does not disappear as you leave my mind.If one day, you really want to leave, please do not tell me, let me continue with a letter not the result of love.    A few years ago wrote a sentence: When she was losing or have lost loved ones, I just find that the world is not as glamorous own imagination, as if really the case in recent years.    Now in absolutely exuberant crowd, you found me, my life is more than the lonely, but I want to believe that he can be an alternative beautiful.    His family selflessly love with, but my real love life is mostly supported with love is to have a happy.All the world’s most beautiful words in the language is “I love you”.But now, you often see, say something like that, you can only do one thing for you to do as much as possible.    If one day we have known in the arena, please remember your vitality have been so for some time, there is a woman desperate to love you.    Love, half bright, half sad.Some warm, some are light injuries, do not leave, not for me, nor for you, because love.    You can not be eliminated to the stigma that it will live forever, walk with me at the end of lonely life, and then buried in the ground.    If you break into my life, please do not leave, you have to leave marks.    Each girl has to pay out of their own that day, suddenly wanted my mother, just chat with your sister, Kiki has a cold, my sister said she realized that Mom and Dad took us more than three big is not easy.There was a period of estrangement with his family, and now become more attachment, even outside their own, alone, perhaps this is really sensible, my mother bought everything not willing to discard and replace, not because of love.    Sorry do not need to care about public performances to win, to win the hustle and bustle of happiness does not require open envy, crying tears wiped away when not forget to smile, happy time do not forget to have tears flowing, this is really living.    I want very simple, it does not involve a secular, earthly love and life.No matter how long this time, it is in the final farewell in the hustle and bustle, or leave it alone a man is not so important things, I just want to cherish the moments you can cherish.    Typhoon, and will be able to sit on the window was a bit chilly, the wind can blow cool their body but not extinguished inner passion, rain clothes got wet, but not wet heart, Sun Tzu roasted skin raw pain, but not warm the hearts of misery.    I did not forget, you forget me.I love you, you are just timid.I believe that there has been any words could not be indifferent, because of love, I just want to know how you say.    Long night, walking alone in the dark streets, cold wind, shivering with cold as people.Lonely night, lonely sitting in the cold house, Acacia bitter, worn as people straight pacing.    Everything was dull, like boiled water as.Salted vegetables, hot pepper boiled fish, boiled milk porridge, the tongue is tightly wrapped the dead in the mouth, stomach concentrated into a ball, no stomach, no mouth.Wall clock swing become worthless, so it should only swing, not meaningful.    Seen many assorted books: poetry prose fiction newspaper comic essays, etc., as they are nothing but an illusion, drifting, then into a corner of my heart.Xie Jun of listening to the voice, and open the air conditioning fan, written text, the body quickly adapted to the unnatural temperature.A man hiding in the dusty world of their own, like the loaf, but also a substantial enjoyment.    My mind.I can not open my eyes, even in the night, my eyes still shiny pain, so I can put aside all things are put on hold.    Inner life should be a satire, to numb our feelings, dead ideas, and as a warning in the unnatural environment of the earth, it teaches us to maintain a simple and sincere in the arrogant world.    Back to the day “home” to clean the house, it will always remain a place of dust, just because I am not a permanent resident of the city, is a traveler crossing.Some things but always reluctant to remove, that’s often a moment of life and more like a dream, just wish I could stay forever in a dream does not come out.But more often just have to just fall asleep instantly awake, just like sudden moments of sleep at night, I do not like to wake up in the morning, even if the eyes can see the sun.In its complex in the hectic life of a person rather live in darkness.    Jay heard for a long time, “track”, the song, a dream to wake up, to sing this song accident site, it was slowed down sound is not as shocking Zheng Yuan Yoshiko my heart and indifference, but also to bring their own into a situation.    Lunch time, retaining long a story, now in retrospect, two men suddenly remembered the year before the interview in Leshan city jail, in jail, they shouted laborers was, in fact, a few hours of his own contacts, but they also have their own Wu Nai.With trust in instinct when to believe them, but when I walk behind guards to visit all criminals acts as a factory worker, the heart has also been fears.    Some things in the hand, you do not know what it means to you until you lose, it’s valuable to know.But at that time it really has gone.Once those things holding hands, including a hair really was gone up.    Then perfect, sad story but that is only a story, which can only understand a little thing, the story will have its meaning.Perhaps the story becomes no longer just a story.    Someone waiting, waiting for someone, someone fun, someone sad, someone figuring someone would catastrophe, which is novel, is a drama, but also a life.Was there a time when you seemed to have embraced the whole world, but this is like a dream.Often immersed in a dream, when the total was ruthlessly awakened.    This group of people watching the work of a lingering chores difficult to understand why life is so tangled, I do not know myself where’s free and easy, never refused to waste time on these chores above.    Perhaps only when he might not know who he is, can clearly know who around.I always knew who each side, in the end lost their.    Think you dash, dash read you, tonight was surprised to see you, very heart coursing, though only guarding you such a short time.All did not speak out, then I know, so let the silence of the time is a very teaser of things, the more I want to keep, the faster it is gone.    I know some things once done will have no second chance, in front of things why rejection?    There is no world a bird’s foot?His life can only fly in the sky, flying tired, they sleep in the wind, landing only once a lifetime, that is, when he died.    Unfinished puzzle last year, more than half of the night last night playing, or did not spell success, the castle can only be a semi-finished products placed on the coffee table.Something clearly is complete, I can not put together all this.    Because there have been, they are afraid of losing, if it is lost, do not be too stubborn to get back, but we do care about a person’s own will eventually go away, since already know the results, so why make yourself so painful.    These watches are in themselves an indispensable necessities of life, a lot of time at the time but look at the hour look minute, with little attention to running the fastest second hand.Each pulse measured at noon, watch the second hand will be conscious of the attention, and they knew my life much better than this, always in pursuit of their own very far from illusory thing, but ignored the side nearest.And so go back and farther away, also was gone nearly a.    The idea has been affected by the Annie Aileen in addition to the loneliness deep, but Annie is strong and independent, and if one day they can set their loneliness strong in one, this is my life look like another turn.    Taiwanese artist Annie liked every book, her artist life I knew nothing about her efforts in the life of a strong, her book is her style too familiar.Just read the news that she had accidentally wills arrangements for family life, a woman like a forty-year-old to make such arrangements, to a life that is the realm of the bar.    These are mostly at night to sleep early today thanks to a few cups of coffee a day so that they come to write something and sat at my desk, this time he is thinking while writing, just like a lot of things, like the sea floor oath Sheng It was built and was overthrown.To meet you write the novel after ending the fast, but refused to let it end, still put up a semi-finished products in there, I do not know come out of her own after years of look, this is what it feels like inside.    Yung can give any one person, but their hearts are fixed to only one person at a fixed time, the recent windy and rainy, do not know what your situation, you think of when it is really only thinking in their hearts.    Beautiful world brittle lifetime to see more of this world.So as not to leave too much regret, if it is in their own time have not seen enough of the dead, put the body every useful organs donated, used in someone else’s body, his soul again feel.    Friends reply error itself is not wrong, it is to expose the true face of things, but in fact, in the secular world, too many so-called standard error judgment is therefore not face too many things revealed?    Loneliness is a state of mind, a state, becoming its own unique way of life, loneliness is the best place for a lot of things after the grief and pain of Dawu has always been big in unexpectedly between the beginning and often disappear when make yourself caught off guard, has not yet begun to escape, has been hurt by whom.    Like plants that miss the seabed, there is always a chance encounter with his sometime, but can only become the only permanent seabed green.    Bliss is like, after all, just all mind like water floating in this secular world, can not find a place to attach themselves sinking, sensitive and fragile heart.    Sometime I wanted desperately to speak, sometime just nothing to say, just want a man quietly left alone, and rain dilute sat side by side, talking to her enthusiasm unabated, but I can only attach sound and should the.Downstairs old center played drums deafening sound, for the weekdays I had shut the door to go outside, and can at this point, just let it indiscriminately tortured his eardrums.    Red sun only a moment, in turn went down, we can not see it, just hide it, do not want it out alone swagger, the opportunity to appear in front of everything to share some clouds Bale.Know how to share life happier!    When you’re a person, you can test your courage, when you and the people stand together, you can test your tolerance.    Silent night, but more sad.Night downtown, but more care.City night lights, my world but Wan Ju Ji-resistant.    You do not understand my passion, as I do not understand your cold, we close with each other, but also across the distance.You do not understand my sorrow, as I do not understand your silence, through our mutual distance from your body, but we can also hear its heartbeat breathing.    Looking back thousands of times, hundreds of millions of waiting times alone, but just want to exchange a look cross-Ying!    Once things get in eventually lost that day, take advantage before losing the meaning is pursuing.    Some do not like the thing to do with love, this is life criteria.Although many years have understood such laws, but my heart is just not suited to some.    Strange people become familiar, strange things done skilled, will suddenly miss due to give birth to fear the unknown and fear weak to weak.    I woke up this morning, in addition to a few vaguely remember the dream scene outside, nothing else.Some look forward to it all by himself to sleep, so the brain in addition to dream, to get some idle.    Dreamed last night to catch the train and long-distance travel, dusk, some sleepy, he cocked his head out the window to see the scenery whizzing, but can not keep.Such a trip had ever played in your life, and today only hope.When you’re in front of me, all thoughts have turned into a silent, you will want to collect all face in the eyes.At that moment only I hope that time can stand still, time to leave, the end is sad, and only leave.    See this picture full moon, remembered too rarely photographed beautiful sunset, perhaps regardless of sunrise and sunset, everything is clutch, but they can do is take advantage of.    Whether that person, meet or fall in love around him only once, exhausted all true, even if the outcome is not what you want, the pain had loved life there will be no regrets.    Lose something no longer possible to get back, even if there are so opportunity, and have lost the original appearance, rather than wait until after the search for lost stumbled, rather, at this moment and the line and unfortunately.    In fact, a lot of things forbearance and tolerance, forbearance really passed a brook, like thoughts, like pain, then deep this world has forgotten one day, perhaps also a certain period of your life that no longer remember missing people had their own!    No love there can be no separation, no parting together would not have, but I always love and poly escape, it was only to endure the pain of parting.Xu Yusheng also impossible to leave and did not leave, even though everyone with a slight pain.    Walk alone at night on the bridge in the park, watching the arm of an elderly couple walking on the stone steps with each other, they have to old age, not the youthful passion and romance, they can peacefully in the dependent sunsets way to come, in the end is warmer than their ideas in the political arena it.    Passing a eating establishments, a kind of taste like tofu, they miss from Sichuan Dou Hua to Chengdu to their best impression, tofu and soy milk flavor is particularly positive, as with stone grinding out again in the iron pot taste out.Chengdu will not leave to eat tofu and soy milk so pure, they simply do not eat, perhaps because of better once had, but then I do not want to be how will it!