Deciduous think piece

August fifteen Mid-Autumn Festival is over, the weather began to cool earth reveals a little.Wind from the day of autumn leaves start wandering, occasionally there is a scratch on the face, which is a leaf that it has completed the green life, and dead by the glory.Pregnant with a leaf, with a touch of yellow, with an aroma, with a sustenance, with a trace of a dream. Sunset at dusk, stepping on soft leaves.Looking ahead, the distant hazy smoke in the village has been filled, that after the burning of crops bellflower faint scent of tobacco head nostrils. Such smell the familiar smell, as if returned to the small village childhood, fertilizer wearing clothes, shoulder bag slung small, yellowed, carries a large pancake hard Bang Bang, accompanied feet in the mud run the way to school “Puchi, Puchi” sound; in the evening and frolic with playmates through the quiet village of narrow alleys, from time to time with the already shiny sleeves, fiercely wipe nose mouth; someone I do not know the distance parents shouting screaming children home for dinner; occasionally mixed with duck and goose Herding cattle dog also followed the booing like tweet.Childhood, memories of childhood share of the scene, as the years of the cycle seems to have disappeared without a trace.Today’s village, no longer see this scene, no longer hear that’s unique “village Symphony” the. A sight that has blurred not see the leaves of context, that touch of red sunset lost in the horizon, slowly let the gray hidden, cool, and ruffled collar, hands in his pockets, despite thoughts aimlessly wandering. This is not just a leaf, it was a fresh life, fresh whole forest. Drop by, withered, dead, Shaw, failure, failure too, also hope, dedication, newborn, turn that also; all life must have a thickness of sediment, leaves falling in fact a complete explanation of life.Leaves melodious, just complete the precipitation of life. Heart fear a fallen leaf, it can be more appreciative of life; harbor a leaf, can be more calm and relaxed. No matter how beautiful the scenery there is always a moment faded, because we retain memories, but never failed to keep the memory of the past.Once can only find bits and pieces of thoughts in the gap in. “Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Enriching the soil more quadrangle”; autumn comes, can spring be far away?