Football parent-child soldiers! Bailey: My son did not have a reason Beckham cattle X eldest son in an awkward position

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Beijing on the 17th is Father's Day, this festival is full of warmth, his son will express blessing to his father, caring for his father for many years to appreciate。In the football world, the father and son also appeared a few players, they are either campaign for the country in the World Cup from different years, respectively, either as a coach and player at the same time at the World Cup, success stories of a section。Players father and son who defend the national honor refers to the Danish team, Manchester United fans are most familiar with the players than the team Shi Chuanqi goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel。In 1998, Peter Schmeichel of Denmark on behalf of the French team played in the World Cup, this is the only time the old Shu career World Cup tour, they reached the quarterfinals at the World Cup that。Back to the club, Manchester United's Peter Schmeichel help achieve the "Triple Crown" achievement, reaching a career peak。The last year of his career, Peter Schmeichel joined Manchester City, while his son Kasper Schmeichel then followed his father to join Manchester City youth academy。Adult, Schmeichel was removed a small number of British lower league club, starting in 2011, he played for Leicester City。In 2016, the team he won the Premier League title。Father and son team representing different Premier League summit, but also foreign aid, a time in English football to become the elephants。World Cup, a small Schmeichel was named to the squad Danish national team from the Premier League to the Champions League, World Cup and then, father and son join in the same event in different years, can not help but sigh, "father, like son."。Schmeichel similar with his son, as well as Spain Sanchis father and son, both of these are Real Madrid legend。Old Sanchis scored the only goal for the Spanish national team, just took place in the 1966 World Cup, and 24 years later, the small Sanchis follow the Spanish team, came to Italy to participate in the 1990 World Cup。This is a defender of the father and son, they are guardians of the Spanish national team and Real Madrid, Sanchis and his son played a total of 921 times for the club, winning combined total of 12 league titles and three Champions League titles, not only in the history of Real Madrid in the entire history of world football, this father and son is unique。Kingdom of the Netherlands also appeared Blinder tulip father and son internationals, old Blinder participated in the 1990 and 1994 World Cups every year, while the small Blinder is to show his face at the last World Cup in Brazil。Van Persie group stage which recorded the sensational diving header, it is from a small Blinder assists。Of course, the World Cup and a pair of father-son "alternative", that is, Mazinho and his son。Mazinho it was in mid-1994 World Cup champions Brazil, while his son Tiago as a Spanish international has participated in the World Cup。In addition, there is a small Mazinho's son Rafinha, although also a member of the Barcelona youth academy, but he decided along his father's footsteps, for the Brazilian national team, and two years ago he has represented the Brazilian Olympic team Olympic men's soccer gold medal to get over。Father and son father and son soldiers into battle generals words and deeds of ancient China, when many military commanders off the son always close at hand, on the one hand have a care, but it is also hoped to be able to experience a good son pillars of, such as Cao Cao and his son Cao Pi and his son Yue Feiyue clouds。And 20 years ago, the history of the World Cup had taken place, "Father handsome, the child is the" story。In 1998 France World Cup, the Italian team had a father and son file, Cesare Maldini as coach, while captain Paolo Maldini is, the letter called the "father and son soldiers into battle."。That World Cup, the Italian team reached the quarter-finals, eventually losing to eventual champion France in a penalty shootout。Maldini and his son, like father and son soldiers, also appeared in the 2010 Slovakia Cup squad in South Africa。Old coach Vladimir Weiss and small players Vladimir Weiss is also a father and son, even more amazing is that, Weiss is an absolute football family, small Weiss grandfather used to be Czechoslovakia the international team, helped the team win the 1964 tokyo Olympic Games silver medal。Three generations have left their own football story, and both worked hard in football a certain status, people have lamented the Weiss family strong football DNA。In addition, Van Marwijk and his son Mark van Bommel, though not pro, but they are Wengxu, 2010 FIFA World Cup, Dutch coach Van Marwijk is, while Mark van Bommel is a general array。World Cup, coach Van Marwijk is Australia, while Mark van Bommel is assisted in coaching the Fockers。Reporters observed inherited his father's trade, excel in difficult listed among the father and son, the father is a world-class star, and the son of examples of similar height can reach almost nothing, such as we know Pele, Diego Maradona and Kelu Yi husband, their son, let alone catch up with his father's achievements, and even become a qualified internationals are difficult。Of course, there will be no opportunity to appear along the road in his father's World Cup。This relationship not only in football, basketball, too, two sons, Jeffrey Michael Jordan and even the NBA Marcus can not hit on the bench。In fact, in football, the situation inherited his father's not that much, excel rather than blue is even more rare, partly fame after his father, wife of mostly lack of football talent, that her son is very likely there are some deficiencies。On the other hand, many of his father's boyhood general living conditions even worse, such as those from the slums of Brazil Pele and Ronaldinho, is driven by the desire to change the fate of their power to become top players, and their children silver spoon, since childhood superior。Pele once said that his son is absolutely impossible to achieve his achievements, the main reason is because his son is a "rich second generation", and sure enough, Pele's son ultimately only a less successful goalkeeper。Beckham, too, the eldest son Brooklyn was in the Arsenal youth academy training, but the current situation, his mother Victoria into the entertainment business, but is more suitable for their own development path。 Of course, in addition to talent and economic base, attitude and luck are also two key factors, the question "Ball II" in the career must face is how to get out of the shadow of his father, a lot of times, people like to compare the performance of his son at the same age period son once not as the father, and ultimately, behind talk。Without a strong heart, it would be difficult for someone able to withstand such pressure will only fall into a deep self-doubt among。In addition, not every son has that kind of luck father in 1996, small Cruyff to join Manchester United, started small Cruyff performance was remarkable, as well as league goals, let people see my father shadow, but an ankle injury ruined his career, until his retirement, he can only look up to his father's height。So, the well-known father and son may be luck in football, from the fans perspective, each dedicated to a wonderful performance in professional football circles and his son, represents the spirit of heritage kind of sports, we should send applause。