Women's hair once a month, 10 years after actually get cirrhosis!

Current Location: woman body hair once a month, actually have to cirrhosis after 10 years!2018-3-1414: 7: 6 Source: REVIEW: Recent media reports, Harbin Chan every month to hair, lasted for ten years, two months before the skin begins to turn yellow, to the hospital for examination, turned out to be liver hardening!Doctor said, when Ms. Chen to the hospital, is already in advanced cirrhosis of the liver, was diagnosed with chemical liver injury, retroactive history, Ms Chan said there is no damage to the liver who have taken drugs。
Doctors final judgment, leading to cirrhosis main reason for the perennial hair…… 6, to wear gloves when coloring, try to avoid pollution eyes, face and lips。 Around the hair before the hair growth around a stack of dry towel bar, securing both ends in the back of the neck, can prevent the flow to the face and neck dye。
Hair fast operation, shorten the time as much as possible contact with the skin of the dye, dyed repeatedly washed with running water, washed thoroughly。
Avoid hair in the shower。
7, to minimize the number of hair, the hair extension of the interval。 Who should not hair?1, are damaged scalp, eczema, urticaria and other skin diseases related to hair dye patient contact site of inflammation may lead to。 2, pregnant women, after breast-feeding women in hair dye chemicals are absorbed through the skin, whether to child through the placenta or breast milk, at present not yet known, but for safety reasons, not hair。 3, allergic Compared to normal, these people are more prone to allergies to hair dye。 When choosing hair dye, need extra care。