Enemy into my dream

Yu even dream about last night。Enemy into my dream, still askew, so I was surprised, actually woke up surrounded by a pitch-black, but daughters mild snoring。But no longer sleep。    When on the first day, I was just ten years old, one year old Yu long I sat behind me。The two of us in the class grades are good, but Yu exam but I never, I always first。At that time ignorance, every day together, fooling around, but his heart was like each other。Naughty child, always like to take over his book in English, drawing many of the top villain, he is not angry, class, take it over to his book he is not angry, always a good-natured let me。Once the biology class, I did not take the book, as usual, to take over his book again, biology teacher that he did not bring books, fine him a lesson stood in front of the classroom, he still did not come out for me, willingly station a lesson, do not get mad nor dry。I enjoy his humility in me, but also vaguely like him, of course I know that he is full of like me, though it was young, only a little hazy feeling。    Later, he transferred, and I was always melancholy, he certainly is, but we are only temporarily separated, because in high school, and we have a classmate。We became competitors, in addition to math and geography, each course is my first, of course, two of the first was accounted to him。Out of twelve is always two of us。However, I did not love him, still like him, play with him, he was always my most trusted friend, I always trust him most。In retrospect, we were still the child。His school always made me stand on his bike to go even put my bike tires deliberately break。Of course I vaguely knew what he meant, refused。Middle School when one day he was holding an umbrella in front of me dangling, I ignored him, a girl on the edge of the umbrella Hold。The girl surnamed Xia, performance is not very good, he does not want the university entrance exam, her voice soft and sweet, we called her“Eve”。At that time, the university entrance exam is a very difficult thing, after graduating from high school, many students have farming, or find your opportunities, and their youth they will be counted over。Probably more that youth is fleeting, the more prone to romance, the class was a lot of boys feel particularly feminine Eve, are madly in love with her。Eve can love with Yu。Yu So I temporarily forgot。I also do not sad, because I like him, trust him, but not to the point of love。    Yu is still very nice to me, I never asked what he and Eve。After the college entrance examination, Yu and I went to different schools。His school close to home, and my school far from home。Holiday meet, we are still very happy – very happy, like never been separated is so familiar。After graduation, we have assigned to the same school, we really are a nice ring too!Yu often come to my room, but now he's like a man, unlike high school, let me seat his car, is so tangled up。He gave me to fetch water, wash my clothes when he was always quietly on the side, and now his purpose is very clear, and I clearly feel his affection。But I would not be a long time in that place, that time, I really XinBiTianGao Oh, of course I have feelings for him still is not love。The whole school knows, his colleagues in to help him, I could see his frustration。Finally one day, he called someone handed me a letter, in fact, according to our relationship, do not need someone else do the。His handwriting was very beautiful, and very sincere words, touching, but I still unmoved。Yu gradually depressed, there is no spirit。In fact, at that time, I'm taken。Yu also know。The man obviously conditions better than him, stronger than his family background。He finally gave up, finally he said to me:“I still remember the first day when you like to draw on my English book villain”Was sorry, I'm sorry too。He still cares about me, and I can talk about anything, even his girlfriend dating told me, but never catch my meaning。In another year, he married。He and I do, he also knew his wife。Later, someone told me that he usually does not like to go home, still the same as before play basketball hobby。    Soon afterwards, I went on loan to the county, and the former school of all transactions formalities are Yu gave me to do, we have traveled together so many years, he knows all my information, including my height, hobbies, born year month day。One year, I went home, on the road met his wife and daughter。The strange thing is, when I saw the call“Anne”The little girl, and I very happy, because she long exactly like his father's eyes。    Then again, I was admitted to graduate, go to downshift when the Board of Education, I found that when I am not the original unit, Yu as I write all assessment materials, my tears fell out, because even I myself will not written so carefully, so neat, so unavoidably!He never told me that if I do not see personally, I never knew he had done so much for me。I am grateful for his kindness and his heart!On one occasion, my husband and I back to the old school, he was playing basketball, I want him to say a few words of thanks, he avoided。    Sometimes, I wonder if a young man, I'm not so conceited and peace of mind to stay at home, really married Yu, my life would be like。Yu would like you to stay at home?It will remain so affectionate, even with the daily necessities of annoyance?Anyway, I still ah thank him, after all, had I ever really loved people in this world。    Days left home from their parents is not quite so beautiful。Distracted time, always think of everything home, only to find the most beautiful memory of the original all-in hometown。But now I have not head back up。Recall the past, when there is always a song in the ears: I remember when young, you love talk I love to laugh, Once sat side by side under the peach tree, unwittingly fell asleep, the wind Linshao birds called we do not know how to fall asleep, dream Whispering Color。