How newborn baby bath bath newborn baby steps

How newborn baby bath?Give the baby a bath for many new mothers who are especially men, do you know exactly how to do newborn baby bath?The following night on the net to tell you in the end how newborn baby bath。
How newborn baby bath first thing to do is to bathe in the required items to get ready。
Such as disinfecting the umbilical cord was (before the newborn umbilical cord did not fall), pre-coated to change the baby clothes, diapers, and small towels, bath sheets, bath, cold water, hot water, baby powder and other things。
At the same time check your fingernails, so as not to scratch your baby, then wash hands with soap。Newborn baby is delicate, he just left the most stable of the mother's womb soon, so very carefully to his vision of an ideal environment and the proper temperature。
The best keep the room in general feel most comfortable 26?Between 28 deg.] C; temperature of 37 [deg.] C places?Preferably about 42 ℃。Pour cold water can be first in the basin, together with hot water, and then try the wrist or elbow, the water temperature is just right。
It is noteworthy that, to avoid a direct hit gust of bathing, to prevent cold sick。
Bath time should be scheduled for breast-feeding a baby?After 2 hours, or easily cause vomiting。Step newborn baby bath first step: prepared in advance, such as bathing supplies, baby towels, clothes, diapers, bathtub, toiletries, etc., thus avoiding coming and going, so that the baby blowing wind。How newborn baby bath Step two: put away the clean water, and then the baby gently into them, from top to bottom, followed by washing。
Wash your hair, preferably with two people, one person hold a good person to baby shampoo。It must be noted that the folds of baby body parts, but these parts are particularly vulnerable to filth, oh, the network can experience first night playing shower gel in the palm, fold in gently rub your baby's site again, washing with water。