Deputy Minister of Industry and Research Mr Xu mayor of Binzhou Weiqiao group called a real-time rain

Wei Bridge Group is still in short selling storm ushered in the investigation of the Ministry of Industry。  According to the official micro-Wei Bridge Group, April 8, Deputy Minister of Industry and went to Mr Xu Wei Bridge Group research。Qian Tao Huan Commission by letter of Shandong Province Director, Deputy Director WANG Wan-liang, Binzhou party secretary Zhang Guangfeng, mayor Cui Honggang, Deputy Mayor Cao Yubin, the city government Secretary-General Yuan Zhaohui, Zouping county party secretary skin table field, with research and other county Zou Jigang。    This time the Ministry of Industry Research Group, an object is more than Weiqiao。April 6, Mr Xu and other Ministry staff have been the first visit Xinfa Group。It is understood that surging news, the Ministry of Industry overwhelmed went to Shandong research the aluminum industry, Nanshan Group, jungle Group Shandong Aluminum prices are listed in the list of research。  It is noteworthy that, the Ministry node went to Shandong Weiqiao Group, and aluminum prices research at this time, rather delicate。  Since March, Weiqiao Aluminum Group Listed Companies China Hongqiao (01378.HK) suffered short-selling, Qi Star Group debt crisis exposure, Shandong private mutual insurance critical situation, Zouping Xiwang Group, the second largest enterprise fully hosted a series of events such as Qi Star Group of Shandong will push aluminum prices to the cusp, in the capital markets caused stocks to fall, bond sell-off and other waves。  Binzhou City Mayor Choi describe it so overwhelmed by the Ministry of Research, "the Ministry of Industry to Binzhou, to the industrial development of Weiqiao Aluminum research, to promote the development of Binzhou aluminum industry and enhance the development of confidence Weiqiao entrepreneurship, it is a 'timely'。"According to the official micro-Wei Bridge Group, Mr Xu pointed out that after listening to the Weiqiao Group Chairman Zhang Ping, Vice Chairman Zhang Bo recent report on the operations of enterprises, Wei Bridge Group has bauxite mines from abroad to the domestic terminal of high-quality aluminum water the whole industry chain advantages of resources, effectively boosting the local economy and promote the development of China's national aluminum industry。The key technical problems and want companies to make full use of their next of energy, capital, technology, research and development and the whole industry chain advantages, and strive to make an issue of deep processing in downstream industries and products, research and development production replace imported products, to capture solve "strangle hold" in , so that we can produce people, can not do high value-added products, to lengthen aluminum deep processing industry chain and value chain, to further improve the ability to resist risks, the aluminum industry for national development and make greater contribution。  However, the Ministry of Industry on how to respond to an emergency report Weiqiao Group, submitted in early March, there were no public signal。  China Hongqiao on March 1 suffered short-selling foreign institutions, shelling its financial fraud, significantly higher than the profits the industry is actually false, etc.。Critical juncture, Wei Bridge Group at the same time "is still preparing a detailed clarification Report" submit "a report on the emergency response to US agencies short event" to the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, speculated that the company suffered a direct hit from short selling of Alcoa, Rio Tinto company's fundamental business interests。  Wei Bridge Group wish to seek coordinated support by the relevant departments to submit an urgent report, Managing Partner and other Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong SFC, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, auditors establish better communication, even by the central leadership's attention。  On the fifth day after the emergency report submitted Wei Bridge Group, China Nonferrous Metals Association submitted "on preparedness and response to the US-led Western countries to contain China's aluminum industry, the proposal letter," which this letter to the Ministry of Industry China Nonferrous Metals industry Association report above emergency Weiqiao Group be accompanied。  China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association said in the letter caused the Ministry of Industry, the US-led Western countries has never stopped the Chinese aluminum industry and accusations of repression。The past two years, the United States on Chinese aluminum industry launched a containment action。Association list of containment actions including "a US analyst firm issued several reports of short-listed in Hong Kong, the world's largest aluminum company Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group."。  Insiders news of surging, "said the Ministry of Industry to study the Shandong aluminum prices, and should be an urgent report before Weiqiao Group submitted a relationship。"Wei Bridge Group in the emergency report has emphasized the importance of Weiqiao Textile Group and Binzhou City, the two major aluminum industry to local financial and social stability。Wei Bridge Group, said that once the short forces to achieve the purpose, will directly affect 10% of the Chinese textile market and 20% of the aluminum market, pricing of raw materials on the international market will once again fall to Alcoa, Rio Tinto as the representative of the United States hands-owned enterprises; Binzhou City, the textile, aluminum two industrial clusters involving more than 200 billion yuan of direct loans from domestic banks, respond properly, will inevitably lead to a regional system of financial risk; two industrial clusters involving direct employment of 30 million people, Once the risk of spread, will inevitably lead to violent social unrest。