What atrophic gastritis clinical manifestations?Atrophic gastritis how to do prevention

What is atrophic gastritis lot of people like the name suggests, that the atrophic gastritis of the stomach volume is reduced, but in fact refers to atrophic gastritis gastric glands shrink or disappear, the overall volume of the stomach is no significant change。
So what atrophic gastritis clinical manifestations of how to prevent it daily should the clinical manifestations of atrophic gastritis some patients have no symptoms, some patients have varying degrees of indigestion shaped like abdominal pain, epigastric fullness, weight loss, fatigue, loss of appetite, there are also patients with anti-acid and other symptoms, a small number of patients have anemia, glossitis, diarrhea, mucosal erosion with individual patients, the pain is obvious, and bleeding。Red and white under visible mucosal atrophic gastritis gastroscopy, mainly white, flat or tapered folds, revealed mucosal blood vessels, mucous membranes and the like or nodular form of particles, also mucosal erosion, bleeding。
Biopsy histopathology gastric mucosal glands showed a decrease, instead gland metaplasia or intestinal metaplasia, interstitial inflammatory infiltration significant。
Atrophic gastritis prevention 1, eliminate the cause。
Atrophic gastritis patients must first complete the treatment of acute gastritis, as well as the mouth, nose, throat and chronic infections, such as alveolar overflow pus, tonsillitis, sinusitis, or bacteria or viruses are often swallowed or direct stimulation of the stomach, can be repeated pathogenesis。2, proper diet。
Overeating, eating too cold or too hot, coffee, tea and a partial eclipse, can destroy the rhythm of gastric secretion, causing atrophic gastritis。Food not fresh, hard, non-digestible and irregular feeding, gastric mucosa may produce a physical and chemical damage。High-fat, high-sugar, high-salt, high oil foods, fried, salted and smoked, spicy spicy food, may increase the burden on the stomach。
3, to prevent infection。
H. pylori infection more than 50% in patients with gastritis, and may infect。
4, quit smoking abstinence。
Long-term nicotine stimulation, can too much stomach acid, resulting in harmful effects。Chronic alcoholism, can cause gastric damage, higher alcohol (ethanol) concentration, the more intense damage。5, fine emotional stability。God heavy pressure, depression or anxiety, resentment, tension, fear, etc. If the situation persists, and strongly stimulate the patient can often affect the motility of the stomach and gastric acid secretion, induced gastritis or made it worse。
6, work and rest。
Patients should pay attention to exercise, improve physical fitness, well-being of adaptation to climate change (some episodes of gastritis and seasonal variation related, such as the end of autumn or winter and spring)。Work (including physical and mental) not to be too busy, nervous, be on time for dinner (a high proportion of drivers suffering from gastritis)。
Tips: For patients with stomach periodic inspection, gastroscopy, if necessary。