How health science sunscreen sunscreen no longer worry

8, timely after-sun: Tanning is a burn status, has exposure for ever, sun repair to be done in time。
Cold or ice water with cold water, or cold spraying with ultrasonic waves for 20 minutes to reduce the activity of melanin and free radicals, and added water, the maximum degree of UV damage mitigation。
It can also be used containing ingredients such as after-sun repair products to repair。 How to use sunscreen with an appropriate own annual summer sunscreen market is extremely strong, how to have a pair of eyes of fire Jingjing, choose a good effect of the high prices of sunscreen is very important。 For one thing, choose gentle nature, fresh products are generally skin care program are:, toner, lotion or cream, Cream, sunscreen。 If the make-up, then we would make-up of the last step in sunscreen products。 Therefore, in order to let your pores breathe freely, choose a clear, mild sunscreen is necessary。 Which brand of sunscreen is good, the key is to look at the ingredients inside, select plants or pure drug and cosmetic products is appropriate because adding less chemicals, mild to the skin without irritation。 The second is the amount of sunscreen, sunscreen SPF attention to what makes a good key is to choose their own sunscreen products。
General office workers do not often go out, choose SPF15?20 product is more appropriate; outdoor sports or shopping, then select the left and right of SPF30 sunscreen; often need outdoors then choose a higher SPF products。 When using sunscreen, you can then wrist a little experiment, if there is no discomfort redness is it over, you can use。
If you feel unwell, you need to replace the low-SPF products。 How science sunscreen sunscreen coating method need to remind everyone that the sunscreen coating method is particularly important, first of all the points in different parts of the sun, respectively, and then push evenly with the pulp, and then to a wide range of circular motion, the sunscreen coating uniform, and finally strengthen sunburn easily rubbed the nose of the site。 Of course, some sunscreen product is a spray type, use the time if it is sprayed in the face first hand, and then evenly rubbed; if the body sunscreen spray nozzle and then sprayed his 20-cm distance, the best results。
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